October 2016

Cash flow management is extremely important for the self-employed individuals and small businesses. But planning of cash flow can become cumbersome, especially if you are not an analytical person. So how do you start? You can now start with the invoice management services of Moon Invoice app! The very first step in predicting your revenue and managing the cash flows should be to understand your expenses. Then,...

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Invoice financing is verifiably a generally secure free invoice App for acquiring for a business and fills in the time delays in the working capital needs that a business faces. It gives the highly required money where longer instalment days are consented to with an end account holder. To put it plainly, a business raises cash against a receipt sent to a customer, before the...

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“Bigger the orders, Bigger the money” – Get all your after deal process with MI app. Retailers, now get rid off all those complicated paperwork of bills, reporting, accounts, and other monitoring work with an easy finance app called “Moon Invoice app” that will make your work easy in just few steps. Subscribe to this app and get your work done. When easy option is...

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In point of sale type businesses such as online stores, retail shops and restaurants, customers pay for their purchases immediately. But if your business is operating on an invoicing system, you will generally need to extend a credit period from 30 days to 90 days to your customers. There are various reasons when client refuses to pay contractor: Perhaps the customer lost his bill, or some...

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