May 2018

Multi Currency Enhancements in Invoice

Trading and other business feature transactions-cum-deals allow customers and vendors to connect on a global platform. Vendors offer different products and services to which customers respond with a purchase and make payment for the same. To present the bill, an online invoicing method is considered to be fast, reliable and efficient for both the parties.   As soon as the invoice is generated and sent, vendors can...

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Online Invoicing get paid easier and faster

With the widespread usage of Online Invoicing in place, there are plenty of ways a business could not only improve the efficiency but also with the rich feature set and functionalities these businesses can also enhance productivity, hence, contributing to the growth and success.   Most of the businesses can benefit from several feature-functions but the most important factor to look for in an invoicing solution with...

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Online Invoice

It is hard for any business to keep on generating profit without building any new set of the customer base in today’s competitive market. Even for your existing customers every now and then you will be required to bring in any updates or change in product and/or services. Moreover, in order to establish new customer base businesses have to come up with new and exciting...

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How to Run Your Startup on a Shoe-string Budget

Startup requires you to be on toes, on toes of your brain every second because opportunity knocks very slowly…this is what so far we have observed here at Moon Invoice. The small business entrepreneurs and startup founders must have gone through few initial stages of developing a unique product and/or service mixing it with an effective sales and marketing plan-cum-strategy. A Startup is always functioning with...

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The general story with most of the apps is that on one hand they do perform their natural tasks but on the other, they do lack in enhancing, expanding or helping businesses to outgrow merely with capturing the data and metrics of customers and clients. Being a business owner or upcoming entrepreneur, it is impossible to collaborate all the data, reports, statistics and transform it...

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Let’s take a gruesome reality into the picture of doing business apart from building and maintaining client relationship, growth, stability, receiving regular on-time payments from the clients or customers. Because without that cash-flow it becomes very hard for your business to be in smooth operation. Let me hit you hard with certain aspects-to-figure ratios that might be an eye-opener as to how traditional business models...

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