July 2019

Invoice Estimates App

We are living in an era wherein we get auto pizza delivered at the doorstep and soon one can expect the drone delivery from their favorite e-commerce website. Technology has been drastically adapted in our day to day life and almost all of our tasks are now tech-dependent on or the other way. One can also instruct the AI in his/her phone to play their...

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Small business billing app

As such it is hard to understand when the two sides of a discussion are not on the same page and it becomes really complex when you top it off with a communication gap. The above statement holds the true reason for most of the startups or small businesses failing in their respective industry. Because much of the above drama leads between clients, customers, suppliers,...

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Online Invoice App

From the moment you step in the office till you get out if your work comprises of drafting invoices, checking account statements or need to deal with account department pertaining to billing then it is quite obvious to understand how hectic and tiresome it can be. The innate purpose of any organization is to create invoices at par so that when their clients or customers...

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