Paper-based invoices are hard to store and organize. Additionally, over time they require more attention and care about getting destroyed. With an online free invoice generator, all these worries are left out as you can sort out invoices based on date, transaction id, etc. Online invoices are stored in the chronological order and hence, it’s very simple to find a particular invoice.


With recent times, the technological advancements have transformed invoicing into its digital format giving rise to online invoicing. Now for us maybe it has become a day-to-day activity but if we were to take a closer look at the history of invoicing, we are sure to unravel many faces of it. So let’s dive deep to find out about more about online invoicing.


Invoice/Bill documents are supposed to be easy to read & understand. As their prime objective is to define payment information accurately and effectively. Not mentioning the invoice amount clearly will result in delay and errors which comprising will create business cash flow problems and a dissatisfied experience for your clients.


An amazing go-to handy invoicing app is favored by industry professionals as well as entrepreneurs which allows them to have insights into a financial report on a summary page. In addition to that billing & payment, estimates, invoices, expenses, time tracking and many more in one place. Businesses not adapting to the current online invoicing system is going to find themselves left behind as more and more customers, clients, suppliers or vendors are getting accustomed to digital invoices and related modern payment processing.

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An online invoice maker consists of all the necessary elements to conveniently create free online invoices. Invoice types may vary from particular services, labor, materials invoice, proforma invoice, etc. Well, the said free invoice templates are available in a variety of formats such as HTML, Word or PDF. These online invoice generator also contains some other features which might be helpful insights, reports, inventory, estimates, expense, time-tracking etc. Additionally, some of them also provide an easy drop-down menu for selecting items or services to customize your invoices as per your business needs.


For business who are following traditional accounting and billing method, requires lots of resources, such as to pull reports, change numbers & edit data, input new information, etc. If this is the scenario, you should opt for online accounting and invoicing software. Usually, small business owners or startup owners work with limited team managers and an online invoicing platform could be highly useful if the team can access it on multiple devices. Hence, look for a complete invoice generator which could facilitate ‘multiple-device-data-compatibility.


Moon Invoice has come up with the comprehensive online accounting & billing solution that connects small businesses to their accountants, Bookkeepers, banks and other online business software. Over the years, Moon Invoice is successfully able to pave the way for our customers to directly connect with their customers and suppliers or vendors so as to carry all the invoicing related business operations seamlessly.


Following are few of the handy advantages of Moon Invoice:


  • Manage Invoices & Credit Notes effortlessly
  • Administer seamlessly Estimates & Purchase Order
  • Smart Filter option with 22 Professional PDF templates
  • Save time with auto invoicing numbering and avoid any critical financial data entry error with   iCloud Sync feature
  • Manage Separate Customers & Vendors list
  • Track expense and payments
  • Add unlimited companies
  • Smart Quarter and Summary view
  • Create custom invoices with the option to add 2 different signatures, name, title, and date
  • One touch Backup & restore option with TouchID Protection
  • Customize PDF layouts, alignments, image, color and format


May it be iOS / MacOS or Android or Windows, Moon Invoice works brilliantly and smoothly on any platform maintaining the uniformity while simultaneously also staying productive for you to access anytime-anywhere even while you are on the go.

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