Bookipi works quite impressively when handling billing and accounting operations in a small to medium scale business is concerned. The app is easy-to-use and comes with an easy learning curve.

But, will it be that viable when a business is expanding? Can you expect the same productivity when accounting is a bit tedious and complex? No. The limited features and viability of Bookipi make a failure in an enterprise kind of business. You must need a Bookipi alternative that can handle the load effortlessly.

This post will help you with it as it talks about the top 8 alternatives that work wonderfully in place of Bookipi without exerting much of a costing burden.

Alternative #1 – Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice doesn’t need any introduction. This cloud accounting software has noteworthy features and facilities to replace the Bookipi. Over a single click, Moon Invoice automates the entire billing and accounting operation cycle and lets a business save tons of effort and money at this operational front.

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What makes Moon Invoice the best alternative to Bookipi is its military-grade data encryption. Moon Invoice uses 256-bit encryption to protect your online data. Bookipi makes claims to do so but has no proof.

Also, Moon Invoice online invoicing software has an extra bunch of professional billing features that any business would need for quick and hassle-free billing processing. It has recurring billing and customized billing abilities which are absent in Bookipi.

best alternative to Bookipi - Moon Invoice app

As far as third-party integration is concerned, it has enough to support regular operations. The CRM integration is impressive and capable enough to streamline operations. Its set-up is most simplified by far. Even on MacOS, you will face zero hassles. It has enough customer support to resolve issues.

We must admit that its app works swiftly. No glitches at all. This is why 1.7 million companies have used Bookipi globally and witnessed 99% satisfaction. Honestly speaking, Moon Invoice can be the ideal alternative to any of the top billing and accounting software if you’re looking for better features at less cost.

Alternative #2 – Odoo

The next Bookipi alternative that we are suggesting to you is Odoo. It’s a fully-integrated cloud accounting software that can be customized as per business needs. Regardless of the size and nature of the business, it has proved its viability.

Odoo Alternative - Moon Invoice

Features like billing portal, project billing, and recurring billing are extra in this software. It has better training support than Bookipi. It comes with cloud and on-premise deployment facilities.

When it comes to third-party app support, Odoo is far better than Bookipi. There are 16,000 third-party apps/plug-ins are available in its app store. So, there is hardly anything that you won’t get with Odoo.

Alternative #3 – FreshBooks

This cloud-based accounting software can easily replace Bookipi in your business ecosystem because of its well-developed and advanced user-interface. While Bookipi is ideal for freelancers and small business owners, FreshBooks can take the accounting load of a fat enterprise easily.

FreshBooks Alternatives - Moon Invoice

We liked FreshBooks better than Bookipi because of its transparency as well. FreshBooks has revealed its prices on the website while there is no such information present on the Bookipi website.

Alternative #4 – Xero

The best Bookipi alternative in fourth place is Xero. Feature-wise, it is more rich and advanced. Also, its app is bug-free. We have witnessed several issues with the Bookipi app. But, Xero’s app worked wonderfully.

Xero Invoice alternative - Moon invoice

This online invoicing software is integrated with 600 business apps for streamlined billing. Such impressive integration is absent in Bookipi.

Alternative #5 – Invoicera

For state-of-art online billing management, you need Invoicera over Bookipi. Its paid version lets you add unlimited active clients and generate unlimited invoices online. There is no limit. Along with billing features, it has features like vendor management and time tracking which makes operations smooth and swift.

Invoicera Alternative - Moon Invoice

It lets you track payment and vendor management from a single platform which saves time and effort. It has app support for Linux, Windows, Android, iPad, and iPhone platforms effortlessly. Such extensive support makes it more accessible.

Alternative #6 – Invoice2Go

What made us include in the list is its affordable cost. Even its pro version is very pocket friendly and offers decent features. So, if you’re a small business that needs enterprise-level billing facilities then Invoice2Go is the best choice.

Invoice2Go - Moon Invoice

It has features like recurring billing, payment handling, and tax calculations for better invoice management. Cost-wise, Invoice2Go is better than Bookipi. You can easily vouch for its great customization ability. Features can be added and dropped at any point in time.

Alternative #7 – Sage Accounting

Sage Accounting is a well-known cloud accounting software that can replace Bookipi effortlessly. Whether you are a sole trader or a big enterprise, this billing software will help you automate the billing processes. It has some industry-specific business features which are great things.

Sage Accounting Alternative - Moon Invoice

But, its high cost can be an issue for some businesses. Likewise, Moon Invoice is a great choice to make as it offers enterprise-level capabilities at an affordable cost.

Alternative #8 – InvoiceBerry

InvoiceBerry is fast online billing software that can be used using any of the data-driven devices. Its maintenance-free service has made it one of the best alternatives to Bookipi. Being a cloud-based software, it can be at your service without any hefty installation and set-up.

InvoiceBerry Alternative - Moon Invoice

It has won few awards for its performance as well. Its 15-inbuilt templates make invoice quick and hassle-free. It has multi-currency support and allows a business to grant role-based access. With vendor management features, things are more manageable.


Bookipi is impressive and capable. But, not in every business ecosystem. There are some situations where Bookipi might not work and proved viable. This is where you have an ideal Bookipi alternative.

All these 8 alternatives will empower your business more than Bookipi. But, Moon Invoice’s job is commendable. The world swears by its security protocols and billing abilities. So, next time when you think that Bookipi is not able to handle the operational load, don’t compromise. Go for an alternative and enjoy the leveraged performance.