The best time of the year is here. The great-grand Black Friday sale is just around the corner. Whether you’re a business or a buyer, this sale is what everyone waits for.

For service providers, it’s an opportunity to increase the revenue and the market presence while expanding the customer reach. For the buyer, it’s the time to get favorite and needed products at an affordable cost.

If you’re a small or medium scale business and wondering how to make most of the upcoming Black Friday sale, this post is a life savior for you as we will share five amazing tips with you and inform you how you can use software for estimates and invoices for better and quick billing during this event.

Black Friday – An Event Every Online Retailer Wants

Black Friday is the biggest e-commerce sale event in the US and the world. This online shopping event is considered the official commencement of the holiday shopping season. Every year, it is held on the last Thursday of November.

On this day, online retailers give out huge discounts on almost everything. From electronics to apparel, everything will be a discount. This five days sale event is so popular amongst buyers that the online retailers claim to witness a 240% and 380% hike in revenue during this sale event.

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This is the ideal time to clear-up your stock and have a better revenue figure. But, you need to plan strategically to make the then event successful. Not every business can run a high-priced campaign like Alibaba and Amazon to bring their Black Friday sale to the public’s notice.

Small business owners struggle hard. These expert tips will help you make the Black Friday sale a huge success.

Tip #1 – Make sure you are using software for estimates and invoices

Whether it’s a Black Friday sale or not, every business needs accuracy, precision, and swiftness in the billing process. Automating billing and invoice using software for estimates and invoices is a great way to make it happen.

Such software will help you maintain accuracy and precision in the billing and keep the goof-ups at bay. Try to make project estimates online software a part of your regular billing process and witness great productivity.

This type of software will help you generate quick bills and keep track of revenue generated during the Black Friday sale event with the least possible human interaction. Use of make project estimates online software during Black Friday sale helps a business to focus on other crucial stuff while having the assurance that billing and invoicing would be error-free and quick.

Tip #2 – Prepare early

Customers know the market trends before they are actually in practice. Black Friday sale is a huge event and is quite popular amongst the buyers. There are a certain number of customers who make a wish list way before the Black Friday sale. So, you need to plan accordingly.

You get to think of success in the Black Friday sale if you start planning a week before it.

Try to find out which are the most-wished items. You can get this information from your customers’ wish list.

Social media platforms will help you more strategically to know what your customers want. You can create online polls and surveys to find out which are the items that your customers want on offer. All of this should happen at least 20-25 days before the Black Friday sale.

Tip #3 – Check-out your stock first

Before listing a product for sale, make sure you have enough stock to meet the customers’ demand. Once you have enough data to find out what your customers want, dig-up the inventory to find out how much stock you have.

If you don’t have enough stock of a particular item then pile it up way before the sale. Freshen-up your contact with the supplier or manufacturer about that product. Solve any delivery or supply related issue in advance.

Tip #4 – Test your website

Your customers will shop during the Black Friday sale from your website. What if it doesn’t respond> What if it crashed? This is why checking the functioning of the website before the sale is important. Make sure that it is updated and equipped enough to handle the increased traffic.

Call your technical team and put your website under rigor test. Test the server load capacity and update its certificates. The same should be done with your business if you have any.

The majority of the buyers use a mobile phone app to shop as it is convenient. If you also have a business app then make sure it is bug-free and working perfectly fine.

Tip #5 – Get enough of customers’ attention

The success of the Black Friday sale depends on how much attention it gets from customers. For small businesses, social media is an affordable and effective way to promote their business.

Without digging a hole in your pocket, this platform will market your business swiftly and impactful. Try to create engaging social media posts and inform your potential buyers about what you’re about to offer.

For existing customers, you can send emails containing detailed information about the offers. If you have a YouTube channel then upload the video content related to the sale and let the world know about the offers that you’re going to give during the sale.

When you have enough customer attention, success is a sure thing. However, make sure that you start creating the buzz way early. A social media post just a day before the sale will not be circulated enough to bring considerable customer attention. So, whatever you are planning to do, do it early.

The crux of the matter

For online retailers, Black Friday is what you need to spike-up your revenue in five days only. Buyers are excited about this and don’t hesitate to splurge during the festive season.

If you wish to make most of these five days, make sure you are well-prepared, using software for estimates and invoices, and utilizing social media to its full potential. The above-mentioned tips will surely do wonders for any small business.