A correct and timely invoice is the key to getting faster payments. However, it is easier said than done. You might have the best of online invoicing software, but casual slip-ups can cost you time and money.

One of the ways to get your invoices correct is to use an invoice template and double-check all the details you add. Yes, your invoice generator software will take care of all the major issues, but here are some tips that will leave no room for errors if implemented. 

While there are several invoicing solutions in the market, Moon Invoice is software that will help you nail the entire process and stay ahead of competitors. 

1. Not sending timely invoices 

You need to remember that it is yours and not your client’s responsibility to invoice. The best thing you can do is to create one using a free invoice generator app and send it while your work is still fresh in the client’s mind.

Moon Invoice works on both your laptop and phone. So, you don’t need to be in your office to send an invoice to your clients. In addition, since it is cloud-based, the invoices you create will be synced with your account in real-time. 

2. Sending incorrect invoices 

Sending Incorrect Invoices

It goes without saying your invoices must be accurate. However, the ones with incorrect details can make your clients think that your company is unprofessional. In the worst-case scenario, you will lose out on work and even get bad-mouthed in front of other prospects.  

Invoice generator software like Moon Invoice can help you check all the major and minor details in just a few clicks. Besides, it will generate invoice numbers for you and give out warnings if incorrect details are entered. Thus, helping you save time and money. 

3. Not providing a breakdown of products and services 

Ideally, your invoice should give a list of the services or products you have provided. Of course, this will not be the case for all clients, but you will need to follow this for some. 

Thus, to avoid confusion, you must add this information as a mandate. Subsequently, your customers will not need to contact you for details, and you will get your payments faster. 

Moon Invoice lets you itemize your bills in just a few clicks. You can easily save all the information and then import it as and when needed.

4. Not following up on late payments 

Chasing up late payments is a task all businesses and freelancers dislike. Lack of clear procedures, day-to-day distractions, or simply hesitation can lead to missed payments. But, with your very own online invoicing software– Moon Invoice, you will get reminders when a payment is overdue. 

You can choose to send out automated payment reminders and fine-tune your emails as you wish too. This will help you stay on the same page with clients and avoid cash flow hassles. 

Does your invoicing app help with automation?

5. Ambiguous payment terms 

Delayed payments are the aftermath of miscommunication. For example, you might forget to mention the due date of your payment. Also, choosing the incorrect invoice template may cause trouble. 

We suggest your due date should not be more than 14 days. This way you will give your clients a good time to pay you. Besides, Moon Invoice lets you incorporate late fees on your unpaid invoices and communicate the same to your customers. 

6. Not offering payment options 

 Not Offering Payment Options

A free invoice generator app can be integrated with payment gateways to help your clients pay you on time. However, not doing so can lead to issues with payments. Luckily, Moon Invoice offers a host of third-party alternatives to make your payment process smoother. Be it Stripe, PayPal, bank transfers, and debit/credit card payments, we accept payments via all modes. 

7. Ignoring branding aspects 

 Ignoring Branding Aspects

It is crucial to remember that your invoice represents your brand. Therefore, you must use it as an opportunity to offer a unique value proposition and show your professionalism. Billing software for small businesses can allow you to add logos to your invoice and use your company colors to make a good impression. 

Even if your clients have a lot of paperwork, they will easily recognize the invoice, and the chances are that you will receive your payments faster. Choosing the right invoice template here is extremely important as it will help you portray the right brand image. 

Moon Invoice lets you customize your invoices to a great extent while ensuring that all relevant details are included. You can easily design your very own branded invoice and build a good rapport with customers. 

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Wrapping up 

A good invoice generator software can help you set things in place and avoid errors that lead to delayed payments. If you would like to know more about the online invoicing software, we can be contacted at +1-805-491-9393 or via mail at support@mooninvoice.com.