Let’s begin with a very famous saying: “Smarter are those who learn from others’ mistakes.” And this implies for everyone in their personal and professional life. In business, mistakes are bound to happen; there’s always a learning curve.  The increase in the use of technologies like Customer management system, Payroll systems, ERP, Online invoicing software and much more. 

Invoicing is one of the most important aspects of any company, but it is also one of the most overlooked. The most common mistakes that any company encounters are in the area of invoicing. However, companies use online billing software for enterprises to smooth and efficiently manage the business. 

Although you can make mistakes in every aspect of your company and move on, small business invoicing errors may harm the bottom line. Today, we will assist you with eight exclusive lessons and the best business financial reporting software to avoid mistakes that are bound to happen at the billing and invoicing stage. 

Statistical fact checks before we move ahead with Online invoicing software

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Check out these – 8 Lessons for billing and invoicing

Here are eight accounting and invoicing lessons for small companies to master so they might not have to learn it the hard way with the finances.

1. Create your trade terms.

Since it is your small company, you have the right to set your business terms. It is no longer essential for you to adhere to industry-standard payment periods of 30 days or less. 

If you are operating in a business segment where the 7-day payment period is entirely fair, set payment conditions based on the company’s needs and procedures. When it comes to rules and words, be very descriptive and firm for the customers. Explain them simply both ways once you accept the project and then file the invoice. 

The best business financial reporting software, like Moon Invoice, allows you to submit a full invoice that has parts for mentioning your specific terms.

2. Monitor and follow past-due invoices.

In business, sometimes business owners, including us, hesitate to ask for your own money. But It’s 2021! And such situations are getting obsoleted. With the specific invoices and payment terms, businesses have been more professional and transparent. Start following market trends! Start by providing the due dates on the invoice and only follow through if the customers fail to meet the deadlines. 

Monitor And Follow Past-Due Invoices - Moon Invoice

Online billing software for enterprises allows you to deliver electronic bill notifications to customers. It relieves the accounting department of an extra workload and brings a far more pleasant tone to the entire correspondence.

3. Value your services!

Place your services on the top of the priority list and understand the significance of your services. Only by respecting your services would you be able to let your customers realize how valuable you are. Charge your clients with any minute and penny you spend on them.

Get an online invoicing software, which has the functionality of time tracking and generating invoice based on that. 

4. Bill them once you complete the job/ provided the service.

Please don’t wait till the end of the month to deliver an invoice; send it to the customers just as you serve them for the specific need. With Best business financial reporting software, you will create and send an invoice as soon as you finish work. That’s what there is to it! It is safer for your cash flow and, most definitely, for your client’s as well.

5. Make It Easy and Convenient for Yourself

Artificial intelligence is a wise choice! As an entrepreneur, you can concentrate on strategy rather than clerical activities. Online billing software for enterprises like Moon Invoice allows it easy to handle invoicing and billing. It is automatic, which aids in streamlining the processes without placing you under undue stress—giving you the flexibility to focus on improving your profitable company practices.

Suppose you’re searching for online invoicing software for small business invoicing, including time monitoring, generation of the invoice, management of accounts payable and receivables, expense tracking, and much more functionalities. In that case, Moon Invoice has tailor-made software and application for your business.

6. Maintain notes and back up the invoices at all times.

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing online invoicing software is that it allows you to store all of your data in the cloud. 

As a result, all options for stealing, failure, and disruption are eliminated. You will view and use these archives if you like in the future without needing to sift through stacks of paper. Bring down the complexity of the manual processes to zero.

7. Ensure the data are accurate and relevant from the outset.

Get into every detail during the client onboarding phase. Request a list of all the essential parties to whom you may send invoices, as well as the people who can authorize and follow instructions. 

It will come in handy when it is time to bill the customers. For any subsequent invoices, the whole invoice clearance phase would be sped up and simplified. And to do so, you need the best business financial reporting software.

8. Deliver a safe, easy and quick payment method.

Well, it may surprise you, but the fact is that when you allow your customers to pay electronically, you recover payment three times quicker.

Make payment quick and straightforward for your customers, and you can see a significant improvement in your cash flow. Online accounting software comes with integration with various online payment gateways, allowing you to accept payments from anywhere in the world, at any time. It is easy, quick, and dependable.


Each learning helps you become a master in your business practices step by step. In every area, experience is the best educator. 

The above eight main invoicing lessons can help you avoid any errors in the center of your overall business operations, namely invoicing with the best business financial reporting software. 

Timely cash flow has its significance in business, no matter small or large. So, do not undermine the power of it as a business owner of any scale business. Even don’t hesitate to invest in online invoicing software. Each section mentioned above is designed to help you in achieving the goals for your business.

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