Did you know even seasoned lawyers found accounting intimidating? Well, after spending so many years becoming a great lawyer, maybe they didn’t get enough time to catch up with accounting and bookkeeping. 

Luckily, if you have a law firm, you can cast aside your worries if you have the best free law firms accounting software by your side. Not only will it help your firm maintain compliance, but it will also help you save a ton of money. 

But, most legal firms use outdated tools for their accounting needs. We understand that you can get confused with several accounting software for legal firms in the market. Besides, a solution that is not comprehensive can lead to time wastage and increased billing hours. 

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This blog will detail out how Moon Invoice can streamline your business operations and help you focus on core business processes. 

1. Smooth expense tracking 

Smooth Expense Tracking

Let’s face it. You cannot run a successful law practice without having the know-how of how your money is being spent. Luckily, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket if you have good cloud accounting software. You will need some solution to manage cost overheads and maintain client data. Also, if there is no system in place, your staff may try to maintain spreadsheets, and that can lead to inadvertent errors. 

Luckily, Moon invoice is one of the best legal firms accounting software in the market and will help you automate key accounting processes. You will no longer need to gather paper receipts and worry about unaccounted expenses. So, all you need to do is take a demo at the earliest and leave your legal accounting woes to us! 

2. Trust-based accounting 

Trust-Based Accounting

Trust accounting is a major bone of contention for attorneys as clients trust their funds with their lawyers. But, trust accounting comes with its own set of rules and regulations. So, you will need nothing but one of the best free law firms accounting software to keep accurate records that follow your state guidelines. 

Moon Invoice is one such free accounting software for business that lets you track all expenses, reconcile all money and never falter on client trust. It is extremely secure and lets you safeguard your funds and prevent all frauds. 

3. Takes all legal specifications in account 

Moon Invoice is one of the most popular online accounting software for small and medium-sized law firms. Many lawyers have placed their trust in this solution to manage their accounting needs. 

The best part is that not only is Moon Invoice a good online invoice maker, but it also offers you a host of customization options for your law firm.

Besides, you can easily separate both accounts- client’s and the firms with ease. In this manner, you will never risk mixing both accounts and stay in tune with your finances. A good legal firms accounting software can do wonders for your firm; all you need to do is invest in the right one!

4. Seamless invoicing 

In the absence of accounting software for law firms, your attorneys and support staff will need to run from pillar to post, getting access to time records. The entire process can be extremely time consuming and invites inaccuracies in the absence of an online invoice maker

The right online accounting software like Moon Invoice lets your staff get access to time entries and create customized and detailed invoices for your clients. Besides, the solution is easy-to-use and promotes efficiency within your law firm. 

Does your legal firm accounting app help with analytics?

5. Get access to advanced reporting 

Automated invoicing software let you review your law firm’s financial health on a timely basis. Besides, they provide you with top-notch and comprehensive reports to get a clear picture of the firm’s billing practices, expenses, accounts receivable and other parameters. 

Moon Invoice offers you with 12+ report options. This will let you keep an eye on all practices and gauge your firm’s profitability. After all, your law firm is your creation and deserves nothing but the best, so you need cloud accounting software that will help you improve customer satisfaction and increase profits.  

6. Time tracking capabilities 

Time Tracking Capabilities

Time tracking has the ability to make or break your law firm. Gone are the days when you could carry on your business by noting downtime on legal pads and spreadsheets. You either will ruin your reputation in front of clients by overcharging and end up bringing your financial position to an all-time low. 

Free accounting software for business will give your staff the necessary tools they need to track time. Besides, tools like Moon Invoice provide true mobility. So, your attorneys can track time effortlessly without being glued to their desks. 

Moon Invoice lets you access all-time entries in a few clicks and access them via desktop, mobile or tablet. This way, you will o longer need to search for files and bother your colleagues when you need to make invoices. 

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Wrapping up

This was all about how Moon Invoice, a leading automated invoicing software, can help you stay on top of your law firm’s business operations. Besides, it will let you organize your operations in a manner that you won’t need to double-check on things time and again. So, if you found Moon Invoice’s features exciting, make sure to contact us at +1-805-491-9393 or write us an email at support@mooninvoice.com.