A business could have scattered products and/or services. Irrespective of whether they are dealing with one or many, it is quite an advantage to have all details pertaining to it listed in a precise format for your invoices. One of the major advantages of doing it is to ensure that whenever you present your potential client with an estimate, two things have to be examined thoroughly. First is to present every detail to the core of the product and/or services rendered and second is to mention correct prices accordingly, so as to not have any discrepancy while delivering the services. This also prevents the to and from of estimates with the correct information as otherwise would only postpone the entire process due to which your payment will also be delayed.


As the world has quickly adapted to the emerging tech, manually sending and receiving invoices has gone out-of-date. An online invoicing application can help a startup enterprise or small & midsize company to quickly convert their estimates into invoices once it is approved by the client. Also, when it comes to payment, a majority of the organizations are still relying on or rather inherited to be dependent to use paper checks for the business transactions. Even though the paper checks are time-consuming, tedious and laborious, small and medium businesses still prefer it as their preferred business payment method.


A perfectly drafted and presented estimate is utmost necessary as it is the single piece of a document your client is going to see. Hence, you need an invoice generator which can provide you with professional invoice estimate templates with the ability to custom add any additional product/service line. It has been noticed that this attention to details has mesmerized clients and a whopping 70% make their decision to avail the services or not based on the look & feel of the professional invoice estimate. If taken in the right direction, invoicing can also further bond your brand identity and create a favorable impression. By putting relevant data to the client’s project or a personalized message could also go a long way in continuing the long lasting business relation.


A contrary record also suggests that for some businesses have failed to sell their product/services not because of the quality or interest in the product/services but the because of improper drafting of the estimates. This prompts for a dire need for any upcoming startup, freelancers or medium size corporations to invest wisely in a small business billing app. A major salient feature of opting for an invoice estimate app is that it not only offers invoicing, estimates, PO and payments but also you can track every billable minute and tracks every little expense while you are on the job.

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Keeping your invoices neat with adequate information along with a clear design is the best way to go along. Clogging your invoices with too many information makes it look unprofessional. This might delay in getting paid. Hence, keep your invoices in presentable and easy to understand format. Your invoice should focus on the following points:


  • Company logo
  • Clearly outlined payment terms
  • List of product or services
  • Items lists
  • Contact information
  • Invoice number
  • Due date
  • A personalized message


Online invoicing merged with mobile creates cutting-edge integrated invoicing solutions. This trend has led the internet to fundamentally change the way accounting for small businesses are carried out. Online Invoicing has gained popularity among all sizes of businesses & industry and became a standard feature of all accounting & billing needs. Both businesses large and small will be electronically connected and hugely benefited from this.


Wrapping Up:

If you are unsure and are looking for on-the-go available & best invoice maker then look no further than Moon Invoice. You can go with a free trial period and check for yourself how seriously your clients take you and your work so that you get paid quickly. Moon Invoice is a professional invoice estimates app that has proven to be a boon for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and business owners.