Invoicing technology and methods have transformed greatly. Initially EBPP, i.e Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment was started and offered as a way of transformation of the bill or invoice into the digital era. By definition, in general, it is a process that allows to present the bill and collect the payment from the customer via the Internet or any other means of electronic communications. However, these fell short of account as there wasn’t much interactivity.


But the present scenario has changed with growing interactions between B2B interactivity and hence an enhanced shift into the rise of digital invoicing tools and features. The one-time static image has changed into customized interactive functions which have made the task of invoicing very easy and simple for small, medium or large enterprises or businesses. Moreover, these features have simplified the job of account payable officers or line of business managers to easily carry out their invoicing duties. Briefly, it can be classified as the invoice is a single point of action between suppliers and customers.


Whether it is to initiate an inquiry into disputes or adjustments, every task can be easily performed. Along with billing, payment, notifications, insights, reporting, print utility, sync, the etc plethora of these invoicing functionalities and services are derived from the Digital Invoicing Solution.


One such all in one invoicing software for every company/business needs is available from Moon Invoice. Moon Invoice app is simple and efficient at the same time for all your online invoicing needs. Adopted with multiple features and functionalities, Moon Invoice reduces your work and multitask with its professional invoicing ability. At the same time, it also allows you to let custom control and adjusts invoices as you like. This saves you time and money.


Let us now see few of the salient features offered by Moon Invoice:

Invoice Command Center

Get leverage from the instant search and filter option for customers and vendors regarding any product or billing account.


Summary Insights & Detail Reporting

Get all the necessary summary report information on one page and stay precise about product stocks & availability with account outstanding and payment details



Paperless Billing

Increased efficiency with electronic access to all invoices and communications for paperless operations.


Simplified Payment

Now easily accept payment for the invoices using online multiple payment options and generate payment receipt in PDF format. You also get the benefit of PayPal button support with Moon Invoice.


Automated Notifications

A little reminder about the payment can ensure to get paid on-time, which gives you greater hold over your business cash flow. Moon Invoice will update you when recurring invoice and expense becomes overdue. So, you’ll never miss a payment!


Keep Invoice Simple

The best way to for an invoice to be a powerful tool is to get the job done quickly by getting paid as well as easy to understand. Hence, try not to cluster too much information or details together. This will create less room for confusion and customer is likely to speed up the process of payment.



Future of Invoicing

The future of invoicing is all about indulging intelligence and predictive analysis built right into invoice feature, functionality and operationality so as to optimize the user experience. It should also emphasize in getting invoices tasks such as billing, estimation, P.O, etc to be carried out at ease. Moreover, as we all know that cash is at utmost priority when it comes to growing your business and invoices should all be about encouraging faster payment.


Invoice technology is rapidly growing and the online invoicing service providing companies have to be on the edge to address the advancing needs and demands of the customers or risk losing them to others. Enterprises have to be future adoptive and stay ahead of the smart curve with respect to latest technology and trends. Institutions have to make sure of giving the best possible choices and tools to the users so as to simplify and improve the process for every possible user.


We welcome you to check Moon Invoice app, unique and first in its class to provide iCloud Sync for iOS and Mac OS X for every kind of businesses and individual. With Moon Invoice you can ‘Try Before You Buy’ option to feel the one-stop solution for all your invoicing needs right into your hands.