What if you can develop a commodity or service in any business, a user can have it on their smartphone? If yes, then you are leaving your competition behind in the market. Now, think for a moment if getting things to the mobile phone is having great importance, why not for the betterment of our own business? YES. We are talking about a free invoice & billing app for iOS or Android. To go mobile for invoicing would be so much fun!

Running a small business is no joke. We know how daunting the task is to manage the accounting and invoicing process of the company. But the market is so technology-driven that there are specific apps for small businesses by which they can create invoice in Android and manage their accounting process components.

Create invoice in Android, iOS, and Windows

Not only apps but the Tech company develops such software – which could be installed on your laptop or desktop, and it can be integrated with a mobile app.  Integrated technology can let you create things on software that will reflect in-app. Like make an invoice on Mac Software, and it will reflect in your Android or iPhone. 

These technologies are not only available on iOS, but there are open-source invoice software windows also that helps to go mobile for invoicing. 

Being a small business owner to bring in technology is a heavy financial matter. This blog post will serve you with some exciting reasons and benefits of using the mobile invoicing app. This helps you to arrive at a better decision and conclusion. Create invoice in Android is easier and cost-effective in the long run and better than the manual process of accounting.

Seven reasons to go mobile for invoicing 

Mobile invoicing is a simple and fast way for company owners to get things done quickly. Here’s an overview of what mobile invoicing is and how it can help the company.

1. You can operate from anywhere just like you do in the office

Make no mistake: the smartphone revolution is all about comfort.

It can create a much greater impact if the company needs on-site appointments or extensive travel. This is because you can create invoices using the free invoice & billing app for iOS or Android or use open-source invoice software windows from the palm of your hand. Work can be completed anytime and anywhere you choose.

Also, mobile invoicing applications connect to many of your application platforms. You will use your phone to use whatever business tool you need. If you’re not at your desk when you’re out of town, don’t worry; you have the details in your lap as you go mobile for invoicing.

2. Faster payments – believe it or not

Delays in invoicing that result in delays in payments collected are seldom ideal for cash flow. Fortunately, smartphone invoicing has rendered submitting and receiving invoices almost instantaneously. You can make an invoice on Mac Software which might be integrated with an iOS app.

Faster payments – Go Mobile for Invoicing

You will send out an invoice instantly with a strong web invoicing platform. You press “submit” as soon as a consumer gets the service or device that they ordered. 

As a result of this “fast submit” trend, your customer is more likely to pay their bill on time. According to research, smartphone invoicing encourages consumers to pay invoices up to three times quicker.

3. Comprehensive saving on money

Mobile invoicing is indeed a great way to save capital. When you go mobile for invoicing, you save money on paper, ink, and packaging, as well as on receivables staff.

Previously, an individual required to fill out invoices physically. Invoicing often necessitated the completion of activities such as filing, scanning, and sorting accounting paperwork. 

Remote invoicing has clear cost-cutting advantages. Well, this is not enough – Now think about the duplication of invoicing in the manual process. So, create invoice in Android error-free while you go mobile for invoicing.

4. Standardization in invoicing process 

One of the most advantageous aspects of mobile invoicing applications, such as the free invoice & billing app for iOS, is that they are built with a heavy emphasis on interoperability. In other terms, they will work for virtually every other cloud-based infrastructure you might have.

Your accounting systems are used with this integration. As a result, you will now standardize the whole billing method at any stage. Both procedures should be uniform, making them seem even more formal. This requires consistency with the forecasts, payables, receivables, and even cost monitoring.

Start Invoicing from Your iPhone!

5. Excellent data management

Are you tired of misplacing a client’s address, contact information, or other vital information? Knowing is no longer a problem. You will manually type the client’s information into the open-source invoice software windows and view it from your cell phone or computer.

Some platforms can save this data in the cloud. Mobile devices that store locally can do so directly on your device. If you save it straight to your devices, and go mobile for invoicing, you can use it anytime you want. 

Regardless of how this information is stored, mobile invoicing software provides a centralized place with all clients’ information. You don’t need to look for details. It’s in your hands when it comes time to invoice or call your customer.

Apart from managing the data, the app should integrate with your core invoicing software to make an invoice on Mac Software that reflects on the app. On the other side, mailing and recording invoices whilst away seems to be time-consuming, which is why small business owners are shifting to digital invoicing.

6. Allowance for customization

When you make an invoice on Mac Software or create invoice in Android application, it stops the monotony of invoices, and mobile invoicing applications enables you to configure your invoice figures, etc. You may also add your digital signature and business logo, as well as several built-in models, to offer your invoices a new and professional look.

7. How can you forget “Automation”?

Start-up founders, solopreneurs, freelancers, and independent businesses all share one thing in common: they spend a large portion of their time and resources acquiring potential customers and clients to expand and succeed. 

As a result, the free invoice & billing app for iOS or open-source invoice software windows allows them to set up automatic bill alerts when an invoice is due or even deliver a monthly invoice to a daily customer.

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Bottom line

Mobile technology is growing at an immense pace. If you don’t want to stay behind in the competition, start using the free invoice & billing app for iOS or create an invoice in Android app to go mobile for invoicing. if you are still feeling hesitant to drop your queries support@mooninvoice.com or call us on +1-805-491-9393. 

With Quick Invoicing & Billing, Easy Tracking of Payments & Notifications, Reliable Analysis & Reporting Data, ‘Moon Invoice’ helps the company stay ahead of the competition. You can add multiple businesses, various professional templates, print facilities, and data backup to the cloud using Moon Invoice.

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