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Most of the time of an entrepreneur or business owner can be accounted behind sending invoices all day long if they have not optimized their invoicing and billing process. However, most of them fail to take advantage that can help them pay faster. On the contrary, there are many customers or vendors who would always be late in making a payment but that shouldn’t stop...

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Nothing relieves you more than to see that your invoice got paid in time. If such is the case, then it wouldn’t harm to learn a few tips that would help you get paid faster.   Especially, for a small business owner or a startup entrepreneur, it is important to pre-define the method of payment to be collected from customers and in which way to pay to...

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Invoice Payment

Merely 25% of all the invoices get paid on time. From the rest of the unpaid invoices, most of them are paid without any late fees. Yet, some businesses receive their share of the money without much hassle. Do you want to how these companies do it? Well, the answer is simple - Invoice Payment Terms. We bring you the best tips in this informative guide...

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