Before we discuss the top Harvest Alternative, Let’s check out a fact-supporting stat. 

According to the survey “Year Ahead” done by in 2018, revealed that almost 57% of Mid-sized businesses had implemented accounting software, Just 1% less than the large firms, while the concept of online billing software is penetrating slowly in Small firms with 45%.

Firms that Have Implemented Accounting Software


Businesses that have already implemented Accounting Software (Source – Accounting Today)

Accounting is one of the most competitive markets globally, and every business that works in this industry must be as competitive as possible. However, in this digital-ruled era knowledge cannot be your only weapon to survive. Implementing the best Online billing software is one way to stick out from the crowd.

Now, as we are looking for the Best Harvest alternative, let’s discuss right with the Harvest itself. The main reason behind businesses opting for Harvest is its key feature of Time Tracking. The platform helps in doing the core work rather than tracking your time. 

If you’re worried about purchasing Harvest but haven’t checked at the other online billing software presented by rivals, you can. With only a little time spent considering Best Harvest Alternative, you can quickly get a complete image of other systems by reviewing their main functionalities and concepts. 

7 Harvest Alternative that fits your business

Before we present you the various alternatives out of which one can fit your business, let’s check another stat story!

About Tech Spending

About Tech spending (Source – Year Ahead Survey)

According to the Accounting Today poll, small businesses would invest 41 percent more in acquiring and establishing digital technologies than they did previously. Which indirectly indicates the growth, rise, and demand of online invoicing software.

1. Invoice2go

Our very first harvest alternative is Invoice2go. With the following excellent functionality, you need to check that it fits your business or not.

Invoice2Go Alternative - Moon Invoice


  • Expense tracking
  • Professional Invoice templates and designs
  • Credit and Debit card payment facility
  • Tracking of Invoice
  • Payment Reminder
  • Charts
  • Multi-currency

Well, the list will go on compare to Harvest. The cost is relatively high compared to Harvest, but you get something different when you pay something extra.

2. Moon Invoice

No matter what business you are doing or what industry you are operating in – Moon Invoice is the Best option for selecting from various harvest alternatives. 

Moon Accounting Software For Businesses - Moon Invoice

With the top features like,

  • Estimate Management
  • Recurring Invoice
  • Multi-currency Support
  • Time tracking 
  • Payment Management
  • Cloud Sync
  • 24 X 7 Support, etc.

Which are not available in Harvest, you should consider this online billing software. It runs on almost every platform like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

3. Zoho Invoice

If you are a freelancer or small vendor then Zoho Invoice is made for you. It is easy and fast to use, enabling company owners to achieve their billing in no time. 

Zoho Invoice Software - Moon Invoice

If we compare the feature list then Zoho Invoice comprises of the following features which are not available in Harvest,

  • 24 X 7 Customer support
  • Reimbursement Management
  • In-Person Training
  • Live Online Training etc.

4. Wave

It is superior, Wave or Harvest? If you’re having difficulty deciding on the right billing software for your business, we recommend that you compare the available software to see the service delivers the most benefits.

Wave Alternative - Moon Invoice

Wave as Harvest Alternative has the below-mentioned options,

  • Direct Deposit
  • Direct Credit card Payment
  • Integrations
  • Tax calculations and deduction
  • Receipts
  • Payroll etc.

5. FreshBooks

Harvest and FreshBooks are also cloud-based accounting software tools that enable small business owners to handle their finance more effectively.

FreshBooks alternative- Moon Invoice

FreshBooks can be titled as the best harvest alternative considering the following points. 

  • FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting framework that prioritizes accessibility.
  • Harvest does not support periodic automatic billing, while FreshBooks does.
  • FreshBooks can import critical data from several third-party providers, while Harvest cannot.
  • Harvest is mainly concerned with time and movement monitoring.
  • Harvest has a more vital link to Project Management and Project Managers.
  • Harvest has more customizable reports, while FreshBooks is more restricted to the fundamentals.
  • Harvest has documentation clearance sign-off, while FreshBooks does not.

6. QuickBooks

While Harvest has only the monthly payment option for subscriptions, QuickBooks has monthly payments, one-time payments, and annual subscriptions. We are looking for the features list, but the point is clear why QuickBooks is considered an excellent Harvest Alternative.

QuickBooks Online - Moon Invoice

Here is the list of features for QuickBooks,

  • Simplified Navigation
  • Calendar View
  • View Banking Transactions
  • Customize Email Template
  • Key reports and analytics in one click etc.

7. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is open-source software that allows you to generate bills and even in receiving the payment of the invoices. It enables freelancers to submit limitless invoices to unlimited customers, provides four models, and will allow you to invoice and receive payments electronically. 

Invoice Ninja - Moon Invoice

Let’s talk about Invoice Ninja compared to Harvest. It integrates with over 45 payment gateways, supports auto-billing and periodic invoices, and sends notifications when invoices are received, viewed, or charged. 

Compared to Harvest following are the advantage if you go for Invoice Ninja

  • Free Plan having unlimited invoices and with 50+ clients
  • Ten fully customizable templates
  • Auto-Billing feature
  • 30 Language and currencies
  • Creation of PDF
  • Allowance of Partial payments, etc.

Wrap up

So, Every Harvest Alternate has something better than the Harvest or even compared to each other. Being into the business, it is always crucial to decide which involves specific investment against the digital facility, online billing software to be accurate. 

Before you jump into buying and trying any of the alternatives, first set your goals and need and list what you expect from the best harvest alternative. It will lead to making an appropriate decision for your business.

If you are looking for more help or demonstration of Moon Invoice, which is becoming the business’s favorite choice – contact us at