A “side hustle” is any practice apart from your day job that allows you to earn more income in the broadest context. You can be a designer, photographer, consultant, or anything for which you are passionate. But all the discussion comes down to a single question – how to manage billing, accounting, and finance for the business. So, don’t worry; there are software(s) for every profession when it comes to accounting. Like – accounting software for contractors, accounting software for photographers, etc.

This article will serve you how you can start a side hustle in 2021 – as we live in the post-pandemic era. And for any side-hustle you chose, there is software—cloud accounting software for photographers, designers, writers, freelancers, etc.

So accounting software for consultants will help you manage the accounts payable, receivables, working capital, pending bills, and much more on a single platform.

Usage of money which is earned through side-hustle (Source -DollarSprout)

According to a survey done by DollarSprout – The majority of people spend money earned through side hustle for paying bills and meeting the monthly expense. In contrast, the majority of people responded to “Extra spending money.” The survey was for 2020. Imagine the hike in 2021. With the side hustle, there are best accounting software for business like contractor accounting software, software for photographers, etc. 

How to select a side hustle for you in 2021?

There are several choices, such as doing freelance work in your primary profession, creating an ecommerce shop based on one of your hobbies, public speaking, photography, delivering personal services such as home organizing, baking birthday cakes for people, consulting services, designing services and so on.

As in every company, taking stock of your strengths, expertise, and capabilities—including those you use in your personal life—can help you get started. You’ll feel more inspired to start a side business if it’s something you’re successful at, something you love doing, and there are enough clients to make it worthwhile.

Don’t worry about managing the finance for the side hustle business. There are plenty of services, platforms, and software(s) like Contractor accounting software, cloud accounting software for photographers, accounting software for designers, accounting software for consultants, etc. There is nothing that the tech industry hasn’t built or developed. 

It’s also crucial to think about how much time and resources you can invest in a side hustle. It might not take long to scale up whether you may be performing consulting work in your profession. Still, whether you are venturing into a whole new field or one that needs a certification, such as personal health instruction, it may take longer. Businesses that need inventory would be more expensive to start up than those that do not. Checking out industry-specific market analysis reports will help you get a sense of what’s needed.

How to get into photography as a side hustle thing?

Choosing to start a photography company and taking it seriously is a big step, largely because most young photographers are unaware of or uninterested in the business side of things. You want to concentrate on the gear and make awesome photos, but neglecting the company would destroy your burgeoning photography career. You don’t just need a good camera and lens to click photographs; you need cloud accounting software for photographers which can manage your finance as well.

Photography is one of the best side hustle options – as who doesn’t want to get clicked. And in the era of social media, it takes only one photograph to go viral worldwide.

You can take up contracts for pre-wedding shoots, corporate functions, food products, commercial products, marriage, college events, etc. 

Graphic designing as side hustle

Most freelancers begin with graphic design as a side business. Still, with ambition, business strategy, and a strong work ethic, you will develop as much business as you want to establish a long-term career.

If you want to put in customers of your own, you must have a solid portfolio.

Although it can be enticing to include anything you’ve completed lately in your portfolio, resist the urge. Including just assignments and cases that are outstanding examples of the freelance job you choose to do. (If you want to concentrate on paper, don’t overburden your portfolio of multimedia projects.)

To market your work to prospective buyers, use your portfolio as a showcase. Don’t worry once you start getting clients. There are online billing software that manage your finance to focus more on your designing task. 

Get accounting software for designers, who can manage your expense, which has the feature of time tracking, which lets you create professional and customized invoices and much more. 

Top features which an online accounting software must-have for your side-hustle

Here are some of the top functionalities that software must-have. You may call it contractor accounting software, cloud accounting software for photographers, accounting software for designers, and such other names – the purpose remains the same.

1. Effective Analytics and Reports

Knowledge can be powerful because it is delivered to the right people at the right time. A short overview of the financials will be used in accounting software. Core funds receivables, expenditures, benefit, and loss statements, accounts payables, taxes, and so forth.

Profits are the focus of the reports, but online accounting software for nonprofits is also accessible. Businesses will even inform you of their expenditures, overhead rates, and many more.

2. Auto Billing or recurring invoicing

Auto billing alerts are another feature; the app should be mindful of upcoming invoices and expenditures. Payment reminders can be automatic, invoices can be given, and bills can be sent on schedule to the customer.

3. Data synchronization to the cloud

Data is an essential component for all types of enterprises. Let’s talk regarding technology advancements in recent years. Companies want data encryption, but they still need a network that keeps their data secure and accessible at all times.

So, make sure that the right accounting software for businesses you purchased for the organization allows you to manage and access data from everywhere.

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Wrap Up

There are 100+ options when it comes to opting for a side hustle. We have covered what to keep in mind while deciding what to do as a side hustle. Also, how you can choose photography and graphic designing as your career. 

Go and follow your passion when it comes to side-hustle. Don’t worry about the financials. There are software(s) like contractor accounting software, cloud accounting software for photographers, accounting software for designers, accounting software for consultants, which can focus on your core business activities.

If you are looking for such online accounting software – Contact us straight away to schedule a demo and address the company’s requirements at support@mooninvoice.com or +1-805-491-9393.


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