If you’re a freelancer or a small-midsize business (SMB) in the United States, you must’ve heard of QuickBooks. Many of you would’ve even used it.

QuickBooks is an online billing software solution that helps you create and send invoices and manage your books. But expensive pricing and the lack of some crucial features have insinuated business owners to look for QuickBooks alternatives.

If you’re one of them, stay tuned. By the end of this post, you’ll have 13 tools you can use in place of QuickBooks to optimize and streamline your billing and invoicing operations.
Let’s get started.

1. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice by Moon Technolabs is a robust, cross-platform billing and invoicing solution that offers 360-degree invoicing features for all types of businesses. The software provides a simple and easy-to-use yet intuitive interface, making it seamless to use for every user.

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Moon Invoice is a cloud accounting software system and is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. In addition to billing and invoicing, Moon Invoice also provides features like project management, document management, print support, and more. Above all, the world-class support from Moon Technolabs ensures all your queries and hurdles and immediately resolved.

You can also opt for specialized solutions for accountants, freelancers, agency businesses, and contractors. A POS billing software app is also available that enables restaurants and retail businesses to enhance their operations.

Key Features:

  • Online Invoicing and Customizable Invoices
  • Online and Mobile Payments
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing
  • Payment Processing
  • Multi-Currency and Multiple Payments

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a popular online invoicing software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. The software is effortless to use, and you can avail its benefits without any technical knowledge. It allows you to create and send built-in proposals and accept payments on the go.

However, the solution still lacks a few essential features like accounts payable and a limited number of integrations. Hence, it’s best suited for smaller businesses that are just getting started. But with numerous recent updates, FreshBooks is gradually making its way to the top.

Key Features:

  • Invoicing
  • Expense Management
  • Time Tracking
  • Estimates and Proposals
  • Accounting and Reports

3. Invoice2Go

Invoice2Go is a simple, easy-to-use online invoice software solution that allows you to create and send invoices online. It comes with free professional invoice templates that enable you to give a professional look and feel to your invoices. The solution comes with a wide range of features, including PDF invoices, bill organizer, online payments, and more.

However, Invoice2Go lacks a few essential features, like Multi-Currency and Time & Expense Tracking. Hence, it’s best suited for small business owners and freelancers.

Key Features:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Project Billing
  • Approval Process Control
  • Receipt Management
  • Recurring Billing

4. Wave

Wave is one of the well-known online billing software solutions. One of the reasons why myriad small business owners use Wave is that no other software beats it in the pricing department. Wave is completely free of cost. Yet, there are no limits on invoicing, items, users, and other features.

However, like most other free software solutions, Wave lacks some crucial features. It doesn’t support customizable invoices, nor does it allow project billing and recurring billing. It also lacks expense tracking and access control features. But if you’re a micro or small business, you can try QuickBooks alternative Wave.

Key Features:

  • Online Invoicing
  • Accounting and Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Statements
  • Accounts Payable
  • Cash Management

5. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a popular cloud accounting software solution by Zoho that makes billing easy and effortless for small and midsize businesses. It allows you to create customized invoices that get paid faster. It supports a plethora of online payments, so you don’t get stuck because of incompatible payment methods.

Zoho Invoice is an ideal tool for freelancers and small business owners who want to optimize and streamline their invoicing and bookkeeping operations.

Key Features:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Time Tracking
  • Expense Tracking

6. Bookipi

Similar to Wave, Bookipi is a free-to-use invoice generator software solution for small businesses and freelancers. The solution has a user base of more than 800,000 users worldwide, accounting for more than $1 billion in invoices.

The software is available for all platforms – Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. While all businesses can use Bookipi, it’s best suited for small businesses and freelancers.

Key Features:

  • Mobile Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Online Invoicing and Payments
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Contact Database

7. Invoice Simple

Invoice Simple provides a simple solution to all your invoicing problems. This user-friendly and easy-to-use invoicing software solution allows you to create customized invoices from your PC, laptop, or mobile phone. Invoice Simple helps you save time, look professional, and get paid on time.

The software comprises all the required invoicing features, so it’s ideal for businesses of all types and sizes. However, it lacks recurring billing, so it may not be suitable for agency businesses and service providers. But if you’re a contractor or a small business owner, Invoice Simple can help streamline your financial operations.

Key Features:

  • Instant Invoice Creation
  • Professional Invoice Templates
  • Financial Organization
  • Saved Invoice Items
  • Multiple Payment Methods

8. Invoicera

Invoicera is an award-winning online billing solution for freelancers, small businesses, and enterprises. If you’re a freelancer, lawyer, consultant, or agency business looking to streamline your billing operations, Invoicera can be of great help. IT simplifies the accounting process and helps you stay profitable and compliant.

In addition to invoicing and billing, Invoicera also helps you automate your communication and business processes. It also provides extensive customization features to make your invoices look unique and professional.

Key Features:

  • Online Invoicing and Payments
  • Project Management
  • Subscription Billing
  • Expense Management
  • Estimate Management

9. Invoicely

Invoicely is an online invoicing software solution for small businesses. It provides you with a comprehensive suite of accounting and invoicing features that enable your business to stand out and look professional. The software is simple and easy to use, making it ideal for micro and small business owners.

Invoicely is a web-based solution but isn’t available on mobile. This is a major drawback and can be a dealbreaker for your business. So, if you need mobility, it’ll be better to ditch Invoicely.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Invoicing
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Track Time, Expenses & Mileage
  • Manage Multiple Businesses
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing

10. Bildu

Bildu is an innovative yet easy-to-use invoicing tool for freelancers and small business owners. It allows you to create professional invoices in a few simple steps. Besides invoicing, the software also helps you store and manage documents, thereby eliminating paper-based operations.

Bildu is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The software has competitive pricing, making it ideal for freelancers. It also offers dunning management capabilities, making it suitable for retail stores and offline outlets.

Key Features:

  • Expense Records
  • Estimates
  • Simple Invoicing with Fast Payments
  • Purchase Invoices
  • Currencies and Languages

11. Xero

Xero makes billing easier for small and medium-sized businesses. This QuickBooks alternative Xero is an invoicing solution that helps you manage your billing, accounts, and cash flow. It allows you to schedule payments and pay multiple bills with ease.

Xero is a comprehensive solution that entails capacities beyond billing and invoicing. It enables investor management, bookkeeping, and other advanced features, making it ideal for more comprehensive business operations. But with so many features in place, the pricing of Xero is slightly towards the expensive side.

Key Features:

  • Pay Bills and Accept Payments
  • Bank Connections and Reconciliation
  • Project Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll Management

12. Hiveage

Hiveage is a cloud accounting software solution that makes invoicing easy for freelancers and small business owners. The tool automates your recurring billing and invoicing processes, thereby making your operations quick and efficient.

The software comes with a wide range of capabilities, ranging from automatic billing to online payments. The cloud capabilities ensure your data is safe and accessible from other devices. Besides, Hiveage is also available on iOS and Android, so you can mobilize your business operations and manage invoices on the go.

Key Features:

  • Invoice Generation
  • Payment Gateways
  • Recurring Billing
  • Time and Mileage Tracking
  • Expenses Tracking

13. Harvest

Harvest is a sleek, colorful, and intuitive invoice management software solution that makes billing and bookkeeping easy. It allows you to create professional invoices within seconds, so you can send them on time and get paid.

In addition to creating invoices, Harvest also enables you to generate in-depth, insightful financial reports. It collects the timesheet data and turns it into visual reports that help you make informed business decisions.

Besides, the software integrates seamlessly with numerous tools, such as Trello, Asana, and Basecamp, to ensure seamless business operations.

Key Features:

  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Time and Expense Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
  • Multiple Billing Rates

Wrapping Up

An online invoice software solution is more than just a tool to create invoices. If used correctly, it can automate your financial processes, make your business compliant, and induce efficiency into your operations. But in order to achieve that, you’ll need to find the right accounting software.

So, check out the tools mentioned above and see which one sits right with your objectives and requirements.