2020 is an all-digitized era where there is no place for age-old three-ring binder bookkeeping files when accounting is concerned. We have high-end billing and accounting software to automate the entire billing and accounting process and make it more quick, accurate, and data-rich. Using these, businesses of all sorts can gain great command over accounting operations.

We have hand-picked the top 25 online billing software for you. Each one is carefully tested for its affordability, features, and usefulness before listing in this post. Scroll down to get more details about them.

#1 – Moon Invoice

Our first choice is indeed the Moon Invoice. This is a cloud accounting software that is feature-packed and has the amazing capability to automate the billing and invoicing software from beginning to end. It has already won 1.7 million hearts already.

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Suitable for all kinds of business, Moon Invoice impressed us with its real-time customization, data-rich time tracking, and in-built invoice template library. Such features are required to speed-up billing and accounting-related jobs without any inaccuracies and delays.

It comes to amazing app support for all the leading platforms and offers a cloud sync facility. This imparts great flexibility to any business’s accounting operations. With real-time expense tracking and insightful reports, Moon Invoice lets a business gain full control over accounting operations.

Moon Invoice Billing & Invoicing Software


  • Recurring billing feature saves time
  • Multi-currency support
  • Impressive security
  • Quick set-up
  • Detailed Reporting


  • The interface of this cloud accounting software might appear clumsy sometimes due to so many features to a few users.
  • Need regular app update

Average Monthly Cost – $2.50 per month.

#2 – FreshBooks

Operated by 2ndSite Inc., FreshBooks is the online billing software aiming, primarily, at small and medium scale businesses. Being a cloud-based solution, it is easily accessible and grants world-class mobility to the end-user.

FreshBooks Alternatives - Moon Invoice

Expense tracking, reporting, billing customization, invoicing, and pending payment reminders are some of its amazing features. It is available in many countries and has an impeccable customization facility.


  • Comes in 12 language support
  • Available for use at the global level
  • A wide library of in-built invoices
  • Great multi-currency support


  • No 24*7 customer support
  • App become buggy with heavy documents

Average Monthly Cost – $7.50 per month

#3 – Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice doesn’t need any introduction as this online invoicing software comes from a trusted brand. Packed with every resource that one need to quick and simplified billing, Zoho Invoice has amazing device compatibility.

Top alternative to Zoho - Moon Invoice

It offers dedicated billing and invoice apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS. Its extensive feature-suite will help you get timely payments, make tax payments, and send auto-reminders for pending payments. Its customer support is amazing and is all ears for your worries and concerns.


  • Amazing invoice generation capabilities
  • Power-packed integration
  • Multi-device support
  • Dedicated POS apps


  • Buggy performance of its macOS platform
  • Takes time for updates

Average Monthly Cost – $9.00 per month

#4 – Invoice2Go

Get Invoice2Go for professionally looking, informative, and paperless bills and account related papers and save huge time and efforts. It offers a huge library of invoice templates. Just save time and you will get bills in a blink of an eye.

Invoice2Go Alternative - Moon Invoice

It is cloud-based billing and accounting software and comes with a subscription-based pricing plan. There are multiple subscription choices to make. Hence, every business will get a solution for it.


  • Offers free trial.
  • Easy-to-use
  • Export/import data easily
  • Automated email reminders for pending payments


  • Limited app support
  • Reporting needs to be more detailed

Average Monthly Cost – $5.99

#5 – QuickBooks

Developed and marketed by Intuit with leading AI, QuickBooks is here to simplify accounting at multiple levels. Its advanced technology is capable of delivering detailed reports related to any department.

With amazing app support for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, this online billing software endows great mobility and operational functionality to a business.

QuickBooks Online - Moon Invoice

While it wins our hearts at multiple fronts, its multiple integrations steal our hearts. It offers various third-party apps to simplify the accounting a little more.


  • Data-rich reporting is possible
  • Supports multiple file format
  • Can email the invoices directly to the customers


  • A limited number of user per subscription
  • The basic version lacks features

Average Monthly Cost – $25

#6 – Wave

Wave is a free online billing and accounting software that can be accessed on Web, Android, and iOS platforms easily. It is capable of assisting the end-users at every step of accounting and billing. It has amazing multi-currency support and delivers professional looking invoices easily.

wave alternative - Moon Invoice

The app is impressive and can process multiple payments at zero glitches. Regular app updates are available at zero cost.


  • Quick mobile payment
  • Multiple integrations
  • Recurring billing capabilities
  • Creates multiple payment gateways


  • No time tracking facility
  • Security is not that as great as of Moon Invoice

Average Monthly Cost – Free

#7 – Bookipi

Again, Bookipi is a free online accounting software that can be used by any freelancer or small business without any hassle and worries. Considering the free service, it offers quite a decent feature-suite as you can enjoy data-rich time tracking, customized invoices, cloud sync, and other basic features.

Bookipi Billing & Accounting Software - Moon Invoice


  • Data-rich detailed reporting
  • Auto-fixes the invoice mistakes
  • Sends auto reminders for pending payment


  • No recurring billing
  • App lacks multiple important modulesAverage Monthly Cost – Free

#8 – Invoicely

Cloud-based billing software, Invoicely is an ideal choice for small businesses and freelancers. It comes with a highly interactive dashboard that can provide every detail in a crystal clear manner. Hence, accounting becomes a job of any beginner.

Invoicely Alternative - Moon Invoice


  • Multiple integrations for simplified accounting
  • Supports Payroll and taxes
  • Integrates well with Microsoft products


  • No reporting facility
  • Live chat support is not at all reliable

Average Monthly Cost – $9.99

#9 – Odoo

This Odoo open-source accounting and billing software is easy to customize and comes with impressive CRM integration. It offers a free trial that can be upgraded to the paid version at any time. The free version doesn’t require any credit card.

Odoo Alternative - Moon Invoice

As far as its features are concerned, you can enjoy features like time tracking, estimates, payment processing, reporting, and recurring billing easily.


  • Multiple plug-ins and modules that can be integrated easily
  • Helps in budgeting as well
  • Huge library of in-built invoice templates


  • The free version has limited features
  • Updates are too frequent and time-consuming

Average Monthly Cost – $25

#10 – Xero

For quick and unmanned tracking of account payables and receivables, try Xero. You won’t be disappointed at all. Along with accounting, payrolls are also easily manageable with their help. With an impressive 30-days trial pack, it gives you a chance to testify thoroughly.

Xero is a time-tested choice and has the ability to modify as per the changing business needs. Customization is not an issue with it.


  • In-built currency exchanger
  • Supports all major payment methods
  • Secures online payments with military-grade encryption


  • App is not updated regularly
  • Doesn’t create duplicate bills impressively

Average Monthly Cost – $9

#11 – Billdu

At 11th place, we have Billdu billing and accounting software. Just like any other billing software, it can automate billing and invoice very impressively. However, its dedicated billing portal wins our hearts by all means. It explains every activity effortlessly and helps you gain a detailed insight of end-to-end billing activities. Amazing automation saves great deals of money and effort.

Bildu alternative - Moon Invoice


  • Multiple deployment choices
  • Quick set-up
  • End-to-end customization


  • Live chat supports is sluggish
  • No auto data back-up facility

Average Monthly Cost – $ 1.25

#12 – BigTime

For real-time expense tracking and management, BigTime is our choice. It allows you to set deadlines for each task and track them in real-time. This makes accounting as time-bound as it should be. You have a cloud deployment and cloud syncing facility

BigTime Alternative - Moon Invoice


  • Updated mobile sync
  • Generates P&Ls, Balance Sheets, and custom reports


  • Can’t manage multiple business accounts efficiently
  • Need to improve the web-interface

Average Monthly Cost – $15

#13 – Invoice Simple

The smart accounting tools of Invoice Simple will make accounting a cakewalk for freelancers and small businesses. Without any professional help, these businesses can enjoy high-end, data-rich, and updated invoices and bills. It has an in-built tax calculator which makes life a bit easier than ever.

Invoice Simple - Moon Invoice


  • Impressive expense tracking
  • Easy-to-integrate with other tools
  • The billing process is entirely automated


  • No cloud sync facility
  • Invoice design tools could have been better

Average Monthly Cost – Custom

#14 – InvoiceEra

InvoiceEra lets you track your data anytime and anywhere. Mobile payment processing ability is also very impressive and lacks nowhere. It gives you great top-to-bottom command over accounting operations and accomplishes every accounting operation with full accuracy and precision.

Invoicera - Moon Invoice


  • Time-bound account payable tracking
  • Intuitive user interface
  • The dashboard brings everything in a crystal clear manner


  • Can’t be accessed offline
  • App has a buggy performance at times

Average Monthly Cost – $19.95

#15 – Harvest

Ideal pick for every business that wants to enjoy great flexibility in accounting, Harvest online invoicing software is our 15th choice. It has managed to keep us and many others impressed with its ability to keep track of every pending payment. You can set reminders and even send them automatically.


  • Delivers data-rich and insight full reports on your mobile phone
  • Fetch details from multiple departments
  • Reduces burden on manpower


  • Software auto crashes at times
  • Can’t process payments in multiple currencies

Average Monthly Cost – $12

#16 – Hiveage

Hiveage is a smart invoice generator and online billing software that ensures no payment is pending, no bill is missing any details, and no expense report is lacking information. It comes with 14 days of free trial and lets you generator unlimited invoices.

Hiveage Biling & Invoicing Software - Moon Invoice

While it is a good choice to make, it is not the best Freshbooks alternative as we found it way too expensive than Moon Invoice and its customer support lacks attentiveness.


  • Lets you send customized email notifications
  • Timely updates
  • Detailed training


  • No app support for macOS
  • Reporting needs more customized formats

Average Monthly Cost – $49

#17 – AND.CO

Dedicated to freelancers especially, AND.CO is the one-stop solution for all accounting related needs. Whether you need to track a pending payment or make recurring payments easily, this online invoicing software is going to help you at every front.

AND.CO Billing & accounting software - Moon Invoice

The user interface is simplified and lets anyone generate customized invoices with zero effort. Its hourly billing and dunning management capabilities are impressive.


  • Can tackle contingency billing with ease
  • Recurring billing is time-bound
  • Tracks the entire journey of an invoice


  • There is no installation facility for Windows
  • Customer care support is not that much impressive

Average Monthly Cost – $18

#18 – InvoiceBerry

When it comes to online billing, InvoiceBerry does a good job by offering a high-end feature suite. Features like detailed reporting, multiple currency support, recurring invoices, and expense management are present in this billing and accounting software.

InvoiceBerry billing & accounting software - Moon Invoice

However, we won’t say it is an ideal Bookipi alternative as it doesn’t have features like cloud sync, mobile payments, estimate management, and payment processing.

If you are a small business then InvoiceBerry can take up the accounting load easily.


  • Robust customer support
  • Does the tracking of online payments
  • Updates the invoices automatically


  • No mobile app support
  • Limited operational mobility

Average Monthly Cost – $15

#19 – Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is an open-source solution to generate and share invoices online with zero hassle. There is robust app support to impart amazing flexibility in the billing and accounting software. It can process online payments in multiple currencies easily and effortlessly.

Invoice Ninja billing & accounting software - Moon Invoice


  • Automatic hourly billing is possible
  • User-friendly interface
  • Dependable invoice reporting
  • Helps in cost estimation


  • No tax calculation facility
  • Needs to add more invoice templates

Average Monthly Cost – $10

#20 – Stripe Billing

Stripe Billing is US-based billing software that will make billing and accounting effortless by automating accounting at every step. With responsive time tracking, no payment will be skipped.

Xero Billing & accounting Software - Moon Invoice

Businesses can develop a complex billing model and add multiple fields easily. There is a free trial facility as well.


  • Have in-built multi-currency support
  • You can attach file of any format with invoices
  • Multiple hourly rate support
  • Online payments are secure


  • Can’t handle project billing
  • Lacks credibility when budgeting is concerned

Average Monthly Cost – Not disclosed by the service provider

#21 – Billtrust Invoicing

Getting paid on time and accurately is possible for any B2B business if they have Billtrust Invoicing by their side. It is easy-to-use, feature-packed, and customizable. Hence, every kind of accounting needs can be addressed.

Billtrust Invoicing billing accounting software - Moon Invoice


  • Quick and hassle-free payment processing
  • Simple interface
  • Robust training and support


  • The estimation feature is not impressive
  • You cannot do recurring billing

Average Monthly Cost – Not disclosed by the service provider

#22 – Bitrix 24

Advanced, feature-rich, and easy-to-use are some key qualities that will redefine Bitrix 24. Built with amazing automated accounting capabilities, Bitrix 24 saves time and effort invested in generating bills and payment processing.

Bitrix 24 Billing Accounting software - Moon Invoice


  • In-built integration with Paypal and Xero
  • Simplifies reporting with multiple in-built calculations formats
  • Supports multiple file formats
  • Can create reports of unbilled invoices as well


  • Buggy app performance
  • Time tracking functionality could be improved

Average Monthly Cost – $14.40

#23 – Speed Invoice

Create invoices and send estimates from any device and anywhere using Speed Invoice. This can be used to generate professional quotations and estimates easily.

Speed Invoice Billing Software - Moon Invoice


  • Can work offline
  • Offers multiple integration
  • Can email invoices directly


  • Cloud sync doesn’t offer much storage
  • Doesn’t support many currencies

Average Monthly Cost – $9.20

#24 – PaySimple

Founded in 2006, PaySimple is an easy-to-use billing and accounting software trusted by thousands of businesses already. With a simplified interface, it doesn’t make invoicing a headache.

PaySimple Billing Software - Moon Invoice


  • Very low credit card processing fee
  • Can track accounts receivables
  • Can create customized customer portal


  • Payment processing in the iOS app is a bit slow
  • Sluggish customer support

Average Monthly Cost – $49. 95

#25 – InvoiceQuick

Have a professional accounting image with InvoiceQuick as it has a huge library of in-built invoice templates. By automating accounting at every stage, it makes accounting simplified a lot.

InvoiceQuick Alternatives - Moon Invoice


  • Advanced in-built tax calculator
  • Multiple invoice templates
  • Auto-reminder for delayed payments


  • No payment processing
  • Limited online quotation

Average Monthly Cost – $9

Final Words

Having responsive and advanced billing and accounting software by your side is nothing but bliss as it automates accounting at every level. Huge savings on time, money, and efforts are a sure thing with it. So, if you’re not using it then start using it today.