Generally, when we talk about small companies or MSMEs, every single decision regarding cost matters to them most. It includes the decision regarding investments as well. If we look at the records of the past few years, these MSMEs had preferred to maintain their billing, invoicing, and accounting conventionally instead of using Cloud Accounting Software.

But we are now into a digital era – for every business function, either there is an integrated software or application. That goes for online billing software as well. Currently, accounting software are available for every business segment – Like accounting software for contractors, freelancers, digital marketing agencies, etc.

Digital marketing agencies estimate and invoice software may assist you in creating invoices, recording incoming and outgoing expenses, identifying and following up on past-due receivables, and running reports and analytics that help you assess the financial health and other facets of your company.

Cloud accounting software options for businesses with more specific demands are numerous. Those needs can determine the accounting application that is ideally suited to your company’s requirements. For example, if you are a contractor – you will need accounting software for contractors – which can help you manage billing, inventory, assets, receivables, etc.

Market Size of Accounting software globally (Source – Report of Fortune Business Insights)

According to Fortune Market Insights’ research and study, the global accounting software sector, which was worth USD 11,071.6 million in 2018, is expected to be worth USD 20,408.0 million by the end of 2026, representing an 8.02 percent CAGR.

Five best cloud accounting software for MSME

Accounting software that operated and works on a centralized platform is known as cloud accounting software, sometimes known as internet accounting software or web-based accounting software. Users transfer data to “the cloud,” which processes it and returns it to the consumer. 

These cloud software could be accounting software for contractors, freelancers accounting software, and digital marketing agencies estimate and invoice software, and many more industries.

If you are in the process of making a shift from conventional accounting systems to cloud-based software, don’t worry about supporting your decision-making. We have brought you the best five online accounting software for MSMEs.

According to Verified Analyst Reports, the cloud financial and accounting software market would be worth $4320 million in 2024.

1. QuickBooks

What is it that QuickBooks cannot do? It is accounting software that is widely used for MSMEs around the world and in the US.

For many factors, we picked QuickBooks online as our top choice for small businesses. You can use this cloud accounting software to generate professional invoices, approve transactions, monitor spending, and keep a close eye on your cash flow. And that’s only for the Basic plan; the more expensive options enable you to submit batch invoices, do deep analytics, and even work with dedicated accounting staff. 

QuickBooks finely works accounting software for contracting agencies. It eliminates the requirement to produce financial records from scratch by using the software’s built-in reports, which contain the trial balance, general ledger, and 1099 account summary reports used for tax purposes. You should save your favorite files so you can access them quickly at the top of the Reports tab.

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks’ user interface is straightforward, which is why we choose it as the best cloud-based accounting software for invoicing.

Digital marketing firms may use digital marketing agencies estimate and invoice software. The format is accessible. You can add billable time and costs, modify the invoice’s look, set up regular invoices, automated payment notifications, and late fees with a few clicks.

This accounting platform links to your bank, produce data, records time, and assists you in project management. FreshBooks also allows you to offer clients the option of paying bills by invoices, which speeds up the payment process. 

If you have customers who are late paying their expenses, FreshBooks allows you to politely nudge them by sending notes and warnings when bills are due or past due. Through this online invoicing software, the business owner gets a notification when consumers collect and open invoices.

3. Moon Invoice

When it comes to providing a fast, all-in-one payment solution, Moon Invoice is one of the leading contenders.

Since the invoicing cycle, this cloud accounting software has been delivering effective billing solutions to its clients. It works exceptionally well for all, from small business owners to large businesses, because it is tailor-made to their specific needs. An artist or writer can use it as Freelancers accounting software.

Its streamlined tax configuration allows you to keep track of your GST worth, and it is established and maintained by the government of India’s new tax reforms. Besides, using Moon Invoice’s services makes it simple to generate invoices on a monthly, weekly, or regular basis.

Moon Invoice can send automatic payment alerts, monitor expenses in real-time, and endorse various languages. Contractors would love this online accounting software as QuickBooks Alternative.

4. Zoho Books

Zoho Invoice is ground-breaking cloud-based accounting software that aims to simplify billing programs for MSMEs and allow a single-stage payment collection.

Invoice development would necessitate a variety of manual operations, such as data entry and repetitive formulas. However, the ability to create workflows to automate specific tasks, such as organizing triggered emails or calculating and adding returns, late fees, and due dates, is concealed inside the Zoho Invoice feature set.

5. Wave

A Wave is a cloud-based software with all of the tools that a business can use to keep track of its earnings and expenses. When you connect your company bank account, Wave automatically pulls all account transactions for you.

Select a party for billing or invoicing, and you’ll have access to exact details on where all of your money is moving from and going.

If you don’t need all of the additional accounting features, you can always use the Wave Invoice Platform to create, send, and recover payments.

Bottom Line

If you are an MSME operating in the USA – we have served you with the top 5 picks, which can be your cloud accounting software. You may use it as accounting software for contracting firm, freelancers accounting software, and so on.

The best way to decide which option is best for you is by determining what you need from the software. Don’t buy something which is not part of your business process. And to do so, go with your requirements and ask for a demonstration of the service.

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Yes, Moon Invoice is one of the best QuickBooks Alternative in the USA. For more information or for price plans and other comparisons, visit our website.
Apart from the mentioned software, you can also check Invoice2Go, Invoicely, and Moon Invoice cloud accounting software for your business.