Have you used accounting software before?

Did you try FreshBooks online invoicing software for managing your small business? 

Are you looking for a more versatile and affordable FreshBooks alternative for your business accounting? 

FreshBooks stands out above other accounting systems for many small company owners and freelancers due to its beneficial functions, mobile installation, and usability. However, some people can cope with the expense and some restrictions on subscription plans. If you seek accounting software with more incredible features or cheaper costs, here are some choices worth examining as a FreshBooks alternative.

But before we directly jump to the list of other online invoicing softwares, let us see why accounting and managing finance are crucial and market trends. 

Why is Accounting Being a Crucial Matter for Small Businesses?

One of the primary reasons for start-up businesses to fail is terrible financial administration. Since the budget and other resources of a small enterprise are limited, accounting and best accounting software for businesses play a critical role in giving information that helps companies grow and develop.

Accounting is critical for small company owners for the following reasons, and several accounting software tools can be termed the best alternative to FreshBooks.

  • Whether you are a single entrepreneur or an employer, it is essential to periodically examine your financial records and draw up a comprehensive budget to identify operational inefficiencies in your small company. Again, saving a little of a few costs may contribute to the significant long-term effects.
  • Maintain a cash flow track. It would help establish rules for effective record keeping and a solid financial plan to avoid your company’s cash flow from dropping out.
  • Small company owners may depend on cost accounting to grasp the principles of fixed expenses and variable costs. You don’t lose money on a project that you believed would be an incredibly profitable
  • Accounting allows you to understand the company’s well-being better. You may accomplish this by reading a statement of your balances, income, and cash flow.
  • You are more prepared with audits if you comprehend company finances and transactions.

Online Invoicing Software Trends

Let’s start with a stat from 2015! Where online tools, including accounting tools, were just introduced in the market.

The proportion of SMEs (SMBs) who use an online accounting system by 2015 (Source – Statista)

This figure shows the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) using an industrial internet accounting program. In 2015, 26% of SMBs utilized an online accounting solution in the financial and insurance sectors. It may happen that many businesses were finding FreshBooks alternatives then, and many companies are looking for it now.

Cloud accounting data indicate that companies using cloud accounting solutions gain five times as many clients as conventional enterprises. The growing digitization and automation of many services reduces costs and leads to new consumers. 


Top 15 FreshBooks Alternative for Small Businesses in the USA

Don’t worry; we will be sharing the information about the best accounting software for businesses that provides cloud support.

1. QuickBooks

An excellent FreshBooks alternative when you are looking for cloud accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises. QuickBooks Online is one of the biggest and most influential brands in business accounting. The programme provides a broad range of capabilities, robust accountability, great payroll and taxation, and many connections to other applications. However, QuickBooks online is FreshBooks’s first option. It’s no surprise.

QuickBooks online is ideal for small firms looking for sturdy accounting software and large Wave or project management firms.

2. Wave

If you are looking for the best alternative to FreshBooks for free, then go for Wave. On the other hand, if you’re on a limited budget, Wave Accounting may be ideal for you. Wave’s online invoicing software provides many accounting functionalities for your small business, such as revenue, transactions, double-entry accounting, banking, and sufficient reports, making it suitable for freelancers and sole-holders.

Wave accounting offers customized invoicing training and satisfactory customer service. However, since Wave accounting does not help monitor or manage inventory systems, it is ideal for enterprises with facilities instead of products.

3. Moon Invoice


Moon Invoice is one of the pioneers of a quick, all-in-one payment solution: the finest FreshBooks alternative and best accounting software for businesses.

Since the invoicing cycle began, this online accounting software offers customers dependable billing alternatives. It effectively and comprehensively fulfils its specific requirements, including contractors, small enterprise owners, and large companies.

You may keep an eye on the value of your GST with its more accessible tax arrangement. The new tax changes, according to the Government of India, are established and maintained. It is also convenient to create invoices using Moon Invoice software monthly, weekly, or frequently.

Monitoring expenses in a short time and providing additional language assistance, Moon Invoice automatically offers bill notifications.

4. Zoho

Zoho Invoice is a well-structured and easy-to-use popular accounting platform for small companies. It has many user-friendly applications, and businesses will simplify the billing process to save time—a great FreshBooks alternative.

Often the Zoho Invoice includes a report builder, which can be seen and updated using the available software while it is hosted on the cloud. As a result, you may utilize and connect Zoho Invoice to its other platform, supposing you seek to handle invoices, invoicing, quotes, links, and expenditures.

5. Xero

Xero, If you are looking for the best alternative to FreshBooks in small enterprise accounting options that business people may utilize for various applications, you’ll not discover any better solution than Xero.

While Xero has enough accounting capacity, it can integrate apps into the applications. As a result, Xero connects with more than 700 applications in total for a fantastic variety.

Xero is great for single owners, freelancers, and small-scale businesses but still an excellent fit for the IT, Law, Banking, and e-commerce sectors.

6. Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a simple accounting system with advanced accounting features, 40 connections with payment portals, and outstanding customer service. The app was released only in 2014, but its ambitious feature set and free pricing system already impacted. So, if you’re looking for a free wave option – go into it in depth.

If you are a business owner who doesn’t want to invest heavily in a fully-featured online invoicing feature, Invoice Ninja is for you! It supports billing and basic financial reports.

7. Invoicera

Invoicera is another best accounting software for businesses that work on time and project expenses. For the remainder, it is cloud-based so that you may use it on and around your mobile phone. The program settings are fast, but there are numerous options to cover almost every accounting area outside of personal accounting.

Although Invoicera as a FreshBooks alternative may not offer as many templates as some suppliers, its templates are fully customizable.

8. Sage 50Cloud accounting

Sage 50cloud Accounting is ideally suited for higher tech-knowledge consumers regarding the best alternative to FreshBooks. They offer a wide range of small businesses such as powerful customer management, sales tracking, buying orders, and a stock control module.

With three choices available, Sage 50cloud accounting is ideally suited for small and developing businesses, including Quantum, which can handle up to 40 clients.

In Sage 50Cloud accounting, scalability is the main element.

9. Kashoo


Kashoo is another FreshBooks alternative that you can consider. However, Kashoo 2.0 comes with a whole new, revamped user experience. All of the functionality of Kashoo 2.0, including address, balance, taxes, and bills, is retained in Kashoo 2.0, but it has completely changed.

Kashoo has a straightforward configuration approach as an online invoicing software to let you establish your business quickly, upload tax data, including selling tax records, and access your bank accounts.

10. Intacct


Intacct is an effective and best accounting software for businesses that provides small and medium-sized companies with access to accounting solutions at their entry-level. The app is characterized by its well-planned functional suite and is recognized by AICPA as the leading supplier of financial-related CPA systems. In addition, the solution allows financial experts to make intelligent choices based on key numbers and statistics. 

The platform, including its extensive integration with applications like Salesforce, Development Sandbox, Clarizen, and Paychex, may be used by companies in the retail, wholesale, and healthcare sectors and others that need active financial supervision.

11. Harvest


Harvest is the best alternative to FreshBooks for businesses that need to bill quickly and on time to their clients. Harvest’s online invoicing software enables integrations with Google Apps. It is an actual application that analyses and reports on time for particular activities, employees, and projects checked and not billed. 

One drawback of this free FreshBooks alternative is that it costs more than other plans without customized themes.

12. ZipBooks

While there are unlimited invoices available in the Lite edition of FreshBooks, they may only be sent to no more than five customers. In comparison, ZipBooks’ free edition offers unlimited invoices and unlimited customers.

Another wonderful thing about this online invoicing software is that you need to update your company and alter your business accounting requirements, either the Smarter plan ($15 a month) or sophisticated plans ($35 a month). Features like time monitoring, unlimited users, and block books are included in these premium subscriptions.

13. CloudBooks

CloudBooks is a much more inexpensive FreshBooks alternative. It includes a free plan, which is not seen among the others. The Team Plan also includes unlimited invoices and five users, which cost $10 per month, and an agency plan covers unlimited invoices and unlimited staff users, which is $20 per month.

Note that just one customer and five invoices each month are available in the free edition. This is probably the best accounting software for businesses and freelancers or tiny companies that don’t send many invoices. This may, however, be a feasible choice if it fits with your company.

14. AND CO

AND CO is not a pretty complete accounting package, founded in 2015 and currently owned by Fiverr. Although it has some functions, such as invoicing, cost monitoring, and reporting, it is more of a freelance management tool than online invoicing software. 

AND CO is especially suitable for freelancers with this feed-in. In the hands of people who have no complete accounting expertise but want to have instruments to ease their self-employment work experience, this makes the most sense.

Some of the distinctive characteristics of AND CO, such as proposals and signed contracts, may benefit micro-enterprises or independent contractors.

AND CO has usually gotten good evaluations across the Web from consumers, thanks to many for its convenience and robust mobile applications. It also provides excellent customer service and many tools to assist freelancers beyond its core product.

15. InvoiceBerry


InvoiceBerry integrates to over 1500 applications through Zapier – so that your job may be automated and new productivity superpowers discovered. Sounds like the best alternative to FreshBooks.

Zapier enables with just a few clicks to automate and link you more to other essential applications. These connections provide fast data transmission automatically across applications so that you may concentrate on your most essential job. 

In addition, you may incorporate technologies to monitor time so that each second used for activities and projects can be evaluated more precisely. Other features include connection to Slack and Trello with InvoiceBerry. 

When new quotations are generated or paid, you may keep your whole team informed using Slack. Alternatively, you may create a new InvoiceBerry item and add it to your Trello board. This online invoicing software provides extra time throughout your day, so they operate in the background for you while focusing on your company.

Wrap Up

The choice for the best accounting software for businesses is endless, though we have picked our top 15 FreshBooks alternatives. The fact that you have sophisticated accounting and billing software on your side is nothing less than a paradise as it always simplifies accounting. 

High cost, time, and energy savings are a thing of the past. So, you should begin to use it now if you do not want to waste time, resources, and cost. You must evaluate, explore, and test all the best alternatives to FreshBooks and make the correct assessment of what you desire.

To schedule a free demo for Moon Invoice’s invoicing software, contact us at support@mooninvoice.com  or +1-805-491-9393 to discuss your business requirements.


Moon Invoice has different accounting plans to offer its customers. The Bronze plan starts at 4.15 USD per month with various features and elements.
An online invoicing software is best known for the features like invoice management, expense recording, estimate creation, time tracking, cloud data sync, and much more. Moon Invoice has got all the essential features of an online invoicing software.
Moon Invoice is quite versatile and affordable than FreshBooks. It has got the best pricing plans to offer.