Finding the right online invoicing software can be tough for small businesses in the USA. With many organizations realizing that paper-based accounting is getting redundant, they are shifting to cloud based accounting software for their financial needs

The best online billing software lets you make customized invoices, track payments, get accurate estimates and provide multiple payment options to clients. Moreover, these solutions let you manage customer relations, expenses, and inventories with ease. 

This blog will discuss the top 20 online invoicing software for small businesses in the USA and how they can enable you to streamline your finances. Ready? Let’s dive in!

1. FreshBooks


A leading Invoicera alternative, FreshBooks has been trusted by 5 million + accountants and businesses. Advanced accounting features, ease of access, better tracking of payments, and the ability to make customized invoices are what set it apart from its competitors.

If you are skeptical of investing in this online invoicing software, you can get a free trial, understand it, and then only make the final decision. 

2. Moon Invoice 

Moon Invoice

One of the best cloud based accounting software, Moon Invoice, is your go-to payment processing and invoicing solution. From calculating taxes to generating invoices and generating customized invoices to extracting reports, Moon Invoice does it all! 

What makes it the best alternative to Invoicely is its comprehensive, easy-to-use, and transparent tax system. You can use it to manage your spending, provide customer support, automate bill notifications and achieve all your financial goals with ease. 

3. BigTime 


BigTime has been designed to keep the needs of businesses providing government contracting, accounting, legal, and IT services. With top-notch invoicing, task & workflow management, time tracking, and billing, you can be sure that your client’s financial needs will always be at the forefront. 

It even offers a mobile timesheet app to help you track time on projects. Moreover, your employees will be able to submit and attach their expense receipts from their mobile devices with ease. 

4. Scoro


If you are looking for a leading Invoicera alternative that lets you leverage retail automation, Scoro is the perfect solution for you! 

Not only does it cut down your bookkeeping efforts, but it also lets you manage your invoices and payments with ease. Besides, you will also get access to real-time financial insights, and you will be able to strengthen your business foundations. 

5. ZipBooks


A favorite of contractors, small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs, Zipbooks is easy to use and free of cost. 

This online billing software lets you manage your invoicing needs with ease, get faster payments, and boost employee productivity.

ZipBooks has tie-ups with multiple payment providers. Subsequently, you can make payments via credit cards, checks, and even direct transfers. All the features make it best alternative to Invoicely. 

6. Sage 50 Accounting    

Sage Intact

It is one of the most comprehensive accounting and online invoicing software in the entire market segment. Not only does it help you manage taxes, but it also helps you get data-driven insights and streamline your business billing process. 

Sage 50 aids financial control and is known for its high levels of data encryption that lets you guard confidential information. Besides, it has tie-ups with many fraud monitoring companies, and you can process your payroll with ease. 

7. Invoicely


Invoicely is the best alternative to Invoicely that lets you manage your billing, invoicing, and accounting processes with no hassles.

Invoicely lets you keep your finances in order and access the best of reports and summaries to boost business health. Moreover, it offers multiple payment options, including PayPal, Mollie, Stripe, and credit cards. 

Need to turn your estimates into comprehensive invoices? Invoicely’s best expense tracking modules will take less than 60 seconds to do it! 

8. Invoice2Go


Another top-notch Invoicera alternative, Invoice2Go is a  cloud-based accounting software that lets small and medium-size businesses manage accounting and invoicing functions with ease. Be it creating estimates, sending invoices, tracking payments, or managing taxes, Invoice2Go does it all!

9. Invoicera


Your search for the best alternative ends here! Not only does Invoicera lets you leverage the best of systems, but it also lets you manage clients with ease. 2 million+ clients and a highly scalable interface are testimonials to Invoicera’s quality. 

10. Online Invoices

Online Invoices

Next in our list of cloud based accounting software is Online Invoices. It has made keeping the needs of the retail and sales industries. Comprehensive invoices, simplified tax calculations, extracting reports, and tracking due payments are just a few things you can do with this solution. 

These features make Online Invoices a top Invoicera alternative for businesses looking to manage their finances and boost business progress. 

11. QuickBooks Enterprise


Designed to fulfill the demands of fast-growing businesses, QuickBooks Enterprise’s modules let you stay miles ahead of competitors. 

From expense monitoring to tax management and generating customized invoices to providing a 360-degree view of all your transactions, QuickBooks can do it all! 

Besides, with QuickBooks, you also get access to its sales and customer management module. This, in turn, lets you handle invoices with ease, automate payment reminders and avoid double entries.

12. Xero


Xero is online invoicing software that has set high standards for modern finance management tools. With one of the best invoicing modules being offered, you can be sure that your invoicing will be 100x better than your competitors. 

Besides, when you have invested in Xero, you will be able to deal with the most complex financial needs with ease. You can access all its modules via its dashboard and get access to comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports. 

13. Zoho Invoice


A leading cloud based accounting software, Zoho is a savior for all small and medium-sized businesses. So, you can be assured of the best business assistance and build good relations with your clients. Besides, the system lets you track faster, accept online payments and manage multiple operations with ease.

14. Billdu


Billdu is a popular online billing software for freelancers and small companies. It lets you make invoices via mobile, Mac, and PC to never miss out on payments again! 

Be it compliance, eliminating human errors, or easing administrative overload, Billdu lets you manage it all and focus on core business processes. 

Moreover, Billdu lets you keep up with your taxing needs and minimize human intervention. All in all, Billdu enables your firm to offer high- quality services and enhance customer and vendor experience. 

15. Wave


A popular invoicing and cloud based accounting software, Wave is a market leader in invoicing solutions and the best alternative to Invoicely. All you need to do is spare 60 seconds, and you will be able to make a comprehensive and beautiful invoice. Besides, you also get access to payment tracking modules and check the progress of your payments from time to time. 

Need an Invoicera Alternative for your Small Business?

16. Bookipi


Bookipi lets you save tons of time and is readily the best alternative to Invoicely. You also get to the best of financial reports and can be assured of the security of your data. Moreover, you will be able to categorize reports and use them as and when needed. With multiple payment gateways, you can be assured of timely payments. These include American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, and more.

17. Harvest


Harvest makes it a breeze to track time, manage projects, and generate the best of invoices. It converts your timesheet data into visual reports so that your team can understand finances and make informed decisions about your business. With 50+ invoice templates, you can create an invoice in just a few mins and get paid on time. 

18. Hiveage 


Hiveage has been designed to help small businesses and freelancers track time and expenses, send customized invoices, and get paid on time. All you need to do is add data and then click on “Send Invoice.” You can even choose to convert your estimates into invoices in just a few seconds. 

What makes Hiveage a hit among customers is its free invoicing feature. You can choose to create as many customized invoices and estimates for clients. Lastly, it lets you bill your clients in multiple currencies.

19. Coupa


Coupa is an all-in-one invoicing solution that lets you fulfill client needs with ease. You can also use its accounting modules to develop a better understanding of reports, provide discounts to customers and get access to faster payments. 

20. Invoice Ocean 


A subscription-based online billing software, Invoice Ocean lets you simplify invoice generation and payment tracking. You can be assured of the security of your data as it is stored in the cloud.  Making payments is also easy as it integrates with well-known payment systems. 

Besides, Invoice Ocean provides you with an overview of the sales revenue as you log in. You can also choose to extract reports and get insights to improve business performance with this excellent Invoicera alternative.

Summing up

Well, our list of the best online invoicing software ends here. You can pick any solution from this to streamline your invoice and accounting process. But, before you finalize one, make sure you have a crystal clear list of all requirements so that you can customize it as per your organizational needs. 

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