Before discussing the best alternative to Invoicely for 2022, consider the following truth.

More than half of medium-sized enterprises have used online invoicing software,’s “Year Ahead” poll found. Forty-five percent of small firms have yet to install online billing software, which is still in its infancy.



Accounting is one of the world’s most critical and complex processes. Any firm that does business in this field must aim to be as competitive as possible to survive. As a result, in today’s digitally driven world, you must recognize that the billing software for small businesses can be your sole weapon in the fight for survival.

Let’s take a closer look at Invoicely itself before deciding on the best replacement. Free software called Invoicely may be used to create customer invoices and charge them. With this online invoice generator app, you can generate and send professional invoices from any online-connected device.

Don’t purchase Invoicely if you haven’t looked at the Moon Invoice as an Invoicely alternative

A Brief about Invoicely

Thanks to an online invoice generator app like Invoicely, previously known as Invoiceable, creating, sending, and storing invoices has never been easier than today. A very competitive cloud accounting and the invoicing sector has grown since the 2012 introduction of their initial free online invoicing software.

A quick overview of Moon Invoice

Cloud-based billing software for small businesses, Moon Invoice, serves businesses throughout the globe. Since we run our own business, we know how to evaluate expenditures, handle invoices, and make timely payments to maintain a healthy cash flow. There is nothing complicated about Moon Invoice’s concept.

We solve this gap and provide online accounting for major organizations, small firms, freelancers, and contractors with rapid and completely equipped solutions—an growing Invoicely alternative in 2022.

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See whether Moon Invoice is a viable and best alternative to Invoicely

Moon Invoice proves itself to be a pioneer in providing the finest online invoicing and accounting solution. In terms of functionality and user-friendliness, it’s the best alternative to Invoicely.

Component Invoicely Moon Invoice
Starting Price Invoicely offers a free starter plan, but the first subscription of Invoicely, known as “Basic Plan,” costs 9.99$ per month. And the enterprise plan costs 35$ per month. Quite expensive. As an Invoicely alternative, the entry-level service for Moon Invoice is $4.15 per month. 
Presence at Various Industry Types It is more suitable for small businesses. Due to the wide variety of features, it is appropriate for any company.
Customer Support There is no round-the-clock customer service for Invoicely, given the range of its features. It’s hard to beat the online invoicing software of Moon Invoice when it comes to customer service. That’s fantastic!
Cloud Sync Yes. Invoicely offers Cloud synchronization. Moon Invoice, on the other hand, does not fail. With their online invoice generator app, they also provide it
Availability on various Platform Invoicely is only available on Android, iOS and Web platforms. It runs on all the platforms.
Multiple Currency It supports the multi-currency feature. Being the best alternative to Invoicely, Moon Invoice supports this feature.
Detailed Reporting No such feature to create insightful reports.  On the other hand, Moon invoice has comprehensive reporting as a standard feature.

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What sets Moon Invoice apart from the rest of the pack?

Several factors, including cost and functionality, explain why Moon Invoice is better than Invoicely. Take a look at a couple of these traits.

1. Money-back guarantee of 90 days

If you believe Moon Invoice does not live up to your expectations, you may cancel your membership. Within 90 days, you may refund your whole purchase. That’s a valid argument for why it’s the greatest Zipbooks substitute.

2. Improved safety and security

Online invoicing software – Moon Invoice Your data is completely safe with us. Following current market trends by deploying highly secure servers. As a result, you may rely on it as a top Invoicely option.

Looking for the best Invoicely alternative?

3. Offline usage

That’s correct. You may use Moon Invoice on its own. When the internet is inaccessible, don’t worry about it. Use the installed program on your mobile device or laptop and sync it with the server when connected to the internet.

4. Multiple operating systems

Moon Invoice’s ability to run on a wide range of operating systems and devices puts it ahead of the pack compared to the competition.

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Wrap up

The best billing software for small businesses is what you’ll get when you use Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software. In comparison to Invoicely, it offers more features. It is more user-friendly across wider devices, making it a superior pick.

Moon Invoice is the superior choice and the best Invoicely alternatively since it enables you to produce invoices swiftly. To make the most of your invoicing experience, it does provide a dedicated customer care team and a live chat option.

If you’d like a risk-free trial of this top-rated Invoicely alternative, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at +1-805-491-9393 or


Invoicely only offers a free plan with limited features. Later, as you opt for the features- the basic plan charges a subscription fee of 9.99 USD per month.
Moon Invoice offers all the exclusive invoicing features for 4.15 USD/month.