We all tend to compare while purchasing any product for our personal use. We read reviews, ask friends, conduct a background check, evaluate strengths and weaknesses before buying. Similarly, when it comes to business, Comparisons play a vital role, significantly when investing a considerable amount in technology such as establishing an online invoicing software.

This article is all about the detailed investigation and study of Moon Invoice as a ZipBooks alternative. 

Moon Invoice has been offering a quick and simple financial and accounting service for over a decade now. And we can confidently state that it is the top ZipBooks alternative as of 2021.

A brief about Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is online invoicing software that provides companies across the world with smooth invoicing solutions. We know how to analyze costs, manage bills and make timely payments to maintain a good cash flow since we operate a company ourselves. The Moon Invoice premise is straightforward. 

We address this gap and offer online accounting for big companies, small enterprises, freelancers, and contractors with swift and fully equipped solutions—an emerging ZipBooks alternative in 2021.

Moon Invoice Statistics (Source – Moon Invoice)

Now, let’s see a bit about ZipBooks

Suppose you are a single owner, freelancer, or consultant. In that case, ZipBooks offers a solid online invoicing software tool but now works effectively for small companies with their workers thanks to new integrations into payrolls.

ZipBooks gives fantastic time monitoring capabilities, ideally if you need to charge consumers for your service and time since there is a lack of inventory management function.

Let’s check out if Moon Invoice is a top ZipBooks alternative or not?

Moon Invoice demonstrates itself to be a pioneer in giving the best billing and accounting solution to the invoicing solution online. It is a ZipBooks alternative since it tops all categories, including features and easy-to-use platforms. 

Moon Invoice is the most excellent way to help you increase your invoices in minutes to assist your company with ZipBooks. However, it comes with specialized customer service and live chat features for simple billing.

Component ZipBooks Moon Invoice
Starting Price ZipBooks offers a free starter plan, but the first subscription of ZipBooks, known as “Smarter,” costs 15$ per month.  And the sophistication costs 35$ per month. Quite expensive. The Moon Invoice basic plan begins at $4.15 per month as the ZipBooks alternative. Direct savings of 10$ against a smarter plan.
Presence at Various Industry Types It is fully built for small and self-employed organisations. For SMEs, they are accessible. It suits all business categories because of the range of features.
Customer Support Since ZipBooks offers several capabilities, 24X7 support is not available. However, content and links are pre-defined. There are FAQs and support articles, but 24X7 customer service support is not available. In comparison with the availability of 24×7 customer assistance, The Moon Invoice wins the race. That’s wonderful.
Worth against Money For your little business of most significant value, ZipBooks appears like a fantastic solution; explore it in depth.
  • The ZipBooks free plan, known as the Starter plan, includes a decent variety of functionalities, including a single bank account, customer and provider tracking capabilities.
  • It also enables you to monitor the cost for 1,099 bookkeeping and accounting activities, monitor receipts, and manage sales and accounts receivables.
  • Their intelligent plan provides extra features such as bespoke emails for invoices, the possibility to link numerous bank accounts, a self-fill option, and automatic reminders for payment.
Now if the return on investment is concerned. Let us have a detailed look at Moon Invoice.
  • It manages limitless customers in its base package for a single business.
  • Unlimited factors, estimates, tracking times, monitoring of costs
  • Unlimited project and task free of charge
Cloud Sync Yes. ZipBooks offers Cloud synchronization Moon Invoice does not disappoint either. They also provide it as part of their Online Invoicing Software.
Availability on various Platform ZipBooks now provides an iOS app but has no Android app. It is compatible with all platforms.
Multiple Currency It doesn’t support the Multi-currency feature. Being a top ZipBooks alternative, Moon Invoice supports this feature.
Detailed Reporting In starter free pack, the only facility to view basic reports. To generate an insightful report subscription worth 35$ per month required.  While Moon invoice comes with the feature of detailed reporting in its essential feature.

What distinguishes Moon Invoice from the competition?

There are several reasons why Moon Invoice outperforms ZipBooks, from pricing to functionality. Have a look at a few characteristics.

1. Offline Utilization

Yes, indeed. Moon Invoice is a stand-alone application. Therefore, do not get upset or concerned if internet access is unavailable. Work on your mobile device or laptop using the installed application and sync it to the server while connected to the internet.

2. Solutions for Progressive Web & Native Apps

Moon Invoice’s availability across solid platforms such as macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS put it ahead of the competition.

3. 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

That is if you believe Moon Invoice does not meet up to your expectations. You have 90 days to return your complete purchase. That is entirely legitimate—another reason to say it is the best ZipBooks alternative.

4. Enhanced Security 

Using Moon Invoice’s online invoicing software – Your information is entirely secure. Through the deployment of highly secure servers following current market trends. Thus, it is a top ZipBooks alternative that you can depend on.

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Wrap Up

Thus far, we’ve discussed enough elements to conclude that Moon Invoice is a viable option to ZipBooks. Prices, customer service and return on investment are the primary variables determining this.

Apart from that, it is the best online invoicing software due to its solid and dependable cloud infrastructure, as well as its 90-day warranty. Online billing software has risen to prominence as the most cutting-edge smart key to company development.

Try this Zip alternative, and to schedule a demo along with discussing your company’s requirements, contact us at support@mooninvoice.com or +1-805-491-9393.


The top 3 ZipBooks alternatives are Moon Invoice, FreshBooks and QuickBooks. While comparing each of these software, you will find similar features.
Moon Invoice, an online invoice generator app is best for sending invoices, estimate creation, payment management, expense recording, time tracking and cloud data management.