2021 is definitely a year for starting out. 

Business owners have got a wide range of ideas to launch their business amidst the pandemic. These ideas are definitely the creative ones. 

Have you listed out the best business opportunities for your startup?

Many factors need to be considered while you are starting with a new business venture. One of them is considering the importance of having online billing software

So, let’s first focus on selecting the right business accounting and billing software.

Launching a new startup!

When you are launching a new startup or business, you need to do a lot of homework. Right from selecting the location to employment, production, and marketing, accounting and billing, taxation and reports, etc.- there is a lot on the plate to do. Having the best accounting software for small businesses becomes evident for running your startup efficiently from scratch.

Though your business operations start a bit late, accounting begins on the day- when you invest in your business. Hence, an online billing software with accounting, estimates, invoicing, and expense recording becomes crucial for maintaining the right financial data. 

For example, you are thinking of launching a startup in the hospitality industry, specifically a restaurant or a hotel. The business operations will start when you open your restaurant or cafe, or hotel for the customers, but have you thought about the accounting and billing requirements? Yes, it will begin the day when you invest capital in setting up your business. In this case, accounting software for the hospitality industry becomes highly important for managing and maintaining your business’s financial data. 

With today’s blog, we will randomly pick three industries to help you know how online billing software plays a vital role in the starting phase of any venture. 

1. Finance Startups

Having accounting software for financial services is quite essential considering the nature of the business, i.e., finance. When you are thinking of launching a finance startup, you get into choosing your startup type. A financial startup includes advisory services, mutual funds, stocks, insurance and banking, tax and audit consulting, wealth management, etc. 

Financial startups have a regular invoicing requirement. Finance consultants need to send regular estimates and quotes to their clients for the tax, audit, and accounting consulting services. In this case, if the startup has already integrated accounting software for financial services- it becomes easy for the startup owner to send estimates and convert them into invoices. 

The best accounting software for small businesses allows estimates and pro forma invoices to turn into commercial invoices with a single click. Investing in these kinds of online accounting software will help startups in saving their time and efforts. 

Any estimate that is approved can be easily converted into an invoice with an auto-generated invoice number. Also, the software holds all the records, including the estimated number, invoice number, receipt number, pro forma invoice number, etc. Hence, there exist fewer requirements for managing an accountant who can take care of these tasks as everything is auto-generated and all the data is managed and stored in the cloud. 

Many times the financial startups require to consult with their clients on an hourly or project basis. For the same, the accounting software for financial services can do a great aid. Here, the accountant can turn on the time tracking feature for a particular project or task by assigning it to an employee. The hours will be automatically monitored, and likewise, the tracked hours will be converted into an invoice easily. 

2. Hospitality Venture 

Now, let’s talk about the most popular hospitality venture. The hospitality industry is quite broad and massive. It has different services, including recreation, entertainment, food and beverages, lodging, gym and clubbing, tourism, spa and salon, events, etc. All these industries require perfect online billing software to take care of their product and service bills. 

A restaurant owner needs to have perfect billing software that helps with errorless bill creation and quick printing service. Likewise, a spa and salon, gym, clubs, theatres, hotels, etc., need to have systematic accounting software to keep the complete details of the customers and vendors. 

Finding out the best accounting software for small businesses can help you manage your hospitality startup better via a business dashboard. The hospitality manager can manage all your business clients and serve them the right estimates and invoices on time with the help of accounting software for hospitality services. 

Accounting software helps the restaurant, salon and other hospitality businesses with accurate sales reports. Generally, the food business owners are looking forward to the platform where along with accounting and billing, the sales reports can be easily generated. With Moon Invoice, accounting software for hospitality services, business owners can generate various business reports by clicking on reports and statements. 

Nevertheless, the expense recording feature is also essential for the hospitality industry to manage and maintain petty expenses. It is said that the restaurant industry has infinite petty expenses to record. All these expenses can be quickly recorded with the help of online billing software. 

3. Healthcare Startup

Healthcare is advancing day by day by inviting multiple possibilities. Currently, one of the most prevalent healthcare startup trends in the on-demand medicine delivery business. Pharmacists are launching their independent medicine delivery apps for offering free home delivery of medicines via app orders. The time is advancing, and we are witnessing the same. Have you ever thought about how any modern startup-like healthcare would survive without online billing software? 

Investing in accounting software for healthcare industries can uplift your business’s performance by keeping perfect customer records and invoices. You need to not worry about the financial data and reports as everything is managed automatically by the best accounting software for small businesses. All your staff needs to do is supervise and utilize the features of this software smartly. 

Small clinics, hospitals, and pharmacists can easily manage their patient’s data and other invoicing information via a single dashboard. Be it pro forma invoices for any medicines, products, or treatment- it can be easily created and converted into an invoice by single accounting software. 

Benefits of an accounting software for various startups & industries

An online billing software or accounting software has got ample things to offer to their clients. We shall discuss each of these things with examples for a better understanding. Many startups think investing in an online billing app or software won’t benefit them as they see it as an expense. But utilizing it correctly and timely can deliver numerous advantages. 

1. Keeping all the records 

Maintaining records is highly important for any business or organization. Accounting software helps in managing and maintaining all the business data on the cloud. Invoicing software like Moon Invoice has a cloud sync feature that allows your business to synchronize data quickly and securely.

The best accounting software for businesses with a cloud backup will keep your business details safe and secure. One can access it from anywhere in the world, anytime. 

For example, you have to attend the meeting from a different city or place- you can easily carry it by simply logging into your accounting software. All you need to do is enter the correct credentials for having all the business data on hand. Online billing software like Moon Invoice helps you manage your business data from Windows, web login, iOS, Android, and Mac. Hence, there are no limitations in managing your data as you can access it from any of the mentioned devices. 

2. Making your business operations easy

Accounting software has constantly enhanced the convenience of managing business finance. Having an online billing and accounting software keeps your business up-to-date in managing customer data, cash flow, sales reports, tax reports, accounts receivable and payable information, etc. By integrating a single accounting and billing software, a lot of your business operations are digitized. The operation becomes quicker as mainly all the information is managed and controlled online. 

So, how will you make your business operations easier? Integrating an online billing software will keep your data in sync, and your admins can log in and use the information. It saves both the time and effort of the accountant as every little data is managed online. 

3. Happy clients 

Invoicing is an essential element of accounting and billing software. For having happy clients onboard, you need to perform quick invoicing and billing. An invoice that is sent error-free with all the essential formalities helps you get satisfied clients on board. Hence, one of the significant reasons for investing in online accounting software is that it will help you have happy clients. 

Happy clients are the pillars of any organization. It helps you get repetitive business. Many clients are looking forward to business partnerships that are trustworthy and transparent. The best accounting software for small businesses will help your clients to believe in your invoices and estimates as they are clearly mentioned without any confusion. 

4. Systematic finance management

What defines perfect finance management? Systematic or excellent finance management helps your business with up-to-date business insights, including financial reports like sales, tax, and profit and loss. To manage systematic finance in your company, you must integrate your business data with online billing software. 

The best accounting software for small businesses will keep your accounting and finance team updated on the cash on hand, the total amount of expenses, total due on receipt, pro forma invoices, recurring invoices, invoices issued, etc. Hence, the company gets a clear idea about the current and future financial position. 

5. Cash flow management 

For growing your business, cash flow management is highly crucial. So, how will you manage your company’s cash flow? For managing the cash flow, there requires a systematic book of accounts. For the same, having the best accounting software becomes essential. The right accounting solution will help you to master the business cash flow. Hence, all your business’s financial planning will be done efficiently and smartly. 

Businesses that avoid the importance of cash flow management often make wrong financial decisions. Hence, it is essential to quickly check your business’s cash flow by integrating your business’s data with an online billing software like Moon Invoice. 

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When you start with a new business venture, you must undergo detailed research and analysis of various elements, including accounting and taxes. Since every country has defined strategies and rules for accounting aids, it is imperative to have software that helps you with seamless accounting service. 

Investing in online accounting and billing software will help your business with systematic financial data records and planning. Accounting software for financial services like Moon Invoice will help you with the extra elements like time tracking and expense recording. Our online billing software is available with a seven-day free trial offer to help you utilize the software features before going for the paid version. 

Moon Invoice online billing and accounting software is available for download for various devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web. If you are thinking of having a quick tour of Moon Invoice software, you can simply download it on your device and sign up with an email address. Also, we are available for helping you solve your queries on various product features and use. Simply write us your queries at support@mooninvoice.com


Moon Invoice is one of the most advanced online invoicing software with the features like accounting, time tracking, expense recording, estimate maker, cloud sync, reports, etc. It can be an ideal accounting software for the hospitality industry.
Moon Invoice is one of the most advanced online invoicing software with the features like accounting, time tracking, expense recording, estimate maker, cloud sync, reports, etc. It can be an ideal accounting software for financial services.
Moon Invoice is one of the most advanced online invoicing software with the features like accounting, time tracking, expense recording, estimate maker, cloud sync, reports, etc. It can be an ideal accounting software for the healthcare industry.
Yes, Moon Invoice’s online billing and accounting software can be downloaded and run over Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.