Do customers come to your restaurant but never return?

You’re not alone.

Restaurant eaters love variety. They like to try out different restaurants, meals, and cuisines. And sadly, they have myriad options to choose from.

In this hyper-competitive business landscape, restaurants need to put in extra efforts to ensure their customers stay loyal and keep coming back to them.

Collecting customer feedback is a great way to achieve customer loyalty. Let’s look at 11 reasons why restaurants should collect customer feedback using online accounting software.

1. Know What They Think

Customers always have an opinion. It could be positive, neutral, or negative. But they won’t share it with you until you ask them to do so. When you proactively collect customer feedback, you encourage them to tell what they think about your food and service. This gives you a clear insight into their expectations and demands. You can then utilize this feedback to make the desired changes.

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2. Manage Brand Reputation

If you have a chain of multiple restaurants (or plan to have them in the future), you must focus on your brand reputation. The modern-day customers are skeptical. They don’t want to dine at a restaurant that they aren’t sure is good.

By collecting and displaying your reviews online, you can show your potential customers what other customers say about you. If your reviews are good, people will come to your restaurant.

3. Nurture Customers

Collecting feedback from customers is a great way to determine if they’re likely to return. Let’s say a customer tried your famous dish and left the following feedback: “Terrible taste. Never coming back here again.” There’s no point going after this customer.

But if another customer dined at your restaurant at your feedback and left positive or neutral feedback, you can communicate with them via email, text, or social media in case you have a new dish or exciting offer for them.

4. Get Customer Insights

Online accounting software for restaurant enables you to get in-depth user insights. When customers leave feedback, you can analyze their responses to predict outcomes and make informed business decisions. This helps you become proactive and stay a step ahead of your competitors.

5. Improve Your Menu

Restaurants often have a hard time figuring out what they should keep on their menu. They come up with a new dish and get all excited about it. But when it goes live, they hear nothing but crickets chirping. No one orders it.
Similarly, restaurant managers think a dish isn’t doing so well, so they remove it from the menu. But then, every second customer starts demanding that dish.

This is inaccurate forecasting.

Consistent feedback collection can resolve this hurdle. After collecting customer reviews using online billing software, you can analyze the responses to determine which dishes they are showing interest in and appreciate. You can use that data to improve your menu.

6. Tackle Negative Reviews

If your restaurant reviews are too bad, you should start worrying. People always check restaurant reviews online before visiting them. If your restaurant is getting a lot of negative feedback, you need to identify the cause and fix it before it blows up.

When you collect detailed customer feedback, you understand what it is that your customers are not liking. You can immediately address those issues and request your customers to revert their negative feedback and replace it with a positive one.

7. Make Positive Changes to Your Food and Place

Playing the guessing game doesn’t work for restaurants. You can’t make changes based on what you “think” your customers need. Eliminate the thinking aspect, and ask them directly.

Sometimes, you’ll end up discovering astounding insights that you never know existed. Based on the insights, you can make informed decisions and provide a better experience to your customers.

8. Gain Competitor Insights

We love comparing, don’t we? If your customers don’t like your food or service, they’ll instantly draw a comparison with someone better. And when you ask for feedback, they’ll likely mention which competitor they liked better. You can then dig in your competitor and find out what they’re doing that you aren’t.

9. Enhance Food Quality and Ambiance

The bottom line is that collecting customer feedback helps you improve your food quality and ambiance. Sure, you can utilize the reviews to look into your customers and determine what your customers need.

But the majority of reviews you’ll get will be about the food quality and ambiance. By thoroughly examining those reviews, you can figure out if your food’s quality is not as per the customers’ expectations.

It’s recommended to have a separate section for food quality, taste, and ambiance in your online accounting software’s feedback section. This way, you’ll allow your customers to be specific with their feedback.

10. Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

A Nielsen report showed that 92% of consumers would believe suggestions from friends and family members when looking for a business, company, or restaurant.

When you collect feedback, you encourage word-of-mouth marketing – both online and offline. By allowing customers to share their experience with you, you send out a message that you value their feedback.

This alleviates the chance of receiving negative feedback. Even if the customers didn’t have a great experience, they’d suggest improvements instead of point-blank reprimanding your restaurant.

They’ll also recommend your restaurant to their circle, enabling free-of-cost marketing and branding for you.

11. Train Your Staff

When your customers provide their feedback using your online billing software, they’re likely to talk about their experience with the staff. Were the waiters and butlers friendly? Did they treat the customers well and provided them with the optimum experience?

By collecting feedback, you can get information about how your staff is performing. You can then utilize that feedback to train your staff.

Wrapping Up

Collecting customer feedback and implementing it has two major benefits. It helps you make informed changes and decisions. And it enables you to increase customer loyalty.

If you’re unsure how to effectively collect customer feedback, implement an online billing software system for seamless review collection.