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Invoicing technology and methods have transformed greatly. Initially EBPP, i.e Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment was started and offered as a way of transformation of the bill or invoice into the digital era. By definition, in general, it is a process that allows to present the bill and collect the payment from the customer via the Internet or any other means of electronic communications. However,...

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When running a business, repeat customers are one of your best assets. They provide a steady flow of income (most of the time), and they’re valued people you already have a history with. Though there’s the possibility that they will jump ship when something better comes their way, you can’t discount how big of a help they’ve been to you. With that in mind, you start...

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Keeping the track of your business finances is considered to be one of the most critical aspects of ideally managing a business, and there is no doubt about it that invoicing tops the list. Producing timely, and professional invoices for your prospective and existing customers and clients will ensure that you create and maintain a positive goodwill and impression, and it will also enable you...

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