How iCloud sync will work?

iCloud Sync off: If you want to use in app local mode means do not want to sync the data then you can make iCloud to Off.
iCloud Sync On: To Sync data over other devices make iCloud Sync On.

When making iCloud On:
1 : No any data on iCloud: If first time you are making iCloud On for particular iCloud account then we will first check if no any Company Data will be available then we will inform you that this device does not contain any data and make iCloud On from the device where all data upto date with (Yes | No) options.
2 : With Data on iCloud: If there are some data available on iCloud and making iCloud to ON then we will give –> 2 options: Migrate to iCloud: It will ignore local data and fetch latest data from iCloud. Overwrite Local Data: It will ignore iCloud data and upload current device local data to iCloud.

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