What is Template Style?

While create PDF for any Invoice, Estimate, Purchase Order or Credit Note the selected template style from company info will be show as the template for PDF.

You can select either default template or one custom template which can be used as PDF background.

In Custom template you can import your company logo or any image as template. You can select Font Color, Line Color and Fill Color from here.
–> Paper Size: You can select [A4 or US] paper size for PDF page. –> Scaling: Scale To Fill: It will scale Template Image and fit whole image according to PDF paper size.(Not maintain Aspect Ratio) Aspect To Fit: Scale template image and maintain Aspect Ratio and Fit template image according to PDF paper size.
—> Aspect To Fill: It will not scale image and try to fill maximum size of image in PDF size.
—>Horizontal Alignment: [Left | Centre | Right]
 Vertical Alignment: [Top | Centre | Bottom] —>Inside PDF Paper (As background) Template image will be set according to scaling and alignment settings.
—>You can also select if you want full page pdf or not.

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