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The all-in-one professional invoicing app has recently achieved a new milestone! FinancesOnline, a discovery platform in the B2B and SaaS space, has recently certified Moon Invoice with two industry awards for 2018: Great User Experience and Rising Star.   FinancesOnline handed over the awards after they performed a thorough analysis of our invoicing app. Their business software experts scrutinized us through a comprehensive billing systems analysis...

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At the end of the day, every business needs to collect payment for the products and/or services they have rendered to the clients. In order to that, they have to send invoices to clients. Though it is an integral part of the business which keeps the cash flow running through the company but still maintaining and managing invoices is rightfully classified as a tedious task....

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Cloud Based Invoice Processing Solution

Every company or organization needs to tighten up the loose ends via effective management and administration in order to maximize the profit and boost the growth in all the business aspects. Moreover, a strong foundation is also required for the stable economic growth. Keeping the track of invoices is one such important task that has to be carried out with utmost concentration and clarity to...

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Survey Reveals The Potential For Growth In Bill Pay Services

Majority of the organizations are still relying on or rather inherited to be dependent to use paper checks for the business transactions. Even though the paper checks are time-consuming, tedious and laborious, small and medium businesses still prefer it as their preferred business payment method.   Moreover, the scenario is likely changing with technology getting adopted in its simplest form to ease all these business tasks. The...

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Top Tactics for Collecting from Slow Paying Customers

Customer paying late payments are not doing any favour to businesses. Especially, if the business or company has just started or a start-up based initiative. Late payments cause an imbalance in the cash flow while simultaneously affecting future budgetary planning and also hampers business productivity costing time, energy and resources.   Irregular payment habits of customers propose challenges in on-going business and also makes it difficult in...

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The government introduced GST as one tax nationwide for tax transparency. With this tax came frequent invoicing and invoice for every transaction. An invoice is the basic document of recording and maintaining the accounts. GST ready invoice template was provided by the government. The template includes all minute details like supplier’s name, shipping and billing address, Place of supply, date of issue, rates etc. Each...

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Small Businesses Give Competition Large Competitors

Big companies have so many advantages, after all. They have a more recognizable brand, and they can easily outspend you on marketing and advertising to keep that advantage. They can use economies of scale to undercut you on pricing, they can use their resources to buy bigger, better stores or fancier equipment, and much more. Still small businesses can be beneficial for the to-be customers in...

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What makes you relook at your invoice before it slips across to the end user? Whether to provide detailed inline data or a summary of transactions, consistency has to be maintained on a bill. Prominent Characteristics of Invoice Management App Most of the powerful web based invoicing solutions are free but ones with more advanced features are in between $24-$99. Have a look at gamut of features...

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For the owner of a start-up company, riding the wave of fast growth can be an exhilarating experience. Rapid growth means more challenges and increased expenses in various quarters might throw a spanner in your works unless managed effectively. Identifying the right Expense Management system can be a life saver for your business in this scenario. The following costs are a few deadly speed breakers for...

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