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No more hustling while managing your food business or store. Manage items, inventory, billing, payments, & sales all in one place with Moon POS.

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Retail & Restaurant POS Billing Software

Why is Our POS Billing Software So Popular?

Our POS Billing Software is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to increase your retail or restaurant sales. Be it inventory management,
online ordering, or quick payments- we have got it covered for you.

Try Scan & Order

We have made it easy for your restaurant or retail store to accept and manage orders by offering a scan and order feature in our POS software for restaurants and retail outlets. Allow your customers to scan the QR code to place an order, scroll the menu or products, and make payments.

  • Quick scanning using a smartphone camera or scanner app
  • Make payments online after placing an order
  • Barcode scanner to add products directly to the POS billing software
  • Check order history or details
Try Scan & Order

Table Management for Restaurants

Restaurant owners can now easily manage their ongoing tables and orders by trying our best software for restaurants. Keep an eye on all the ongoing tables and manage the customer's waiting and slot booking by viewing the vacant tables from the screen. Try our table management feature in our restaurant POS software.

  • Check ongoing tables on the screen
  • Get an idea of the ongoing restaurant business
  • Add new table orders and quickly checkout to bill
  • Edit ongoing KOTs or customer orders from the table view
Manage Table & KOT On Screen

Get 20+ Online Payment Integrations

Payments are the biggest issue for restaurant and retail owners. We have made it pretty efficient and quick by offering popular payment integrations in our POS billing software. Our restaurant and retail POS system allows your business to accept payments online easily and securely via 20+ different payment methods.

  • Accept payments online, including UPI payments
  • Add custom payment methods
  • Offer the most secure payment gateway with Moon POS
Get Popular Payment Integrations

Experience One-Click Billing with Moon POS

Does your food or retail chain outlet need to speed up the billing process? We have introduced one-touch billing with our POS system for restaurants and retail outlets that allows you to save and print bills on the go efficiently! Extremely efficient checkout screen that allows you to generate invoices in seconds.

  • Avoid customers queues with a quick billing feature
  • Set the printer and customize the settings to print bills
  • Print digital receipts for the payments received
  • Experience GST and tax-enabled billing with Moon POS
Simple & Efficient One-Click Billing

Exclusive Online Ordering Feature

Have you always wished that your restaurant or food outlet must have an online ordering link that allows your customers to place an order online? Moon POS billing software has that for your food chain, making it possible for your customers to check your restaurant’s online link to place orders online.

  • Generate an online ordering link for your customers with ease
  • Get delivery, pickup, or dine-in option with online ordering
  • Add payment methods for accepting payments online
  • Update items to show or hide in the online menu
Exclusive Online Ordering

Inventory Management is Not a Nightmare, Anymore!

Businesses often consider inventories as a hurdle. But with our restaurant and retail POS system, managing inventories is now easy and quick. Record all the items in the POS system for retail to get an idea about the current stock items. From barcode scanners that help to add products quickly to the POS software to getting low stock alerts, Moon POS is bliss for restaurants and retailers.

  • Get instant stock updates
  • Get low-stock alerts
  • Record new stock items using a barcode scanner
Managing Inventories Is No More a Nightmare!

Don't want your customers to wait for the billing?

Moon POS billing software helps you with a fast billing experience. It's now time to print more bills and
earn more revenue.

Next-Gen POS Billing Software For Restaurant and Retail

Dream, Launch, & Grow your business with Moon POS!

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Moon POS Billing Software Features

Check out the important features offered by our point of sale software.

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Get a custom online ordering link for your outlet to allow customers to order food or beverages online.

Inventory & Stock

Inventory & Stock

Manage all the stock and inventories of your retail or restaurant outlet digitally. Also, get low-stock alerts via email.

Digital Menu

Digital Menu

Allow your customers to scan the QR to read the digital menu of your outlet on their smartphones.

Manage Customers

Manage Customers

All your customers or clients can be managed via a single dashboard, including their total sales & payments.

Online Payments

Online Payments

Moon POS offers 15+ online payment options to receive digital payments from your customers.

Sales Receipts

Sales Receipts

Generate unlimited sales receipts for your customers to issue proof of sale after or before checkout.

Table Booking

Table Booking

Allow your customers to book the table in advance using the online table booking feature offered by Moon POS.



Get daily, weekly, and monthly business analytics on your screen. Download 10+ business reports on the go!

Data Security

Data Security

Moon POS doesn’t compromise your business data. Get 100% data assurance while using our POS system.

Our POS Billing Software Plans: Designed As Per
Your Budget & Needs

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Unlimited Orders $9.99/month $6.83/month
  • Barcode Scan
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Thermal Printer Support
  • Share Digital Receipt by Email
  • Support Many Payment Gateways
  • Real Time inventory Tracking
  • Manage Operational Transactions
  • Support Multi Languages and Currencies
  • Interactive Reports to See Business Growth
  • Define Access level of Admin, Manager and Cashier


3 Stores $19.99/month $13.67/month
  • Barcode Scan
  • Manage Multiple Stores
  • Thermal Printer Support
  • Share Digital Receipt by Email
  • Support Many Payment Gateways
  • Real Time inventory Tracking
  • Manage Operational Transections
  • Support Multi Languages and Currencies
  • Interactive Reports to See Business Growth
  • Define Access level of Admin, Manager and Cashier

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I scan and order with restaurant POS?

Our restaurant POS system allows customers to scan the QR code using the camera or scanner to view items and place an order. A digital menu allows customers to add or minus the items from the food cart. Clicking on confirming will allow the customers to place an order online.

Can I view the ongoing tables using Moon POS?

Our POS billing software allows the restaurant manager or the cashier to view the ongoing restaurant tables. It also helps in assuming the total amount of ongoing business.

Does your computer system for restaurants offer UPI payments?

Yes, our restaurant and retail software POS allows adding UPI payments for accepting payments from clients or customers using the UPI method.

Which is the exclusive reason for switching to Moon POS from other POS billing software?

Moon POS offers many more features than online ordering, table booking, inventory management, and billing. It helps manage customers and vendors and showcases business analytics, digital menus, sales receipts, credit notes, data security, and more.

What does the table booking feature offer in POS billing software?

The table booking feature allows the customers to book a table for themselves in advance at your restaurant or food outlet.

How to create an online ordering link using your POS system for restaurants?

To generate an online ordering link using Moon POS, users can simply click on the online ordering feature that opens the online ordering interface. Copy the online ordering link auto-generated by our restaurant POS system.