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Free Estimating Software for Small Businesses, Contractors, & Freelancers

Save time and effort on designing professional business estimates with Moon Invoice. We have covered your business by offering customized estimate templates that are quick to edit and save.

Free Estimating Software for Small Businesses, Contractors, & Freelancers

Looking Forward to Bid for Winning Jobs?

Call It a Deal by Sending Professional Estimates

Businesses that need to approve their proposals must try our online estimate software, which has built-in estimate templates for sending quick and winning quotes or proposals. In addition, our quotation software for small businesses helps you get desired jobs or deals. So, what are you waiting for? Design winning estimates and start getting jobs with the help of our estimating software online.

Looking Forward to Bid for Winning Jobs?

Are You Looking Forward to Error-free Estimates?

Get 100% Automatic Estimate Calculations

Calculations are quite an essential element of an estimate. While making a digital estimate using our cloud-based estimating software, you don't need to worry about any big-figure calculations. All the calculations are performed automatically using our online quote software with the inbuilt total column. Then, it’s time to use our free estimating software to advance with time and features.

Are You Looking Forward to Error-free Estimates?

Is Your Estimate Approval Ratio Not Fair Enough?

We Help You Generate Easily Acceptable Estimates

Estimates or invoices, when sent without any error, are generally appreciated and approved on a quick note. Businesses can send accurate business proposals to their clients or vendors using our online estimate software. Our estimate generator has an inbuilt PDF estimate template filling that can help generate accurate estimates. These professional-looking estimates can be further sent via email to get quick approval.

Is Your Estimate Approval Ratio Not Fair Enough?

Do You Manually Create Invoices for Approved Jobs?

Introducing One-Click Invoice Creation Hack

We have a fantastic one-click invoice creation hack for busy business owners who want to create invoices for approved estimates. Our online invoice and estimate software has a single-tap invoice creation hack that allows converting estimates into invoices on the go! No need to generate or design new invoices for your clients or customers. Our estimating software online helps your company or business to create invoices in a fraction of a second!

Do You Manually Create Invoices for Approved Jobs?

Is Sending Estimates A Worry?

Send Quick Estimates Using WhatsApp

With our exclusive WhatsApp sharing feature, sending estimates is no more a worry. As a business owner, freelancer, or contractor- you can stay ahead of your competitors by sending timely estimates using the quick email and WhatsApp sharing options. Say goodbye to late estimation worries, as our invoice and estimate software not only manages calculations for you but also helps you quickly save the estimates, which can be further sent to the client via WhatsApp.

Is Sending Estimates A Worry?

How to Customize Estimates with Moon Invoice?

Our free estimating software allows users to customize and edit estimates seamlessly. Here are the steps to customzie estimates with Moon Invoice.

  • Log in to Moon Invoice
  • Click on Sales > Estimate
  • Click on the '+' Icon to Generate a New Estimate
  • Enter the Customer Details, Estimate Details, Line Items, Terms & Conditions, Notes, and Attachment
  • Customize the Estimate by Adding or Changing the Background & Theme
  • Use Colors for Text, Fill, and Border
  • Adjust Font Size & Style
  • Edit Company Details
  • Add Business Signature
  • Save & Send
How to Customize Estimates with Moon Invoice?


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Do You Wish to Send Estimates with a Higher Approval Ratio?

Moon Invoice lets you design error-free estimates with automatic calculations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Follow the steps below to generate an estimate online using our free estimating software.

  • Login to Moon Invoice
  • Click on Sales Module > Estimate
  • Click on the '+' icon to generate a new estimate
  • Fill in the estima'te details including line items, date, number, and description
  • Click on the 'Save' icon.

It is easy to create a winning estimate using our estimating software online. Get Free PDF templates to create it online.

Moon Invoice lets users convert estimates into an invoice with a single click. For example, clicking the convert option will convert the existing estimate into an invoice. Try our project estimation software for creating as well as converting estimates.

Yes, all your estimates are safe in the cloud. In addition, we allow users to store their data with Moon Sync using our free estimating software.

A quote is a final proposal sent to the vendor, whereas an estimate is an approximate proposal sent to the vendors or customers. Quotes are considered important in contractor businesses, whereas an estimate is considered more popular in other service industries. Our project estimation software helps generate unlimited quotes using readymade templates.

An estimate should be sent as early as possible. It must be generally sent after the first communication with the opposite party or the customers.