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Free Invoice Templates

Getting paid faster is essential to positively reflect your business cash flow. Our simple invoice templates are free to download and easy to send across your customers or clients.

Downloadable PDF Invoice Templates

Save time and effort for generating free and quick invoices with our blank invoice templates available for download.

MS Word

Is creating an invoice a big deal because of downloading software or apps? We have made it quick and easy for you by offering free templates for Microsoft Word. First, customize the service or product Word invoice template with your chosen color, theme, background, logo, and fonts with a single click. Then, add a business signature and an attachment while sending invoices to your clients or customers. Or download the free invoice template on your desktop.

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MS Word
MS Excel

MS Excel

Working on the invoicing amount has always been a nightmare for many! Moon Invoice offers editable templates for MS Excel that are easy to customize by adding the right product or service details. In addition, it automatically calculate totals, leaving no room for errors. So, what are you waiting for? Download simple invoice templates for Excel to start issuing invoices with perfect tax calculations on the go!

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Adobe PDF

Most clients prefer to receive an invoice in PDF format. PDF makes it easy to get invoices printed as well. The fascinating thing about these PDF invoice templates is that they are editable and customizable. So, download the PDF free invoice templates on your desktop or device and make necessary edits before sending them to your valuable clients. Print PDF sales invoices with a single click!

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Adobe PDF
Google Docs

Google Docs

Large numbers of people are relying on generating invoices using Google Docs. We have made it simple and easy for freelancers and business owners like you by sharing online document editable templates. Click on the free invoice template and open it as Google documents to continue the minor or significant edits per your business niche. Later, start shooting invoices for your clients.

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Do you want to speed up your invoicing cycle?

Get Invoice Templates

Are Invoicing Templates Beneficial For Your Business?

So, one of the most common questions that might hit your mind while downloading any sample invoices is whether it is worth getting these downloadable templates.

Easy Customization

The answer is 'Yes'.

Businesses, contractors, and freelancers are often looking forward to quick invoicing action that might help them issue sales invoices on time without having them invest hours in designing the template or format.

  • Save time on creating professional-looking invoices.
  • Send invoices in a jiffy!
  • No need to hire any additional accounting staff to look after invoice creation and customization.
  • Customizing invoices is easy and quick!
  • Get 66+ sample invoice template designs for FREE!
  • Invoice anytime and from anywhere.
  • Multiple format choices for downloading the fully customizable templates.

Which is the Most Suitable Invoice Template for You?

You must select the most appropriate invoicing format per your business niche. We offer sample invoice templates for Microsoft Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, and Google Sheets.

Businesses that need to send highly professional-looking invoices must choose Adobe PDF as their preferred editable invoice template because it is the standard format for issuing invoices in businesses today.

Well, if your accounting staff is more acquainted with Microsoft Word or Excel, then we have both custom invoice templates to help you experience hassle-free invoicing.

Freelancers and contractors who are more acquainted with using Google Documents can also download the sample invoice format for online docs for sending invoices in a blink.

Choose any invoice template forms that best suit your business needs and niche from our instant invoice generator. And start invoicing your clients and customers to get paid faster.

Invoice Template for You?

How to Fill Out an Editable Invoice Template?

One of the best ways to use the downloadable templates to create invoices is to fill the required fields with easy and clear answers.

  1. Click on any of the simple blank invoice templates to download (MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe PDF, or Google Sheets)
  2. The chosen sample invoice template will open in the respective format, which needs to be filled for the required fields.
  3. Personalize the blank invoice template form with company name, address, phone number, logo, company details, customer name, date, invoice number, line items (including product or service details such as item details, price, quantity, discount, tax, etc.), terms and conditions, and business signature. The total invoice amount reflects automatically as per the mentioned quantity and price.  So simply fill in the details, and ensure it is correctly filled before saving it.
  4. Click on 'Save'
  5. Send the invoice to your customers or clients by email.
Editable Invoice Template?

Different Types of Invoices for Small Businesses

Invoicing requirements aren't framed with a single type of invoice. During the course of business or production, there are different types of stages- which calls for different business types of invoices. Here are some of the most common types of business invoices.

Proforma Invoice
Proforma Invoice

It is also known as a preliminary bill of sale that the seller issues to the buyer as proof of the project. However, in the import-export sector, proforma invoices are issued for port clearance of the goods.

Interim Invoice
Interim Invoice

It is the invoice issued by the seller or service provider in the middle of the project. Many businesses have a huge project amount for which an interim invoice is issued to get partial payment in the middle of the project.

Final Invoice
Final Invoice

A final invoice is a standard business invoice that the seller or the service provider sends after the service or sale. Final invoices are sent with payment terms and conditions, including bank details.

Recurring Invoices
Recurring Invoices

All the ongoing project contracts and services often require issuing a recurring invoice, which is sent on regular or fixed intervals of the project tenure. It can be issued monthly, quarterly, or yearly depending on the project terms.

Credit Notes
Credit Notes

Reflect the surplus balance the client, or the customer has against the seller. It is issued by the seller or service provider and is easily redeemed against the invoices due for receipt.

Free Invoice Templates Vs Moon Invoice Software

Are you confused about choosing between editable invoice templates and Moon Invoice- online free invoice generator for managing your invoicing needs? Here is a quick comparison to help you decide the best option for generating a new invoice.

Features Blank Invoice Templates Moon Invoice
Free invoicing Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Tracks invoice activities Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add payment methods to invoices Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Apply credit notes to invoices Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Send online payment reminders Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add signature requests Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
Add on features like estimates, purchase orders, and receipts. Free invoice v/s Moon invoice Free invoice v/s Moon invoice
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Frequently Asked Questions

The right time to issue an invoice is to send it as soon as the service, project, or deal is completed. It increases the chance of getting paid on time.

An invoice is important to showcase the proof of the sale (product or service). In addition, it is essential to demand online payments for the services or goods delivered. In short, you need an invoice to ask the customers or clients to pay you on time.

An invoice is used for commercial purposes in businesses. For example, it demands timely payments from clients or customers.

To get your invoices paid on time or faster, it is essential to issue them at the right time. Additionally, sending due payment reminders at the right intervals helps pay faster. For the same, issuing professional-looking invoices is essential- which can be easily generated by downloading free invoice templates.

A professional invoice delivers a good business impression in front of your clients or customers. Moreover, professional invoices are digitally generated; hence, there is less room for errors.

The primary purpose of an invoice is to issue proof of sale and demand payment for the services or goods sold. A free invoice template is the best way to generate a final invoice.

A free invoice template that is easy to download on MS Word is called as Word invoice template.