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Plumbing Invoice Template

As a plumber, you help people ease their daily needs of washing, bathing, flushing, and showering; likewise, we help you ease your plumbing business operations by offering free plumbing invoice template options.

Rental Invoice Template

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Plumbing services include different types of repair, installation, and maintenance services.
We help you design plumbing invoices with the right set of plumbing invoice example templates.

Installation Services
Installation Services

While you are busy installing the new plumbing products or components at the client's residence or commercial place, we help you design product and labor-based plumbing invoices using the free plumbing invoice template PDFs.

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services
Drain & Sewer Cleaning Services

As a plumbing business owner, you must receive calls to send plumbers to clean the drains that log the water, causing a pipe blockage. Our printable plumbing invoices help you demand payments for cleaning services on the go!

Heater Repair Services
Heater Repair Services

During the winters and snow, the plumbing company owners are busy installing and repairing the water heaters in the bathroom. Our free plumbing invoice template is easily customized to send a heater repair service invoice.

Municipal Services
Municipal Services

Plumbing services offered in municipal corporations are massive and might be billed hourly. Our plumbing word order template helps design a time log invoice that mentions hours, the service rate charged per hour, and the total amount.

Emergency Plumbing Services
Emergency Plumbing Services

While every business charges a different service rate for emergency services, the same applies to the plumbing industry. Draft a unique printable plumbing invoice for emergency plumbing services to get paid faster from the clients.

Fixtures & Replacements
Fixtures & Replacements

Plumbing services include a lot of fixtures and replacements in the wash area, bathrooms, garden, and kitchen. Our free plumbing invoice template offers the correct format to draft an invoice referring to the products and services given.

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Why do Plumbing Services Need to Send an Invoice?

Plumbing business owners must understand the requirement of sending a plumbing invoice to their clients because it is the only way to demand payment professionally.

  • The plumbing invoice serves as a formal request from the sender.
  • It helps showcase a clear breakdown of the plumbing services and product purchases, including the taxes and discounts.
  • Sending professional-looking invoices enables one to get paid on time.
  • It helps ignore the issue of delayed or missed payments.
  • Plumbing business owners can have a legal record of transaction by drafting an invoice and requesting a signature on the same.
  • It serves as accounting proof while designing the financial statements.

How to Create a Plumbing Invoice from Scratch?

Follow these steps to generate a plumbing invoice for demanding payments for plumbing services, installations, or maintenance.

  1. Download any free plumbing invoice template mentioned above that correctly depicts your services.
  2. Start customizing the plumbing invoice template by mentioning the correct business details, including business name, address, phone number, and email ID.
  3. Add invoice essentials such as unique invoice number, invoice date, recurring invoice type, and invoice currency.
  4. Add line item descriptions, including the plumbing services details, any product installation price, quantity, etc.
  5. Add any important business notes at the bottom of the invoice.
  6. Mention the payment due date to get paid faster.
  7. Save the details and share the invoice with your client via email.
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

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What Information Need to be Include on the Plumbing Invoice?

A plumbing invoice must be detailed with all the relevant plumbing service information. Here are some of the significant elements to focus on.

Business Details

Business Details

To draft a professional-looking invoice, mentioning all the relevant business information is essential. It includes the company name, contact details, shipping and billing address, phone number, and business logo.

Invoice Details

Invoice Details

Invoice details are essential for maintaining a legal record of the transaction. It includes a unique invoice number, date, type of invoice, currency, and any other details the client owes to know.

Line Description

Line Description

The line description depicts the following details about the service invoice, such as the materials with a price list, job hourly rate, flat fee, grand total, and taxes. Double-check these details.

Payment Details

Payment Details

A plumbing work order template must mention the payment details, such as the direct payment link for the clients to proceed with the payment, payment due date, and payment terms with notes.

Important Notes

Important Notes

Important plumbing industry notes that are mandatory for the customer or the client to understand regarding the job work or the service invoice must be mentioned separately at the end of the invoice.

Online Signature

Online Signature

Testifying the service invoice issued from your end is important. Hence adding a signature is always the best way. Add the online signature to the digital invoice by downloading the plumbers' invoice template.

How and When to Send a Plumbers Invoice Template?

The plumbing invoice with all the pertinent information must be sent digitally and at the right time to demand on-time payments.

  • Design a professionally looking plumbers invoice.
  • Include all the relevant business information and service invoice details.
  • Send the invoice via email or any online chat application- whichever is convenient for your client or customer to access it faster.
  • In terms of the right time, the plumbing invoice must be sent to the client as soon as the job work is completed.
  • Sending prompt invoices helps to get paid faster.

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Incredible Invoicing Tips for Plumbing Professionals

Plumbing professionals must focus on the following tips for sending timely yet convincing invoices to their customers or clients.

  • Use clear and concise information in the invoice to eliminate any confusion between you and the client
  • Always double-check the grand total and the price along with the labor costs, material costs, sales tax, and any other important invoice information
  • It is always great to use invoicing software for generating professional plumbing invoices
  • Add a payment link in the invoice to get paid faster
  • Offer multiple payment gateways, including all the popular payment methods such as PayPal, UPI, Google Pay, Stripe, Apple Pay, Facebook Pay, Square, Venmo, Braintree, etc.
  • Request the client or customer's signature on the invoices
  • Add payment instructions and terms to avoid confusion
  • Create professional invoices using readymade and free invoice template options offered by Moon Invoice
  • Set payment alerts to get notified of any incoming payment
  • Track invoice activities
  • Always have a quick follow-up on the unpaid invoices
Incredible Invoicing Tips for Plumbing Professionals

Free Plumbing Invoice Template Vs Online Invoicing Software

Wondering what works best for your photography services or business? Here is a set of differences between the two.

Set of Features Free Invoice Templates Moon Invoice
Free Invoice Templates to Download Download as Word, Excel, Google Docs, or PDF Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Unlimited Invoices Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Track Invoice Activities Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Multiple Payment Gateways Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Add or Request Signature Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Adding Advance Payments to Invoices Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
Settling Invoices with Credit Notes Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software Free Plumbing Invoice Template v/s Online Invoicing Software
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Why Moon Invoice for Creating Professional Plumbing Invoices?

Moon Invoice, the online invoicing software, has been helping small businesses and professionals over the years in designing professional invoices. The invoicing software has all the modules required for fully-functional business management, such as estimates, invoices, credit notes, sales receipts, purchase orders, product management, project management, time logs, and business reports.

Moon Invoice helps your plumbing business with important business insights on the dashboard that helps with outstanding payments, top customers or clients, net profit, proforma invoices, and other recent activities. It smooths your business management and offers 10+ popular payment gateways for instant payments from clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is invoice plumbing?

When a plumbing company issues a professional invoice by either drafting a new or customizing an invoice template, is known as invoice plumbing.

What is legally required on an invoice?

A professional plumbing invoice requires various things legally mentioned on it depending on the country or region, it is being issued. The invoice date and number, product and service description, payment terms, and signature are some of the legally required essentials.

What should a plumbing contract include?

A plumbing contract includes the scope of work, timeline, liability, product warranty details, termination and cancellation details, and cost.

Do plumbers give receipts?

After you create plumbing invoices, you can send receipts as well. After designing final invoices using the plumbing invoice templates, you can also generate sales receipts for the same using our online invoicing solution.

Can I create plumber estimate using Moon Invoice?

Yes, Moon Invoice helps to generate estimate and the same can be duplicated or converted into an invoice using a single tap. Making plumbing bill is easy and quick with Moon Invoice.