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Plumbing Estimate Template

Do you need to draft plumbing estimates for acquiring commercial or contractual plumbing jobs? Download our plumbing job estimate templates and customize them within minutes. Send professional yet winning plumbing work estimates with Moon Invoice.

Help your clients with an excellent plumbing service as they help you draft appealing and easily acceptable plumbing quotations. Download free plumbing estimate template designs online & start customizing them as required

Plumbing Estimate Template

Download Free Plumbing Estimate Template

Plumbing project estimates must be designed for various plumbing jobs such as installation, repair, maintenance, or drainage. We offer all the different types of plumbing business templates for FREE.

Installation Service Estimate
Installation Service Estimate

Draft professional plumbing templates for installation services by downloading our readymade plumbing estimate template in PDF, Google Sheets, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Print the estimates on the go!

Drain & Sewer Cleaning Estimate
Drain & Sewer Cleaning Estimate

Need to bid for a drain and sewer plumbing contract? Download a free plumbing template from the given format and send it to your clients via email or WhatsApp. Also, print the estimates on the go!

Municipal Services Estimate
Municipal Services Estimate

Municipal plumbing services are often bid with hourly rates. Moon Invoice plumbing estimate template has covered you by offering an hourly line description format for drafting perfect municipal services estimates.

Emergency Services Estimate
Emergency Services Estimate

Bidding for any emergency plumbing contracts? Well, draft an accurate estimation for your emergency plumbing contract by downloading the estimate templates in Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs. Send it now!

Drainage Service Estimate
Drainage Service Estimate

Drainage is one of the most common plumbing jobs you must often quote for. Moon Invoice's plumbing estimate template form helps you describe the payment terms in the estimates for presenting a professional bid.

Plumbing Repair Estimate
Plumbing Repair Estimate

Need to send a plumbing estimate for fixtures or repair? Download our free plumber estimate template forms in Word, Excel, Google Sheets and PDF. Start customizing the job estimate and send it at the earliest

Do You Want to Send Customized Plumbing Estimates?

Moon Invoice offers 66+ estimate templates suiting your plumbing job work estimates. Customize it quickly and send it across in minutes.

Download Moon Invoice!

How to Create a
Plumbing Estimate?

Creating plumbing job estimates is finally easy with our free plumbing estimating software. You can either make estimate online using our app or download the plumbing estimate templates.

  1. Login to Moon Invoice
  2. Click on Sales > Estimates
  3. Click on the '+' Icon to Add a New Estimate
  4. Start Customizing the Estimate Template from the Given Themes and Options
  5. Add Important Estimate Details Such as Estimate Unique Number, Estimate Date, Company Name and Logo, Customer Details, Billing and Shipping Address, and Description of the Products or Services Labor, and Mention the Total Discount, Unit, Fees, Taxes, and Final Price.
  6. Add Payment Terms or Any Other Important Information
  7. Add Business Signature
  8. Click on Save
  9. Send Saved Estimates to Clients Via Email and WhatsApp
  10. Edit Estimates, Convert them into Invoices!
Steps to Create a Landscaping Estimate

What Should be Included in the Plumbing Estimate?

Technically, a plumbing job estimate outlines all the essential information related to the plumbing work materials, labor cost,
and scope of work. Here are some important elements that must not be missed while designing a professional-looking estimate.

Plumbing Scope of Work

Defining the scope of work is very important as plumbing jobs are pretty complex and need minute detailing to help the client understand the scope of work with cost and time estimation. It mainly depicts the project information, such as the type of plumbing work, resources involved, and any new products needed for installation.

Estimate Number and Date

An estimate number and date are the unique identities of the estimate that helps identify and differentiate the estimate from other estimates. Also, during the audit or for accounting, the estimate number and date help with a quick reference of the project work undertaken by your plumbing business or agency.

Company Details & Logo

Adding a company logo with the company name and details is mandatory to help the client refer to the plumbing agency details from whom they received the quote or estimate. It must be professionally addressed, and an estimate series must be followed while labeling the estimate number.

Client Details & Address

Adding client details along with the billing and shipping address is mandatory to address the estimate to the particular client or firm. Client details include the client's name, address, contact details, and other specific information that needs to be highlighted on the estimate form.

Line Items

Line items refer to the plumbing labor and material costs, including the laborers' hourly charge, the materials that need to be purchased or installed, and final installation charges. It includes the discounts, taxes, final price, and the total estimate of the estimated plumbing services.

Payment Terms

The payment terms refer to any payment-related deposits or information that needs to be addressed at the beginning of the contract. If your plumbing agency has specific payment terms, it must be highlighted in the plumbing estimate template.

Start and End Date of the Job

A professional-looking estimate must provide an estimated project start and end date that must look realistic. Also, the estimate can mention additional information about any factors that might influence the beginning and end date of the plumbing work.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions refer to any liabilities or duties that must be cleared at the beginning of the plumbing contract: clean-up formalities after the project, dispute resolution process, liability insurance coverage, etc. All these terms can strengthen your plumbing estimate and help it stand out from the competitors.

Create Easily Understandable & Itemized Plumbing Estimates

Moon Invoice lets you design professional plumbing biz estimates with an itemized format.

Download Plumbing Templates

Tips and Best Practices for Plumbing Estimate

Focus on these tips and best practices while drafting a new plumbing estimate. These tips will help your estimate get accepted faster than your competitors.

Write Detailed Descriptions
Write Detailed Descriptions

The best tip for writing quickly acceptable plumbing quotations is to write in detail. Detailed estimates are easy to understand and analyze. Also, we emphasize writing estimates in easily understandable or widely accepted language to avoid misunderstanding.

Draft an Itemized Estimate
Draft an Itemized Estimate

An itemized estimate depicts the breakdown of the materials and labor costs, making it easy for the estimate viewer to analyze the quotation. We offer an itemized estimate template in PDFs that are easy to customize and send to your clients or customers.

Research for Material Costs

An estimate must be close to the final quotation, for which the plumbers or agency needs to work on the research of basic materials. The materials such as fixtures, pipes, fittings, and other supplies need to be mentioned accurately as per the market cost.

Be Transparent with Markups

A professional plumbing quotation must indicate the markup or percentage added to the total cost to make your estimate more transparent. Detailed yet transparent costing can help you quickly notice and accept your plumbing estimate.

Offer Multiple Payment Options
Offer Multiple Payment Options

Payment options can add up more luck to your plumbing business estimate! The more payment methods you offer, the easier for the client to accept your estimate, as it can be easy for them to make the payments.

Go for a Professional Template
Go for a Professional Template

Downloading a professional plumbing estimate template is a must for drafting an accurate quotation. Professional estimates are easily read and understandable. Also, they create a better impression than manual or handwritten estimates.

How Does Our Free Estimating Software Help
Plumbing Business & Contractors?

Are you a plumbing contractor or running a plumbing agency? Moon Invoice is a fully-featured estimating software helping plumbers and contractors streamline
their estimation, invoicing, and expense-tracking tasks.

Moon Invoice helps plumbing contractors and agencies in the following ways:

  • Get 66+ free plumbing estimate template options to draft professional and accurate estimates
  • Save estimates and edit them unlimited times without making your estimates look shabby or rewritten
  • Add business signatures to estimates for testifying the details
  • Add payment terms to estimates and highlight them at the bottom or top of the estimate form
  • Add your company theme or watermark to the estimate background for branding purposes
  • Convert estimates to final invoices with a single click!
  • Apart from estimates, streamline your contractor invoices, purchase orders, expenses, credit notes, and receipts with the same application
  • Send estimates directly to the client's WhatsApp number
  • Email business estimates with a single click!
  • Duplicate estimates in no time!

Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs. Moon Invoice

Are you confused about choosing our easy invoicing software and free online invoice templates? Here is the set of functions to help you decide quickly.

Features Free Estimate Template Moon Invoice
Free Estimate Template Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Unlimited Estimate Creation Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Tracking Estimates Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Converting Estimate to Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Testifying Estimates with Signature Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Converting Estimates to PO Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Add Attachment to Estimates Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
Unlimited Edits Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice Free Plumbing Estimate Template Vs Moon Invoice
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a plumbing estimate?

To write a plumber's estimate document, you can directly login to Moon Invoice and start customizing the readymade templates. Prepare bids for the plumbing contract by editing the perfect-looking plumber's estimate template.

Why use a plumber's estimate template?

It helps create a professional image and helps the estimate to stand out from the other plumbing agencies. Moreover, it looks more accurate and legible than handwritten estimates.

What is the difference between a Plumbing quotation and an estimate?

A plumber's quotation is an approximate figure to bid the contract whereas an estimate defines the exact costing and deadline of the contract that the agency is pitching for.

What is the best Plumbing estimating software?

Get Moon Invoice as it helps drafting plumber estimate templates with ease on both mobile and desktops. For the upcoming plumber project, you can not only draft estimates but can also convert the estimates to invoices saving time and effort. Our free plumbing estimating software allows you to draft accurate estimates for your customers mentioning hourly rate, total amount, change order, and other deal information.

Does Moon Invoice provide free estimate templates?

Yes, we provide 66+ PDF estimation templates for plumbing industry bids. Download these estimates, send it across to the customers, and plan for your paid work projects soon!