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Professional Estimate Template

Does your business or profession need to draft a few estimates every week? Get a free estimate template in PDF, MS Word, Excel, and Google Sheets to customize and design a professional business quote.

With Moon Invoice, you can create winning business estimates in less than a minute. So, don't wait to apply for new deals. Just get your professional estimates approved, and keep shining!

Download Free Estimate Templates

Do you want to save both time and resources while generating accurate business? Download our free estimate form in different formats.

MS Word

Are generating estimates a tiring task for your accounting team? Well, we have made it easy by introducing a readymade work estimate template that requires just a little customization from your end. Customize the free estimate template in MS Word and save it on your desktop or system. Forward it to your clients and get it approved in no time.

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MS Word Estimate Template

MS Excel

Estimates shared from your end must have accurate calculations as they are the first business document exchanged from your company to the client. The free of cost work estimate template MS Excel helps with automatic calculations, which saves time calculating each amount, including taxes and discounts. Just save it later, and send it.

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MS Excel Estimate Template

Adobe PDF

The clients shall appreciate estimates sent in PDF format, as PDF is a standard work estimate template format. Our free estimate template in PDF helps you customize the estimate per your business requirements, which can be further saved on your system. Cross-check your estimates and send them to your clients on the go.

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Adobe PDF Estimate Template

Google Docs

Sharing online document links is quite popular and feasible nowadays as one single document can be channelized through different departments or teams. We help you design an estimate template using Google Sheets. Download our customizable yet attractive work estimate template in Google Sheets format and send them to your client.

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Google Docs Estimate Template

Simplify Your Business Process by Designing Quick Estimates

Our free estimate template helps you customize business estimates on the go. Save time, resources, and editing on each estimate you design using Moon Invoice.

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Different Types of Work Estimates

Before you create an estimate, you must understand the type of estimate form you need to generate to serve the format's bare essentials.
Because there are different types of estimates as per the contractors or industries.

Construction Estimate

Construction contractors regularly need to design construction or job work estimates for which they need a winning work estimate template. Using the free estimate template, you can create accurate construction estimates on the go.

Repair Estimate

Besides the new job estimates, many service-oriented contractors need to design repair estimates that explain the repairs and their related costs in detail. For drafting perfect repair estimates, we offer customizable estimate templates.

White-collar Estimate

White-collar professionals need to send winning service estimates to their clients that help them crack the deals sooner than their competitors. Our estimate templates help generate professional estimates in less than a minute for service providers.

Estimate for Cleaning

Cleaning professionals must also send commercial and residential cleaning estimates to their clients before starting their cleaning process. Our free estimate online templates help design accurate cleaning estimates.

Preliminary Estimate

To have a ballpark idea of any project, business owners and contractors must send a screening or preliminary estimate to their clients. Our readymade estimate templates help you design perfect preliminary estimates.

Final Job Estimate

Jobmen must send a final job estimate to get quick approvals from the construction site owners. Download our work estimate template to design highly accurate yet professional final job estimates in different downloadable formats.

What are the Benefits of Using Online Estimate Templates?

Do you also have a question about whether or not the estimate templates are essential for your business?
Well, here are some of the excellent yet important reasons to draft professional business estimates.

Professional Estimate Template

Of course, crafting business estimates are highly beneficial. Here is why!

  • The estimate helps the client to understand what will be the approximate expenses or the cost of the project, repair, or work
  • It connects the business owner, professional or contractor with the client in a legal way
  • Relationships between the buyer and seller sound stronger after sending an estimate
  • Estimates are easy to convert into invoices using an online invoice generator
  • Readymade estimate templates are easier to customize and are quite beneficial from a branding point of view
  • Labor and material are detailed in estimates, which are great for contractor jobs
  • Estimates give an in-depth understanding and connection of the labor, material, taxes, discounts, price, quantity, hours, and other line items for which the further process runs smooth
  • Estimates can be edited unlimited times with Moon Invoice

Send Business Estimates, Convert Them to Invoices, and Get Paid

Moon Invoice helps you draft project estimates that are easy to convert as invoices. Later, you can expect faster payments from the clients.

Start Sending Estimates!

How to Fill Out an Editable Estimate Template?

To get the client's positive feedback or approval, downloadable estimate templates must be filled out accurately.

  1. Click on any of the downloadable templates that you wish to customize
  2. Be it MS Office, PDF or Google Docs- download the template and start filling out the significant details
  3. Start personalizing the blank estimate template by adding customer details, business details, company name and logo, line items, estimate number, estimate date, estimate cost, & so on
  4. Mention any business details that need to be added to draw the attention of the customer or client, e.g. payment terms or information
  5. Click on save
  6. Send the estimate to your customers or clients by sending it via email or WhatsApp

Free Estimate Templates Vs. Project Estimation Software

Are you confused about whether you should trust a project estimation software for writing estimates or continue using free of cost estimate templates online? Here is a significant difference between the two.

Features Free Estimate Template Moon Invoice
Free Estimate Template Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Unlimited Estimate Creation Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Tracking Estimates Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Converting Estimate to Invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Testifying Estimates with Signature Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Converting Estimates to PO Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Add Attachment to Estimates Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Unlimited Edits Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
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Why Moon Invoice Online Estimate Generator?

Whether businesses need to draft a detailed estimate for a construction project or need a readymade work estimate template to mention all labor costs with a fixed price and material costs, the Moon Invoice estimate generator stands the best.

Moon Invoice is an online project estimation software with a full-fledged estimation module covering readymade templates to convert estimates to Pos and final invoices. It helps track each user's estimate activities, including estimate creation, edits, sending, or approvals. It helps add a business signature at the end of the estimate to testify to the details mentioned in the estimate and also allows the user to add an attachment supporting the detailed description of the estimate.

Besides creating, saving, editing, and sending estimates- Moon Invoice also allows the user to download the business analytics and get a personalized sales dashboard to monitor the incoming and outgoing cash flow. In short, it is a complete business invoicing software with modules like estimates, purchase orders, sales receipts, business reports, and more.

Start a free trial with our cost estimating software and start drafting winning project estimates on the go. Download unlimited estimates, send them via WhatsApp or email, get it printed with a single click, and edit it multiple times online. Get habitual to accurate estimation with Moon Invoice.

Manage More Than Just Estimates With Moon Invoice

Discover Our Entire Estimation Module, Including Invoicing, Purchases, & Receipts. Start Your Free Trial Today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an estimate used for?

Accurate estimation form has all the detailed information, including the estimate number, job estimate details, contact details, and estimate-based information such as date, total cost, company info, etc. It is used to get the client's approval before starting any work. Estimates are considered as bids in many business segments, where it is necessary to go through different bids before finalizing the project's contractor or consultant.

Can I make a PDF estimate?

Yes, users can download the estimate PDF format template to make free estimates in PDF. A free estimate template is like a cost estimating form that helps with accurate estimation or quote.

How do I send an estimate?

Moon Invoice, the estimating software, helps send estimates on the go with its full-fledged project estimation feature. Create an estimate using an readymade work estimate template, customize the information, and save it. Later, send an estimate via WhatsApp or Email.

Can I choose between different currency options?

Our estimate software offers 100+ currency options, including INR, USD, EUR, XCD, BMD, etc.

Can I add my logo to personalize the estimate template?

Sure. Users can add a company name and logo to estimates, and make them more personalized.

What is the right time to send an accurate estimation?

The sooner, the best! Sending timely estimates can help your quote to get noticed at the right time and before your competitors.

How to send estimate directly to clients?

Our estimating software helps send estimate directly to the clients using WhatsApp and email sharing features. Because of WhatsApp sharing feasibility, the estimates are noticed quickly as it is received on the mobile app.