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Benefits of Downloading Building Quote Templates

After downloading the building construction estimate format, the builders and contractors can quickly customize the estimates before sending them.

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Are You Looking to Download Construction Estimate Templates?

Why Moon Invoice?

Our invoicing and estimate solution helps construction professionals and contractors easily manage their business by taking advantage of the available features.

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Customize Estimates Online

Construction agencies and contractors can now utilize the free building estimate templates for customizing the final estimates. Add theme background, change the fill and text color, adjust the margins and indents, and do a lot more by customizing estimates online.

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Build Great Building Quotes

Moon Invoice app helps builders and contractors to build final estimates using our invoice and estimate maker app. Add an attachment to invoice, manage payment terms, integrate payment button, and a lot more using our estimate maker app.

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Send Construction Invoices

After issuing building estimates and quotes, generate and send final invoices to your clients. Our invoicing app helps convert and duplicate estimates into final invoices with a single click. Also, print invoices on the go for sending hard copies.

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Maintain Timesheets

Maintain timesheets for the construction work for generating accurate invoices using our time tracking app. The app helps to convert building estimate templates into final quotes and helps generate invoices from the time logs.

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Download Financial Reports

Our invoicing app helps download and print various business reports that are important for understanding the financial stability of the construction business. Get sales reports, tax reports, income statements, and expense statements with a single click.

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Manage Property Clients

There are many clients for property agents and builders that need to be managed for updating and understanding their accounts, payments, and sales behavior. Moon Invoice helps construction workers to download client and vendor statements on the go.

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Record Expenses

Builders and construction workers can record every business expense using the expense recording feature. Manage expenses and download expense statements to manage business finances in a better way.

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Request Payments Securely

Security is quite important when you are managing data and payments online. Our invoicing app offers 3-tier security to the users, especially while they trust our invoicing app for managing payments and business data.


A building estimate is a quote sent by the builder for the property development. It includes contractor and sub-contractor quotes mentioning the price and time.

The readymade building estimate construction format saves much time for the contractors on designing the estimate. It has got all the details ready and mentioned in the estimate, so it is quick for the accountant to issue an estimate by adding the remaining details.

Moon Invoice application supports construction owners by offering fully-functional invoicing and estimate-making solutions. Users can also record time, maintain time logs, generate credit notes, manage expense statements, download business reports, and a lot more using the app.

For construction business owners, the best time to send an invoice is after completing the project.

The different types of building estimates include contractor estimates, sub-contractor estimates, interim building estimates, and final building estimates.

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