Unlimited Sales Receipts

Moon Invoice’s online billing app allows you to send unlimited sales receipts with all the essentials mentioned, including the date, payment details, amount, payment type, recipient name, address, and seller details.

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Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Send Quick Receipts

Moon Invoice app allows you to create and share receipts on the demand of your clients or customers. Sending receipts is easy and quick with our online invoicing app. Transform the blank receipt templates into sales receipts.

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Share Receipts Via Email

Using our online invoicing app, you can email or print the payment and sales receipts generated from the receipt templates. It is easy to email sales receipts to your customers using all the native sharing options. Learn more about sending sales receipts by downloading our app!

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Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Download Receipts

Do you wish to download various payment and sales receipts before sending them across to your clients or customers? Visit the sales receipt or payment module and click on the preview to download and print the free receipt templates generated.

Generate Receipts

Notify Clients For Payments

Moon Invoice helps you notify your clients or customers about the payments received by sending them auto-generated receipts. The app allows you to send a readymade receipt to your client via email. It helps your customer to stay up-to-date.

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Sales receipts and invoices are two different business documents.

  • Sales receipts are generated with sales and payment details at the time of payment receipt.
  • Invoices are generated to demand for the payment. It doesn’t signify the payment receipt.

A receipt generally includes the date, payment details, payment type, name and address of the recipient, and seller’s details.

Users can click on payments and view them to generate payment receipts. Users can email, download or print receipts in PDF using the payment feature.

Moon Invoice offers free receipt templates to the user for generating unlimited sales receipts. Subscribing to our plan, customers can generate and send unlimited receipts.

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