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Free Receipt Template

Businesses often need to send timely payment and sales receipts to maintain cordial business relations with their clients. Moon Invoice helps issue unlimited sales receipts online.

Get readymade blank receipt template options in 66+ designs to quickly create and send receipts online.

Download Blank Receipt Templates

Businesses and freelancers can save time and effort using our printable and editable receipt template options to send receipts online.

MS Word

Download sales receipts in MS Word format on your desktop or smartphone. Start editing the free receipt template and send it to your clients.

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MS Word Receipt Template

MS Excel

Download sales receipts in MS Excel format on your computer system or phone. Edit the receipt essentials, customize it and send it further.

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MS Excel Receipt Template

Adobe PDF

Get the sales receipt in PDF format with editable elements. Customize the ticket to your business needs and send it further to your clients.

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Adobe PDF Receipt Template

Google Docs

Do you want your clients to get the sales receipts online? Here is how to download the free receipt template in Google Docs format.

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Google Docs Receipt Template

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What are the Benefits of Using Sales Receipt Templates?

Sales receipts are the best way to maintain sales records. It helps acknowledge the customers or clients about the transaction between you and them.

Sales Receipt Templates
  • Sales receipt templates help generate accurate receipts with reliable customer information, amount details, and sales description
  • It helps create a professional impression in front of the customers and clients
  • Construction receipt templates specially designed for contractors help define the details of the labor and material with a description
  • Customizing receipts is quite simple and quick
  • Adding a business logo to the receipt help enhance the branding of your business
  • Digital receipts serve as permanent business records, thereby eliminating any misunderstandings between you and the client
  • It helps as an essential business record at the time of taxation or audit

Types of Receipts

An effective receipt management system keeps your business's payment, and taxation records safe. Companies must issue two types of receipts to their clients on demand.

Payment Receipts
Payment Receipts

These are sent to the buyer as soon as they demand proof of payment. It helps the buyer to get evidence of the payment made. A payment receipt specifies the total payment, date, and type. It mentions clearly if the payment is received via cash, cheque, or online.

Sales Receipts
Sales Receipts

The seller sends these receipts to the buyer specifying the type of business transaction that has been made between the two parties. It mentions services or product information along with the payment type and status. A payment summary is added at the end of the receipt.

Filling Out a Printable Receipt Template Online

The following information is important to fill out the details in a printable receipt template.

Customer Details

Customer Details

Fill out the receipt template by inputting the correct customer details, including the customer name and address.

Receipt Details

Receipt Details

Receipt details include receipt number, currency, and issue date. Adding a subtitle helps find the receipt easily.

Payment Type

Payment Type

It is important to mention the type of payment received from the client, including the payment date.

Line Items

Line Items

Filling out the line items includes product and task description with quantity, rate, tax, discount & total amount.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions in the receipt are added to keep the client and the seller on the same page.



Can be payment-related information or any important notice the client wants to highlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sales receipt?

A sales receipt is a receipt that is based on the proof of the sales transaction made between two parties. It also includes the payment summary.

Are the receipt and invoice the same?

No. The receipt is proof of sale, whereas an invoice is issued for demanding payments. Both are different business documents used for different purposes and at different times.

How to issue a sales receipt online?

Download a receipt generator software like Moon Invoice to issue a sales receipt online. We help businesses to send unlimited receipts online using our receipt maker software.