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Itemized Receipt Template

Is your clients demanding for a detailed information of the sales transaction or pay? Give your clients an exact sale explanation by generating an itemized receipt. Create an itemized receipt in minutes by downloading our readymade templates. Customize the template form and issue it to your clients promptly.

Itemized receipts are the best way to record the payments of your sales or service transaction. It has all the important receipt essentials that help during the business audit or for any specific data requirement.

Itemized Receipt Template

Download the Printable Itemized Receipt Template

Businesses and freelancers can now issue detailed receipts for their customers or clients by downloading the
itemized receipt samples in different formats.

Free Itemized Receipt Templates
Free Itemized Receipt Templates

Send free itemized receipts to your customers or clients by downloading our itemized receipt template samples in PDFs, Word, Excel, or Google Docs. Customize the receipt templates by adding a company logo, business signature, or watermark.

Product Itemized Receipt Templates
Product Itemized Receipt Templates

Are you selling different types of products with variants in type and size? We have product itemized receipt template samples to help you draft a perfect product receipt with accurate information. Save the receipt templates and start customizing in minutes.

Hourly Itemized Template
Hourly Itemized Receipt Templates

Does your service or business need to draft itemized receipts for hourly jobs? We have got you covered with hourly itemized receipt template samples. Send accurate hour-wise itemized receipts for your hourly jobs or services that you have delivered.

Do You Want to Generate Itemized Receipts Online?

Download Itemized Receipt Templates from Moon Invoice & Customize It Easily.

Create an Itemized Receipt
What is an Itemized Receipt?

What is an Itemized Receipt?

An itemized receipt is a detailed sales or payment receipt from the seller to the buyer. It is generated to provide precise and accurate information about the sale of products, services, or both mentioning the line description with price per unit, service fees, discount, tax, and final price. Itemized receipts can be easily generated online by downloading the free itemized receipt template samples from our invoicing app.

How to Make an Itemized Receipt?

To generate an itemized receipt online, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Download the Moon Invoice app on your device or log in to the Moon Invoice website.
  2. Register your email address to avail of the free trial offer
  3. Create a company to generate a receipt
  4. Customize the itemized receipt template to make an accurate receipt
  5. Start adding the receipt essentials such as receipt date, receipt no., receipt line descriptions mentioning product and service details, receipt amount, type of payment or payment method, company logo, and signature.
  6. Save the receipt
How to Make an Itemized Receipt?

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What Information Should be Include on Itemized Receipt Templates?

The itemized receipt templates must contain all the necessary information about the sales transaction.
Here is the precise information that needs to be mentioned on a detailed receipt.

Receipt Number and Date

A unique receipt number is the identification of the receipt. Also, adding the date is essential to record when the receipt was issued to the customer or client.

Line Items of the Receipt

The receipt line items mention each item's description, including the price, discount, tax, final price, and description of the item or service.

Payment Mode

The payment method is essential to mention so that it helps keep a record that the customer paid via cash, online banking, or digital wallet.

Payment Amount

Whether a partial or complete payment, the payment amount must be mentioned in the receipt and the balance figure.

Benefits of Sending Itemized Receipts

Be it any industry or business niche, sending itemized receipts is always a great advantage.
Here are some genuine reasons why sending an itemized receipt is helpful for your business.

Accurate Sale Details

An itemized receipt template that helps design an accurate receipt depicts all the precise information about the sale of the product or service, mentioning the unit, fee, hiring charges, discount, tax, & final price.

Complete Payment Details

An itemized receipt mentions the total or partial payment amount, payment mode, and date. It helps maintain a clear record of the payment received from the customer to avoid any further confusion.

Prevents Confusion

While you download a printable itemized receipt template from Moon Invoice, it helps design an accurate receipt for the sales or payment records, eliminating the confusion between the seller & buyer.

Builds Trust

Because the itemized receipts are pretty detailed and accurate, it helps maintain a bond of trust between the buyer and seller as all the details are mentioned precisely. The transparency of details helps enhance trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Itemized Copy Of A Receipt?

An itemized copy of a receipt breaks down all the cost of the sales or service transaction into a detailed description including the items bought, proof of payment reference number, receipt unique number and purchase date, fees of services or purchase details, sales tax, applicable discounts, and final pay.

Does Microsoft Word Have An Receipt Sample or Template?

Moon Invoice helps download itemized invoice and receipt templates for Microsoft Excel. Simply click on the download icon of our template in your preferred format.

Why Are Itemized Receipts Important?

Itemized receipts are important because they depict the breakdown of the entire transaction mentioning the items purchased, particular item description, tax purposes details with slabs applied, other fees, discounts, payment date and method, total money transfered, final total amount, etc.

Can I Print the Itemized Receipts Online?

Yes, you can by clicking on the print icon. Share the hard copies of the receipts to your customers anytime.

When Does the Seller Issue a Receipt?

A seller issues a receipt to the person when the sales transaction is completed. If it is a payment receipt, the receipt is generated right after the money is received. Also, if it is a partial pay, the receipt mentions the balance amount as well as the money received at the particular date with the mode of pay.

What Information Does a Professional Receipt Contain?

A professional receipt bill contains the following information:

  • Receipt date and number
  • Detailed list of item and service including the purchased items or items bough with quantity, services offered or provided
  • Detailed information of the business including the business logo and contact details
  • Details of the customer
  • Additional fees, unit price, taxes, discounts and other information
  • Pay method and type