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Add new customers and vendors-customer management software

Add New Customers/Vendors

Start adding new customers and vendors to your Moon Invoice account. Later, use the contacts for creating invoices, estimates, credit notes, purchase orders, and time sheets. Explore more about our customer relationship management software for improving client relationships.

Add Contacts

Send Estimates & Bills to Clients

After adding vendors and customers, users can start generating quotes, bills, and proforma invoices using the predefined readymade templates. Also, users can check the activity log of each contact by viewing the dashboard screen.

Send Bills & Quotes
Send Estimates and bills to clients-customer relationship management software
Generate vendor or client statements-vendor management software

Generate Vendor or Client Statements

One of the best things about vendor management software is that it helps the business owner manage all the clients or customers in a single place. It gives a better idea about the vendor management process and helps to improvise it with the help of client-vendor statements. Moon Invoice helps users generate vendor or client-wise statements to better understand the client's payment and order cycle.

Manage Vendors

Know Your Clients Inside Out

While clicking on the particular vendor or client, the app helps to display the outstanding payment amount, overdue amount, sales, net income, and other records of the customers or vendors. Thus, it helps to understand the client's account in a detailed way to revise payment terms or improve the accounts receivable ratio.

Check Outstanding Payments
Know your clients inside out-customer management software
Improve customer and vendor focus-vendor management software

Improve Customer/Vendor Focus

One of the most important aspects of the vendor management process is having a clear knowledge of the customer. It further helps design a focus on the vendor or customer for the long term. Our client relationship management software offers excellent client and vendor focus by detailing every activity about them using charts and bars.

Revise Customer Accounts

Automate Client Follow-Ups

To improve customer relationship management, customer management software helps design recurring bills, send auto-payment alerts, or remind of any action pending from the owner's end. Our software offers automated client follow-ups that enhance customer success management on every business level.

Set Auto-Reminders
Automate client followups-vendor management software


Using vendor or customer relationship management software, the business owner can accurately understand their client's accounts. It helps redefine the payments or other business policies at the right time.

While users have sign-up with Moon Invoice, checking the outstanding payments from the customers or vendors is quite easy. Our dashboard shows every customer's activity with outstanding payments, sales, and net profit.

The recent activities of the vendor management process can be easily checked by clicking on the customer's name. The dashboard shows all the recent activities using the bar charts and graphs.

Moon Invoice allows 25 active vendors under the Bronze plan and unlimited contacts or vendors under the Silver and Gold plan. Check pricing details here.

Small businesses can improvise their customer success management with the help of customer relationship management software. It helps in understanding the vendor management process and strengthens customer relationships.

Cash flow is the life-blood of any business. By successfully implementing the vendor management process into the system, the business owner can maintain easy and positive cash flow.

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