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Moon Invoice

Create Cash Receipts

Businesses and vendors need to generate timely cash receipts against the payment received via cash. Moon Invoice receipt maker app helps generate unlimited cash receipts using smartphones, laptops, mac, and website apps. Hence, generating receipts is quick and easy.

Generate Receipts!

Customize Receipts

Customization is the key for brands in the digital age. Business owners need to customize receipts as per their brand’s requirements and payment policies. Moon Invoice allows users to customize the receipts with a new background, themes, margins, text and fill color, and other modules.

Edit Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Send Proof of Sale

Documentation of transactions is very important as evidence of sale and payment. Issuing cash receipts helps the buyer get proof of payment and the seller proof of sale. Our receipt maker app helps generate instant cash receipts with customization.

Send Receipts

Record Evidence for Audit

Maintaining the records of purchases is always beneficial for maintaining books of accounts. In addition, receipts from purchases always help the buyer during taxation and audit. Using our cash receipt templates, the user can generate accurate cash receipts for the buyer, which helps during the internal revenue audit.

Save Cash Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Print Receipts Instantly!

Need to send hard copies of cash receipts to the buyers? Our receipt maker app helps users print the receipts instantly by clicking on the print icon. Generate receipts using the accurate cash receipt format, save them, and print them on the go!

Print Cash Receipts

Download Receipts as PDF

The saved receipts are quite essential for both the buyer and the seller. The ultimate motto of generating and issuing a receipt is to save it for the accounting and audit records. Our receipt maker app helps generate quick receipts from the cash receipt templates, saved as PDF evidence or record.

Save Receipts!
Moon Invoice


A cash receipt is a document that the seller generates as proof of cash payment against the purchase made. The seller issues it to the buyer.

During accounting and bookkeeping, receipts play an important role as proof of payment. For example, the buyer can show the cash receipts as the payment done against purchases during the internal revenue audit.

For issuing cash receipts online, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Logon to Moon Invoice
  2. Continue with 7 days free trial or subscribe to any of the Moon Invoice plans
  3. Click on Receipts
  4. Click on the + button to add a new cash receipt
  5. Add details, customize, and save it.

Moon Invoice is an ideal receipt maker app for startups, side-hustlers, and professionals. It helps offer the best cash receipt format for generating quick receipts online using any device.

There are different receipts such as payment receipts, sales receipts, donation receipts, income receipts, capital receipts, etc.

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