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Donation Receipt Template

Non-profit organizations can issue professional yet detailed donation receipts to their donors using a donation letter receipt. We have different Non-profit donation receipt template forms that can be customized within minutes for designing a final receipt. Explore our charitable donation receipt templates for issuing timely donation receipts to your esteemed donors.

Contractor Receipt Template

Download Non-Profit Donation Receipt Template

Non-profit organizations can download any donation receipt template for issuing professional receipts against the charity made.

General Charitable Donation Receipt Template
General Charitable Donation Receipt Template

While any organization or individual donates money in cash, cheque, or online to your Non-Profit, it is considered under the general charitable donation. We have a general donation receipt template form that can be easily downloaded on your device as Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs.

Recurring Charitable Donation Receipt Template
Recurring Charitable Donation Receipt Template

Many firms or individuals donate to Nonprofits repeatedly, for which we have an exclusive regular donation receipt letter template. Customize the receipt fields as per the details and save them further to send them on a recurring basis. Non-profits can save the recurring format for repeated use.

Donation Receipt for Goods Received
Donation Receipt for Goods Received

Many businesses or individuals provide items or goods to Non-Profit organization instead of cash. The goods donation receipt template helps the Non-Profits to issue a receipt based on the goods charity. The receipt helps mention the goods with the unit, estimated value, donation date, and donor's name.

Stock or Securities Donation Receipt Template
Stock or Securities Donation Receipt Template

When a donor donates securities or stocks to your Non-Profit organization, you can issue a specialized stock or securities donation receipt. Download the online receipt template and customize it by adding the stock value, securities value, stock name, donation date, and organization details. Save it and issue it to the donor.

Vehicle Donation Receipt Template
Vehicle Donation Receipt Template

Non-profits are often gifted with cars, mopeds, bikes, cycles, or boats. All these donations need to be acknowledged by issuing a vehicle donation receipt. We have a ready-to-use vehicle donation receipt template to help you generate receipts against charitable vehicles in minutes. Download in any format and send it further.

Real-Estate Donation Receipt Template
Real-Estate Donation Receipt Template

Donors also donate properties or land to Non-Profit organization as a token of appreciation, gift, or love. We help Non-Profits like you to design real-estate donation receipt templates in a matter of a few minutes. Download the real-estate donation receipt template on your mobile or desktop and start customizing it with accurate details. Save it and send it to your esteemed donor for acknowledgement.

Acknowledge Donations with Charitable Donation Receipts

Download our 66+ predefined donation receipt templates to issue a perfect-looking donation receipt for your donor.

Explore Receipt Templates

How to Write a
Donation Receipt?

Donation receipts are easily written using a receipt generator software like Moon Invoice. Either the user can download the donation receipt template for customization or can sign up with our software to generate unlimited charitable receipts.

  1. Login to Moon Invoice and Click on Receipts to Write a Donation Receipt, or Download Any of the Relevant Donation Receipt Templates from the Mentioned Options.
  2. Add Receipt Number, Receipt Date, Donor's Details, Non-Profit Details, and Non-Profit Organization's Logo.
  3. Add Donation Details such as Cash, Cheque, Online Payment, Vehicle, Land, Securities, Stocks, or Any Other Type of Donation that You have Received from the donor.
  4. Add the Estimated Value of the Donation If it is not Monetary.
  5. Add the Non-Profit Authority's Signature with a Note of Thanks.
  6. Save it and Issue it to the donor.
How to Make an Itemized Receipt?

What Should a Donation Receipt Template Include?

The following details are mandatory to include in a donation receipt while acknowledging the donor for the charity made.

Receipt Number

Mention the correct receipt number to differentiate it from the other receipts. Also, give a unique receipt number series as per the type of donation receipt.

Receipt Date

A receipt date refers to the date when the receipt has been written. It helps to note the date when the charity or donation has been received from the donor.

Donor Details

The donor details mention the name or organization of the donor, including the donor's address and phone number for easy reach in case of any confusion.

Donation Details

The charity details must mention the type of donation, i.e., monetary or non-monetary, with descriptions such as money, goods, vehicle, property, land, etc.

Non-Profit Details

The donation receipt must include the details of the Non-Profit firm, including the logo, name of the Non-Profit, address, and contact details.


A receipt is incomplete without a testament. Adding a signature verifies the details of the receipt, so adding your Non-Profit stamp or signature is a must.

What are the Types of Donation Receipt Templates?

Following are the two types of donation receipt templates that a non-profit might generally have to download for issuing a final receipt.

Monetary Donation Receipt Template Non-Monetary Donation Receipt Template
Cash Donation Receipt Template Goods Donation Receipt Template
Cheque Donation Receipt Template Vehicle Donation Receipt Template
Online Payment Donation Receipt Template Property Donation Receipt Template
Demand Draft Donation Receipt Template Stocks or Securities Receipt Template

Benefits of Using a Donation Receipt

Here are some of the significant benefits of issuing a donation receipt as a Non-Profit.

Acknowledge of Support

Sharing a donation receipt with the donor is a brilliant idea as it builds up the trust between the Non-Profit and the donor. It helps the donor with evidence of the donation made with the perfect details and encourages future donations.

Financial Accountability

In any charitable organization or Non-Profit, the funds need to be allocated effectively, ensuring financial accountability. Donation receipts need to be filed properly for referring to any of the incoming funds or securities in the organization.

Tax Deductions

People who are contributing their funds or goods for charity get the tax deduction benefit, which can be beneficial to them while filing their taxes or during the audit. Donation receipts help the individuals or organizations to claim tax deductions.

Legal Documentation

Donation receipts serve as a legal document between the charitable trust and the organization providing the charity. It is important to have a record of the donation made and received to avoid any further confusion in the future.

Trust and Transparency

While a Non-Profit issues a donation receipt to the organization paying for the same, it helps them with enhanced trust. As a matter of fact, it increases transparency between both parties and also encourages the donor to make future donations.


One of the benefits of issuing a standard donation receipt is to maintain professionalism and compliance with the donor. Also, a perfectly drafted donation or charity receipt will easily comply with the tax deductions, thereby helping the donor.

Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates

Here is why choosing a receipt template software like Moon Invoice is a smarter choice than downloading free receipt templates online.

Set of Functions Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice
Free Charitable Donation Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Unlimited Invoices, Receipts, Credit Notes, & POs Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Automatic Payment Alerts Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Invoice Tracking Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Generating Time Logs for Contractor Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Send Receipts via WhatsApp Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
Customer/Vendor Management Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates Moon Invoice Vs Free Receipt Templates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Issue Donation Receipts?

Charitable and religious organizations can issue charitable donations receipt. Moon Invoice helps with a receipt for a Non-profit donation template that is easy to customize and send to the donor.

What Does a Donation Receipt Look Like?

A standard or year-end donation receipt looks like a receipt mentioning the charitable contributions of the donor.

Do Donation Receipts Matter for Taxes?

Yes, donation receipts help with tax-exempt status, thereby helping in tax deductions.

Is it Worth Getting A Donation Receipt?

The donation receipt is a written acknowledgment of the charitable contributions of the donor. It is worth getting as it helps with tax purposes.

What are Charitable Donation Receipt Templates?

When the Non-profit organization has to issue a valid receipt for acknowledging the charities received from many donors, a charitable donation receipt template is used. It helps provide donors with the receipt mentioning the monetary benefits or services provided by the donors.