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Moon Invoice

Generate Receipts for Donors

Charitable trusts can now easily generate donation receipts for their donors online using the Moon Invoice app. In addition, we help NGOs and other charitable trusts to create unlimited receipts against charity with readymade receipt templates.

Create a Receipt

Customize Donation Receipts

The accountants can generate quick donation receipts with many customizations by downloading our online readymade receipt templates. For example, add a new background, change the theme, set the margins, and change the text or fill color while customizing a receipt.

Customize Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Print Receipts, Download as PDF

Charitable trusts need to send the receipts either using an online channel or via courier. Sending hard copies of donation receipts is simple and easy using Moon Invoice. In addition, we allow users to download PDF receipts or get them directly printed by setting the printer device.

Print Receipts

Send Donation Receipts Online

One of the best ways to issue timely donation receipts by customizing a donation receipt format is by sending it via email. The moon Invoice receipt maker app helps send receipts via email from the app interface. Hence, it is quick & easy to issue receipts from anywhere.

Email Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Add Attachments to Receipt

Charitable trusts and NGOs have to issue letters of appreciation or thanks while sending donation receipts online. Moon Invoice receipt maker software allows users to add a single attachment by sending a receipt online.

Attach an Image or PDF

Check Receipt Activities

Moon Invoice users can now check the activities of different users under the receipt section by clicking on the activity log. The activity log displays all the receipts with the date and user name. Hence, all the users stay up-to-date.

Scroll Activity Log
Moon Invoice


A donation receipt is a proof of document issued to the donor for the charity done.

A charitable trust or NGO issues a donation receipt to the donor. The donor needs a receipt at the end of the year as it helps with tax redemption benefits.

A proper donation receipt format includes receipt number, date, total amount, product or amount breakdown, payment summary, notes, and payment type.

There are different receipts such as payment receipts, sales receipts, donation receipts, income receipts, capital receipts, etc.

For creating a donation receipt using an Android or iPhone, the user needs to log on to the Moon Invoice app. Click on receipts > generate receipts. Send receipts online to the donors or company using the email feature. Moon Invoice helps with a seven-day free trial to the users offering all the features, including receipts.

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