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Moon Invoice

Generate Rent Receipts

Moon Invoice helps landlords and property owners to create unlimited rent receipts with the help of a rent receipt format that is easy to customize and use. Issuing receipts becomes quick and simple using our receipt maker app.

Issue Rent Receipt!

Download & Print Receipts

Users can now create rent receipts, download them as PDF documents, and print it on the go using our receipt maker app. We allow users to add the printer settings for making rent receipts copy with a single click.

Print Rent Receipts!
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Share Rent Receipts by Email

Moon Invoice helps property owners and landlords to share rent receipts by email. Create rent receipts, save them successfully, and click on the email icon to share receipts via email. Also, issue rent receipts to more recipients using the multiple contact feature.

Send Receipts by Email

Get Rent Income Insights

Moon Invoice helps landlords get a complete rent income insight that helps download sales reports, income statements, profit and loss reports, expense reports, and tenant statements using a single click.

Download Rent Statements
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Auto-set Payment Alerts

Managing payments is quite difficult for any business owner or professional. Landlords can set auto-payment alerts for the tenant using the payment alert feature. Hence, it is easy to demand payment and strengthens the payment cycle.

Set Payment Alerts


A rent invoice is issued for demanding the payment from the tenants, whereas a rent receipt is used as proof of payment.

Moon Invoice users can generate a receipt by logging on to the application or website. Click on sales receipts > generate a receipt from the available rent receipt templates. Save the rent receipt and share or download it.

The rent receipt essentials include receipt date, number, total amount, recipient details, payment mode, and business signature.

Yes, Moon Invoice allows users to send receipts with a seven-day free trial offer. Later, the user needs to enroll in any suitable Moon Invoice subscriptions.

Many tenants demand proof of payment from the landlords for taxation purposes. Issuing rent receipts by customizing the readymade rent receipt format helps landlords issue timely rent receipts to the tenants or lessee.

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