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Rental Receipt Template

Do you have to create regular rent receipts for tenants? Are your tenants always demanding timely rent receipts for tax exemption benefits?

Provide timely rent receipts to tenants and help them avail of tax benefits. Maintain proof of received rent by creating customized tenant receipts using Moon Invoice.

Rental Receipt Template
What is a Rent Receipt?

What is a Rent Receipt?

After the rent is received, the landlord issues the rent receipt to the tenant as proof of payment. It is generally created after the successful payment of the rent. A rent receipt is easy to create using a rent receipt template that is quick to customize.

  • A rent receipt is issued against the payment received in cash, cheque, or online payment method. Some tenants also pay their rent by money orders, for which the rental receipts are issued stating the correct mode of payment.
  • A rent receipt is also known as a rental receipt, renter's receipt, rent payment receipt, proof of rent payment, and tenant's rent receipt.

Moon Invoice offers 66+ receipt templates to help you customize the rental receipts on your own. Enter the correct information about the rental receipt and download it on your system or share it with your tenant on their email address or WhatsApp number.

Downloadable Rental Receipt Template Online

Moon Invoice helps landlords like you download free rental receipt templates online with a single click. Explore the rent receipt templates below.

Free Rent Receipt Template
Free Rent Receipt Template

Create a perfect receipt of rent payment with our readymade free rental receipt template designs. Start editing the rent essentials and other items in the receipt template & download it in formats like Google Docs, MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF.

Printable Rent Receipt Template
Printable Rent Receipt Template

Do you want to issue or download free printable rent receipts? Well, our rental receipt template designs are easy to print. Download the template in the available formats on your system and click on the print option to print it with a single click.

House Rent Receipt Template
House Rent Receipt Template

As a landlord, you can create a perfect-looking house rent receipt by downloading our readymade rental receipt template for home rentals. Share the house rent receipts with your tenants and help them with tax benefits.

Apartment Rent Receipt Template
Apartment Rent Receipt Template

Have you rented out your beautiful apartment? We can help you create timely apartment rent receipts for your tenants using our rent receipt template designs. Start editing the template and issue it further using email or any other channel.

Vehicle Rent Receipt Template
Vehicle Rent Receipt Template

If you have rented your vehicle commercially and want to issue timely vehicle rent receipts, you must download our rental receipt template for cars & bikes. Send rent receipts to your customer or renter in minutes with Moon Invoice.

Commercial Rent Receipt Template
Commercial Rent Receipt Template

When renting out your commercial building or event space to any company or brand, you must issue commercial rent receipts on time. We help you design quick commercial rental receipts using Moon Invoice.

Is Creating Rental Receipts Taking Too Much Time?

Download Rental Receipt Templates Online & Start Designing Quick Rent Receipts for Your Tenants.

Download Rent Receipt Templates

How to Create a Rent Receipt?

Create rent receipts for any rental period of your tenants online. Here is a step-by-step guide to generating quick rental receipts with our downloadable rent receipt templates.

  1. Choose from the available rent receipt template options available with us.
  2. Download the rental receipt template in Google Docs, MS Word, MS Excel, or PDF format.
  3. Start editing the receipt essentials, including the receipt number, receipt date (as per the rental period), payment mode, details of the receipt, and landlord sign.
  4. Save the rent receipt template.
  5. Also, these are free printable rent receipts to print with a single click.
How to Create a Rent Receipt?

What to Include on Your Rent Receipt?

While designing a rent receipt or a rental receipt for a vehicle or equipment, please take care of the following rent receipt essentials.

Receipt Number

The receipt series or number is one of the essential elements of a rental receipt. It depicts the number of the receipt series, e.g., Receipt 005.

Receipt Date

Here the receipt date refers to the date when the receipt was issued. The date always helps to understand the time of the month and year when it was issued.

Payment Amount

The payment amount refers to the total payment that the tenant has paid to the landlord for the rental of the flat, house, vehicle, or equipment for the mentioned period.

Payment Mode

Landlords accept payments via various methods. Payment mode defines the payment method: cash, cheque, online payments, money orders, & more.

Tenant Details

The tenant details need to be filled in perfectly, which helps the tenant use the receipt to avail of the tax benefits. It includes full name, address, & contact details.

Rental Period

The rental period states the time for which the rent has been paid. It can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly, per the landlord or property agreement.

Rental Details

The rental details state in one line or more about the rent description, the time period, or any other additional information regarding the agreement.


The landlord's or property owner's signature is essential on the receipts assuring and authenticating the rent payment.

Do You Wish to Design Accurate Rent Receipts?

Moon Invoice helps you create perfect rental receipts using the rent receipt templates.

Get Started!

Rent Receipt Benefits for Landlords & Tenants

Rental receipt is beneficial to both the landlords and tenants in various ways. Here is a quick summary table explaining the advantages of issuing rent receipts.

Rent Receipt Benefit for Landlords Rent Receipt Benefits for Tenants
Landlords can monitor the incoming payments and late fees by keeping a strict record of the rent receipts. For tenants, rental receipts serve as payment proof, and they can issue them to the landlord when any clashes occur regarding payments or late fees.
Issuing rental receipts is compulsory for commercial rentals. It helps the landlord in showing professionalism towards the agreement. The rental receipts can help the tenants to avail themselves of the tax benefits. It helps get the tax exemption at the time of filing taxes.
Issuing receipts is a kind of acknowledgement of the payment being received. It can serve as an excellent document for bookkeeping. Tenants get a full disclosure of the payment being received by the landlord, keeping their worries aside.

Acknowledge Your Tenant With Rental Receipts

Creating and issuing rent receipts is a sign of professionalism.

Design Receipts Now!

Generate Your Printable Rent Receipt from Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice is a rental receipt maker application for smartphones, desktops, and laptops. We offer free rental receipt template options for designing quick rent receipts for residential or commercial rental spaces. Generating free printable rent receipts is relatively easy and fast with our rental receipt maker; here are the steps:

  1. Get Moon Invoice App
  2. Log in to Moon Invoice
  3. Add a New Company
  4. Click on Sales > Receipts
  5. Create a Receipt Using a Rent Receipt Template
  6. Start Adding Rent Receipt Essentials
  7. View, Download, and Print
Generate Your Printable Rent Receipt from Moon Invoice

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Keep Rent Receipts?

For the rental payment you made, you need to keep the rent receipts as proof of payment. It can help you with tax benefits at the time of filing taxes.

When Do I Need To Use A Rent Receipt Form?

A rent receipt template is important for filing taxes, keeping a record or proof of payments, and for keeping the issues of late fees away.

What Is the Size Of the Rent Receipt Format?

Moon Invoice helps you print rent receipts in both A4 size and thermal print size options. It includes all the information right from the rental property address, online or cash payment, receipt date and number, etc.

What Is Legally Required On A Receipt?

The property manage or landlord needs to mention all the important receipt essentials including the receipt date, number, mode of payment, total payment, rental property address, tenant’s information, and any crucial rental agreement information if required.

How to Get Acknowledge for Rent Payments?

Well, if you are using a free receipt maker app like Moon Invoice, you will be notified with the incoming rental payments. And as a tenant, a rental receipt is the proof of rental payments done so far.