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Moon Invoice

Customize Receipt Form

Moon Invoice app offers users customizable delivery receipt templates for creating quick and accurate delivery receipts online. Users can add a background, themes, fill and text color, set margin indents, customize titles, and do more using our delivery receipt form.

Edit Receipts

Download Receipt Templates

Users can easily download delivery receipt templates online using our receipt maker app, and customize them with proper details before issuing them to the delivery person, logistics driver, or agency. Just download the delivery receipt sample, and edit it into a final copy.

Save Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Issue Delivery Receipts Online

There has to be a delivery receipt issued as proof of the successful delivery of products, goods, food items, gifts, and services. Moon Invoice app helps users issue quick delivery receipts online by editing the available delivery receipt form.

Send Receipts

Print Delivery Receipts

Do you wish to print the delivery challans or receipts? Our receipt maker application allows users to save receipts online, easy to print with a single click. Print unlimited receipts on the go for sending it across to logistics or delivery people.

Print Delivery Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Download Receipts as PDF

Our receipt maker app allows users to download delivery receipts online as PDF, easy to store on the desktop or smartphone. The PDF files are easy to share and send to the clients via email.

Download as PDF

Record Receipts for Audit

Internal revenue audit is one of the times where receipts are mandatory to disclose. During the audit, delivery receipts are required to prove that the customer has duly signed it on the receipt of the goods or service. We help businesses download quick delivery receipts that are helpful during accounting and auditing.

Show Receipts
Moon Invoice


A delivery receipt sample or template is a readymade business document that helps generate an accurate copy of the delivery receipt. The final receipt copy is easily generated by editing the delivery receipt format.

Delivery receipts are created by the seller’s sales representative and are duly signed by the customer on the successful receipt of the goods. Delivery receipt management is quite an essential term in business accounting, which is maintained with accuracy using the delivery receipts.

  1. For creating a delivery receipt online, the user needs to log on to the Moon Invoice app. Click on receipts > generate receipts.
  2. Click on the delivery receipt sample and customize it as you need.
  3. Save receipt.
  4. Send receipts online using the email feature.
  5. Moon Invoice helps with a seven-day free trial to the users offering all the features, including receipts.

Sales receipts, cash receipts, payment receipts, delivery receipts, and donation receipts are a few types of receipts that are important in business accounting and bookkeeping.

No, receipts and invoices are not the same. An invoice is issued for demanding payment, whereas a receipt is issued as proof of sale or delivery.

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