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Moon Invoice

Confirm Payments with Receipts

Business owners, NGOs, and institutions can confirm the payments by issuing donations or sales receipts. Acknowledging payments is a must for businesses to inform the payer that the funds have been received. In addition, it helps build trust and enhances the relationship.

Issue Receipts

Customize Receipts

Receipts need to be customized as per the type and nature. For example, donation receipts are drafted differently than sales receipts. Therefore, we help users get a sample of acknowledgment receipt of payment to customize different types of receipts.

Edit Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Email Receipts From Anywhere

Moon Invoice allows users to generate and issue receipts from anywhere, anytime. Our receipt maker app works offline and gets the data synced while getting connected back to the internet. So generating receipts from a smartphone or desktop is easy and quick!

Send Receipts Online

Download Receipts as PDF

Our receipt maker app helps business owners to issue receipts in both online and print copy. Users can download the sales or payment receipts as PDFs and save them on the device. Later, the receipt records can be utilized at the time of bookkeeping or accounting.

Save Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Print Receipts With a Click!

Add a printer device to Moon Invoice app by clicking on print settings. Then, save receipts, and click on the print icon to print receipts on the go! Users can download and print receipts as well on different devices.

Print Receipts

Add Attachments to Receipts

Adding attachments or files while sending a receipt email is essential for the seller or institutions. For a more accurate receipt email or acknowledgment, attaching images or files strengthens the communication between two parties. Our receipt maker app allows users to add an attachment with receipts.

Add Files or Images
Moon Invoice


Acknowledging payments is crucial for letting the payer know that the payment has been successfully received. It helps build trust between two parties.

The best method to acknowledge payments is by sending a receipt. Our app allows users with acknowledgement receipt samples to generate payment receipts.

A perfect sample of acknowledgment receipt of payment includes the following details:

  1. Receipt number and date
  2. Seller, supplier, vendor information
  3. Seller Company logo
  4. Seller address
  5. Buyer’s name and address
  6. Payment details including the amount specifying discount, tax, and the net figure
  7. Payment type (mode of payment)

There are different receipts such as payment receipts, sales receipts, donation receipts, income receipts, capital receipts, etc

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