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Moon Invoice

Issue Receipts On the Go!

The moon Invoice receipt maker app allows users to design and generate unlimited payment receipts by downloading the accurate format. Issuing receipts is simple, quick, and fun using our online receipt maker solution.

Send Receipts

Convert Paid Invoices to Receipts

Don’t have time to generate new payment receipts? We help you convert paid invoices into payment receipts with a single click. Save time and effort on designing new payment receipts with the exclusive convert feature.

Mark Invoices as Paid
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Send Proof of Payment

Payment receipts are sent as proof of payment. The payment is received by cash, card, or online mode; there has to be a receipt issued against the payment received. We help you issue proof of payments on the go using the Moon Invoice app.

Issue Payment Proof

Download Payment Receipts

The accountants need to download payment receipts for accounting or audit records. We help you download unlimited payment receipts in PDF format with our online receipt maker application.

Save Receipts
Moon Invoice
Moon Invoice

Print Receipts with a Click!

Apart from downloading receipts, accountants need to print the payment receipts with certain numbers of copies to send it across different departments. Our receipt maker app allows users to print payment receipts on the go!

Print Receipt Copies

Edit & Customize Receipts

Using the different payment receipt templates and accurate payment receipt samples, the users can edit and customize the payment receipt format into a final receipt. Add a new theme, background, and color to customize receipts on the go!

Customize Receipts
Moon Invoice


A payment receipt is a proof of document issued against the receipt of payment. Here the payment can be via any mode, including cash, card, online banking, etc.

The seller issues a payment receipt to the buyer as proof of payment.

A proper payment receipt format includes receipt number, date, total amount, product or amount breakdown, payment summary, notes, and payment type.

There are different receipts such as payment receipts, sales receipts, donation receipts, income receipts, capital receipts, etc.

For creating a payment receipt using an Android or iPhone, the user needs to log on to the Moon Invoice app. Click on receipts > generate receipts. Send receipts online to the buyers or vendors using the email feature. Moon Invoice helps with a seven-day free trial to the users offering all the features, including receipts.

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