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Free Contractor
Estimate Template

Construction contractors, plumbers, painters, electricians, home interior agencies, landscapers, roofing agencies, and masonries can improvise their job quotation paperwork by downloading our free contractor estimate templates.

Contractor templates can help to draft accurate estimates for quick and professional bidding experience. Make your contractor estimate stand out by using any of our contractor estimating templates.

Free Contractor Estimate Template

Download the Free Contractor Estimate Template Now!

Contractors can choose the right job estimate from the below options. Download these contractor estimates in the format you prefer.

General Contractor Estimate
General Contractor Estimate Template

General and independent contractors need to design a work estimate template while bidding for a particular contract. Our contractor estimating template designs suit best for general contractors who look forward to bidding professionally. Download our contractor estimates in MS Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Sheets.

Roofing Contractor Estimate
Roofing Contractor Estimate Template

Roofing contractors can accurately focus on bidding for their upcoming roofing projects for both residential and commercial schemes by downloading the contractor estimate template forms in Google Docs, Word, Excel, or PDF. Start customizing the contractor estimates with your roofing business details and send them quickly.

Lawn Care Estimate
Construction Estimate Template

Our construction estimating software for small businesses is designed to help construction agencies draft perfect-looking quotations. Make your construction firm stand out by preparing accurate construction estimates detailing labor, material, and cost of work. Download construction estimates in your required format.

Lawn Care Estimate
Electrician Contractor Estimate Template

Electrical contractors need a specific yet tailored electrical contractor estimate template to design estimates that mention the electrical work of the client's residence or commercial property. We have with us the right set of contractor estimates for electrical contractors in different formats. Start customizing it today!

Lawn Care Estimate
Plumbing Contractor Estimate Template

All your plumbing service estimations can be easily listed professionally using our contractor estimate templates. Manage your plumbing installations, pipe fittings, bathroom remodeling, and all other contractors with ease by drafting a perfect-looking plumber's estimate. Download the estimating template now!

Lawn Care Estimate
Carpet Cleaning Estimate Template

Cleaning industry contractors generally need to use professional estimating software for sending quotations for carpet cleaning jobs. We have got you covered with 66+ predefined estimate templates for your desired carpet cleaning jobs. Download these templates in Word, Excel, Google Sheets, and PDF.

Why Contractor Estimates Are Essential for You?

General and independent contractors need professional estimating software to accurate contractor estimates. Here is why, as a contractor, you must use the contractor estimating templates.

Perfect Budgeting

Contractors need to mention the total cost breakdown in the estimate or job quote to present an accurate quotation. Estimates help the contractor to mention the labor, materials, and other expense project costs in detail. Creating accurate estimates helps with perfect budgeting, thereby avoiding any last-minute financial surprises.

Easy Recording

Drafting an estimate helps the contractor with an official record of the project bidding. These bids provide the contractor with an easy estimate reference and also help the contractor bid on similar projects easily. Also, approved proposals can be easily referred to and converted to invoices.

Project Scope Definition

Scope of work is very important to be described, especially when you are a contractor. A construction contractor specifically needs to mention the amount of work to be done, the time that will be required, the total labor, and the material costs. Hence, detailed and professional estimates help with the accurate project scope.


All the contractors do not believe in issuing a digitalized yet accurate quotation while bidding for their jobs, for which many of their bids are neglected despite being good. Contractor estimating templates can be used to draft a professional-looking quote, thereby standing out from the competitors.

Increase Your Contractor Business by 3X with Contractor Estimates.

Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC agencies, Construction Companies, and Masonries can increase their business reach by issuing professional estimates.

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What is Included in a Free Contractor Estimate Template Form?

There are several key elements included in a work estimate template of a contractor. Here is what Moon Invoice templates have in their contractor-related templates.

Contact Details

Contact Details

The potential client's details are important to be mentioned in an estimate, including the client's name, mailing address, and phone number. All these details help to address the correct client to whom you are referring the estimate.

Business Information

Business Information

Contractor's business details are mandatory, mentioning the company name, logo, type of contractor, and address. It differentiates your estimate from the other bids and helps the client get basic details about your contractor's business.

Estimate Details

Estimate Details

Estimate details refer to the estimate number, date, payment due date, and currency. A unique estimate number helps the contractor to keep a record of the sent estimates easily. Also, the contractor personally can record the details for future reference.

Line Items

Line Items

Line items refer to the detailed description of the project plan, including the materials cost, contractor or construction teams labor price, work performed details, profit margin, taxes, other related costs, discounts, if any, and the total costs of the job work.

Payment Terms

Payment Terms

General contractor payment terms need to be mentioned at the bottom of the estimate, referring to the payment schedule and late payment fees. Estimates need to mention the complete payment schedule in detail to avoid any further issues.

Business Signature

Business Signature

Adding a business signature or company signature at the bottom of the estimate helps as a testimony. Many estimates also ask for an acceptance signature, which is the best way to know if the receiver accepts the estimated bid or not.

How to Use Moon Invoice's Contractor Estimating Templates?

Our construction estimating software for small businesses helps generate quick contractor estimates, saving time and resources. Here is how contractors can easily utilize most of our detailed estimate forms.

  1. Download the correct estimate proposal template in Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet, PDF, or Google Docs.
  2. Start customizing the project template with your contractor's business details.
  3. Add an estimate number for tracking purposes. It helps record the estimate number for future reference.
  4. Mention all the job work details (completed work details) with the total costs involved in the overall project with labor costs, resources and deadlines.
  5. Mention the business terms or any other necessary disclaimers of your company.
  6. Proofread all the details and save the estimate template on your device.
  7. Send it via email or WhatsApp or print it for mailing a hard copy.
Steps to Create a Landscaping Estimate

Save 15 Minutes On Every Estimate You Design

Get our free contractor estimate template to draft accurate and professional-looking contractor estimates instantly.

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Moon Invoice Vs. Free Estimate Templates

Here is why contractors love Moon Invoice as their contractor estimating software. It provides much more than free estimate forms.

Set of Functions Free Estimate Template Moon Invoice
Free Contractor Estimate Template Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Automatic Payment Alerts Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Invoice Tracking Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Generating Time Logs for Cost Estimate Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Send Estimate Via WhatsApp Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Potential Customers Management Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Estimate Templates Does Moon Invoice Provide?

Moon Invoice offers 66+ free contractor estimate template forms. Contractors can easily customize the templates as per their business requirements.

Is Moon Invoice a Free Estimating Software?

Yes, we offer free contractor estimate template forms. Users can send unlimited estimates during the free trial. Downloading these estimates is totally free of cost, as no sign-in is required.

Can I Edit Estimates Using Moon Invoice?

Of course. Moon Invoice lets the user edit the estimates for 'n' numbers of times.

What is the Right Time to Send a Contractor Estimate?

The right time to send a contractor estimate is right after having a discussion with the client regarding the work or job.

How to Convert Accepted Estimates to Invoices?

Using our construction estimating software for small businesses, the user can convert the estimates to invoices with a single click.

What are the Different Types of Contractor Estimates?

The different types of contractor estimates include the following:

  • HVAC estimates
  • Construction projects estimates
  • Plumbing estimates
  • Electrician estimates
  • Roofing estimates
  • Carpet Cleaning estimates
  • Home Interior estimates
  • DryWall estimates
  • Masonry estimates

Moon Invoice helps with all the above mentioned free contractor estimate template forms for bidding your ongoing or new contractor project.

How Does Free Estimate Templates Help?

Free estimate templates help to save time and resources. It helps in generating quick excel templates or word templates for your bids in minutes. Detailed cost estimates can be drafted easily in minutes using our online job estimate templates.

Which is the Best Cost Estimating Software for Contractors?

The best cost estimating software helps with automatic estimated cost calculation saving time and resources of the contractor. You must try Moon Invoice as most contractors love us for what we offer!