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Free Electrical Estimate Template

Do you need to make regular estimates for your electrical jobs or contracts? Leave your estimate designing worries to us, as we are here to offer you a professional electrical estimate template PDF for creating unlimited estimates.

Moon Invoice brings you different designs for electrical estimate templates that help you design a specific quotation based on your sub-industry or type of work. Let's get you started with our lightning-fast estimate creator templates.

Free Electrical Estimate Template

Download the Electrical Estimate Template Free

Electricians or electrical contractor agencies can download their relevant receipt templates from the given options. Customize the electrical receipt template and issue it to your clients on time.

Residential Electrical Estimate
Residential Electrical Estimate Template

Do you need to provide an accurate electrical estimate for a residence electrical contract? Well, we have got you covered with 66+ predefined electrical quote template forms that are easy to download as Google Docs, MS Word, Excel, or PDF. Customize the template as per your estimation needs and send it across to get the contract.

Commercial Electrical Estimate
Commercial Electrical Estimate Template

Bid for industrial or commercial electrical jobs by designing a professional-looking estimate with our predefined templates. Download the electrical estimate template PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, or Google Spreadsheets. Start customizing the estimate proposal template by adding the relevant details of the proposed job work.

Lawn Care Estimate
Electrical Maintenance Estimate Template

Many times, electrical contractors only need to provide maintenance services. We have got your electrical agency covered with electrical quote template forms for maintenance services. Download the electrical estimate template in Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF, or Google Docs to add the details of the job work and send it across.

Line Up Your Electrical Contractor Agency with Professional Estimates

Moon Invoice helps with 66+ different electrical estimate templates that can be tailored as per your bidding requirements.

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How To Create An
Electrical Estimate Online?

You must follow the steps mentioned to generate an accurate electrical estimate or proposal.

  1. Download any of the above electrical estimate template forms as per your proposal requirements.
  2. Start adding the relevant estimate details, such as the estimate number, estimate date, and estimate currency.
  3. Add your electrical agency details, such as the company logo, company name and address, and phone number.
  4. Add client details, including the customer's name, address, and phone number.
  5. Describe the electrical project scope, such as the job work details. Products or items if need to be purchased or bought, electrical labor or visiting charges, discounts, taxes, and total estimate amount.
  6. Add payment terms, including the payment schedule and bank details.
  7. Add your signature or company signature.
  8. Click on Save.
Steps to Create a Landscaping Estimate

What Should Be Included In Electrical Estimates?

A professional electrical estimate form must include the following details.

Estimate Essentials

The estimate date, number, and currency are quite important to address the estimate for future reference. You can also run a unique estimate number series for commercial and residential electrical jobs.

Company Details

Company details are very important to add in an estimate as it helps the client or customer to refer to your company. It includes a company logo, company name, address details, and phone number.

Client Details

The client information, such as the client's name, address, and phone number, is important to mention in an estimate. Electrical agencies can also include the shipping as well as the billing address of the client.

Job Details

The electrical services job details refer to the scope of electrical work, including the material costs, unit prices, sales tax, discount, description of each unit price and labor service, and the total cost of the electrical work.

Payment Terms

Adding payment terms in the proposal or quotation helps the client understand your electrical agency's payment schedule. Also, mention the bank details and other payment-related information.


The electrical contractor or agency must testify to the estimate or job work quotation by signing it duly at the bottom of the page. A company or business signature helps the quotation to get approved faster.

Tips And Best Practices For Electrical Estimates

For any project to be successful, it is important to design and send an accurate estimate. Here are some best practices to be followed by electrical contractors.

Plan a Site Visit
Plan a Site Visit

A better understanding of the job is derived after visiting the site. An electrical agency must send a senior electrician for the site visit to get a draft of an accurate quotation. A site visit helps to understand the scenario better, mentioning the right quantity and labor for the proposed work.

Itemized Breakdown
Itemized Breakdown

While you use an electrical contractor template PDF, it is important to list the items with the actual cost breakdown, mentioning the unit price, unit description, sales tax, discount, quantity required, labor charge, other material costs, and the final amount. Also, include the payment schedule.

Warranty Mentions
Warranty Mentions

While you have a complete contract of the industrial, commercial, or residential property, it might also include the fixture of lights and wires, for which it is important to mention the product warranty along with the product cost and discount. It helps approve the electrical services estimate easily.

Review & Revise
Review & Revise

One of the tips before sending any business or electrical estimate is to proofread it twice. There might be some silly errors in the estimate, which can be prevented by reviewing it before sending it to the client. Also, errors need to be rectified accurately to get your estimate accepted.

Use a Template
Use a Template

Using an electrical estimate template free helps to design a professional-looking estimate. An estimate template helps with a predefined format that only needs to be filled with accurate details so that it can be quickly generated without wasting much time. It also saves much time in generating it.

Try Estimating Software
Try Estimating Software

Free estimating software like Moon Invoice helps generate accurate electrical contractor estimates. A free estimating generator helps with automatic calculations of the cost and taxes, which not only saves time but also helps with 100% accuracy in the overall estimate form.

Get a Free Estimating Software to Boost Your Electrical Business

Moon Invoice helps with 66+ free estimate templates that help generate accurate and professional estimates in minutes.

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Free Electrician Estimate Template Vs. Moon Invoice

Here is why electrical contractors must use a free estimating generator like Moon Invoice to generate perfect-looking estimates or electrical services job proposals.

Set of Functions Free Estimate Template Moon Invoice
Free Electrical Estimate Template PDF Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Unlimited Invoicing and Estimates Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Automatic Payment Alerts Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Invoice Tracking Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Generating Time Logs for Cost Estimate Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Send Estimate Via WhatsApp Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
Project Management Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software Printable Invoice Templates v/s Invoice Creation Software
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Write an Electrical Contractor Estimate?

To write an electrical estimate accurately, electrical agencies or contractors must use a professional electrical contractor estimate template that has a predefined format for generating perfect-looking estimates.

What is the Difference Between an Electrical Quote and an Estimate?

An electrical quote refers to an approximate estimate, whereas an electrician estimate refers to a professional estimation of the total cost of the job.

What is the Best Electrical Estimating Software?

Moon Invoice is one of the most recommended cost-estimating software for contractors, including electricians. It helps with unlimited invoicing, estimates, credit notes, receipts, purchase orders, and time-tracking. Nevertheless, it helps with project cost estimating and reports for defining accurate job estimates.

Does Moon Invoice Provide Free Estimate Templates?

Yes. Moon Invoice offers 66+ free electrical estimate template forms. These job estimate template forms can be customized as per your requirements.