Are you searching for a solution to How to send an invoice via email? Then you’ve come to the ideal spot to learn about email invoices.

You cannot anticipate prompt payment if you do not know how to submit an invoice by email. Email invoices are often sent as attachments, so having a standard invoice template to use as a quick cover letter can help you get paid faster.

You should start being paid now that you’re up and running. However, managing payments is a major headache for many startups and independent contractors.

Here, we’ll explain how to send an invoice via email, go over what should be included in emailing an invoice, and provide some sample invoices to get you started. we will see an invoice email message example.

Steps to Send an Invoice Through Email

Are you still not convinced that sending an invoice email is the best way to send unpaid invoices with payment terms? Good. Now, let us show you the ropes in simple language.

Step 1: Creating an Invoice

You may make an invoice from scratch using Microsoft Office or Google Docs or utilize the invoice template to get started.

Download an Invoice Template

It might take a lot of time to adjust your cell blocks and fill in the headers manually. Using Google Docs or Microsoft Office may save money and preparation time by downloading invoice templates.

When you use an invoice template, you get a format tailored to your small business’s needs. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate data. The steps for making an invoice in Excel and Word are provided in the linked documents.

Use Invoice Software

Using invoice software may greatly streamline the invoicing process. Moon Invoice is one of the invoicing software that may help you quickly and easily produce professional-looking invoices that include your company’s branding.

An additional advantage is that you may consolidate your invoices and purchases into a single database. This may be a more effective way of tracking invoices or your bills and past due invoices instead of creating your own files on your computer.

Step 2: Get your Attachment Ready

There are a few additional things to do after creating an invoice before it can be sent.

For Invoice Software

To save your invoice as a template, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined by the software you use to create invoices. To master the specific method, you should study the software closely or use the manufacturer’s documentation or online courses.

Step 3: Just Attached it to your Mail

After making the bill and saving it as a PDF, you may go on to write the accompanying email.

Attach Your Invoice with a subject line.

1. Let’s assume you’ve already logged into your preferred email service.
2. A new email may be created by clicking the appropriate button in your email client.
3. For Google and Yahoo, this is “Compose,” but in Outlook, it’s “New Message.”
4. Select the paperclip-shaped “Attach file” button with a clear subject line.
5. Navigate to the folder where you save your invoices on your computer.
6. To add the attached invoice, double-click the file.

Our readers can also get a little demonstration on how to send an email using Moon Invoice by switching to our Instagram Post. Click here to get quick stepwise instructions on sending an invoice attached to the email.

Example Invoice Email Template

If you send an invoice attached email for the first time, you may need help with how to send the invoice or get in touch with the client. To write an invoice email message is an art. With a perfect template, you can get paid or secure late payments.

Use the following email invoice templates in a new email to the customer or reply to an existing email thread you’ve started to send the invoice for the project name, services rendered or products you’ve provided.

Customers and clients will have more trust in your company if you send them invoices by email. Maintaining that level of professionalism is crucial to your success. Please feel free to use the following invoice email templates in your business to write an invoice email.

First Time Invoice Email Template

First Time Invoice Email Template

Subject Line: [Invoice Number] Invoice Due on [Date]

Dear [Client],

I hope you’re doing well.

Please find attached the [number] invoice for [project finished]. The due date to issue payment is [date].

Please get in touch with us if the included invoice raises any queries or requires clarification.

Best Regards,

[Your Company Name]

Note that this invoice email example is a perfect template i.e. concise and straightforward, with an itemized list and a good subject line. Unless you have a strong connection with the customer and believe it to be suitable, there is no need to provide extraneous important information or dialogue. This is entirely up to your choice.

It is advised to customize your invoice email so the customer does not feel as if they have gotten a generic invoice.

When doing invoice emails, you should add a customized greeting so that the recipient knows you’ve taken the time to contact out. You may also put a customised note in the email’s body if you believe it is suitable.

This distinguishes your company from competitors using the same template and will make your customers feel more involved.

Follow-up Invoice Email Template/ Overdue Invoice

Unfortunately, chasing funds is a regular annoyance for freelancers. You should consider the possibility that there is a good explanation for why your client has not paid you on time.

However, it would be advantageous if you did not permit them to avoid paying for your services. Ensure that your email is kind but direct. There is no need to get very personal if this is the first time you follow up with your customer and expect payment.

You may use the following email as a friendly reminder for late payment:

Payment Reminder for Late Payment

Subject Line: Regarding Invoice [Number], Due on [Date]

Hi [Name],

I hope you have been doing well. I wanted to confirm receipt of the invoice we issued for [product or service] last week.

Please let me know what else I can do to ensure that this invoice is settled as soon as possible. Take it as just a formal reminder of the payment deadline.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

[Your Title]

Email signature

As was previously said, the invoice number, business address, contact details, and payment due date are required invoice details for following up on a late payment with this past-due invoice email.

If you prefer to prepare and send invoices manually for multiple clients, Moon Invoice is the tool that makes being paid ASAP simpler than ever.

The accounting software allows small business owners to monitor payments from their mobile devices and issue invoice reminders with a simple swipe. It is the simplest method to handle all of your small business’s bills and late fee collection, and it is completely free.

5 Tips for Sending Invoice Emails

However, you should follow several additional best practices when sending an invoice through email that invoice email templates won’t cover.

  • You should attach the invoice to the email rather than putting it in the message’s text.
  • You should always keep track of your open and closed invoices for bookkeeping and auditing reasons.
  • If you’re sending invoices via email, it may help to include the invoice number in the subject line.
  • Always use a formal and businesslike tone when writing to customers via email.
  • To improve your odds of being paid on time, you should inquire about the customer’s preferred method and frequency of invoicing.

Why Use an Invoice Email Template?

Email templates, to answer your question briefly, allow you to save time. For example, if you often send invoices to the same clients, using a template would save you the time of typing out the message each time.

This is particularly helpful for businesses that provide a wide range of goods and services since it clarifies what specific additional details must be included in the message and how they should be laid out.

If you need to send the same invoice to several customers, a template is a great help to ensure all invoices look and sound the same.

Invoice templates also allow you to tailor your correspondence with each customer by including details specific to them, such as their name and address.

It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to send a business email. A simple invoice receipt template that may cut this time down to 30 seconds or less is invaluable if it takes longer than that or if you send out many invoices.

Payment delays are a common problem for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Despite the many potential reasons for late payments, most of the stress may be avoided by using a simple email invoice template that demands more attention, explains payment conditions, and reduces misunderstandings.

Send your Business Invoice Emails with Moon Invoice

Electronic invoicing is a crucial part of running a successful company. Clients might get confused and frustrated if they are unsure of how to react to a request payment or whether they fully comprehend what is being asked of them.

A positive working relationship with your customer and being paid on time begins with a well-written email. Don’t risk being paid; utilize our pre-made invoice email templates or, better yet, use our user-friendly and effective online invoicing software instead.

Send Invoices 5X Faster Using In-App Email

Moon Invoice allows users to send invoices via email with a single click.

Start Sending Emails

Using software like Moon Invoice, you can quickly and easily generate invoices for your customers and send them by professional email. The procedure is simplified, and you experience far less bother.

Automating your invoicing with software frees up time and effort that would otherwise be spent on paperwork so that you can put those efforts into producing real results.

As a bonus, when you automate your invoice mailing process, you can be certain that every invoice will be of the same high quality and have all the necessary details. A unique invoice number or received payment instructions will not be lost if they are not included in the final draught.

A PDF document version of your invoice may be sent to you through email with Moon Invoice if you so like. Maintaining a good financial situation in your small company is possible with the help of a dependable invoicing procedure set up with the appropriate instruments.

The most important things to implement an automated invoicing system are that you can:

  • You may avoid wasting time by
  • Remove any typos and errors from your invoices.
  • Improve electronic invoices by including useful new functions like multiple payment options and a one-click reordering mechanism.

What software best fits your needs as a company depends on the nature of your operation. Hiveage caters mostly to sole proprietors and small enterprises because of the unique needs of these industries.