Freelancing is one of the best ways to earn income. 

And, for youngsters is the most practical route of revenue. 

Freelancers make a move from 9-to-5 jobs to become freelancers in numerous disciplines. You are not just your employer as a freelancer and enjoy flexible working hours with a handsome pay plan. It is not shocking that freelancers are a collective of hard-working individuals, with many working weeklies for about 30-50 hours.

A free invoice generator app is one of the best business applications for managing your billing and time-tracking cycle. Most freelancers look forward to the best online payment processing software

Freelancers work on several assignments for their diverse clientele across the globe. At the end of any month, there is no guaranteed paycheck to be collected, but being paid on time after all the hard work becomes a key concern. Therefore, finding a secure online payment portal that guarantees that the services are charged on time is essential. And what better it could be than an online payment software such as Moon Invoice.

15 Best Online Payment Methods for Freelancers in 2024

1. TransferWise

Freelancers can now conveniently collect payments in their local currency through the TransferWise freelance payment method. TransferWise meets the exact exchange rate as Google or XE. But what makes it different is that it lets you save on currency conversion. It is operational and serves multiple currencies all over the globe. The fees incurred here depend on the receiver’s and the sender’s location. With TransferWise, the only drawback is that it limits particular countries’ activities to ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed their country page.

Features of Transferware

  • Transfers of essential money from one bank account to another
  • Extensive money transfers through this freelancers accounting software
  • Transfers of foreign currency
  • A multi-currency account in many currencies accepts, saves, and keeps the money.

Using free online invoicing software such as Moon Invoice, you can easily integrate the popular online payment gateways. 

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is the largest and most trusted multinational encrypted payment provider. It is the most sought-after freelance payment method available in different countries worldwide. The transfers here are handled quickly, and within 2 to 6 working hours, you can access your funds comfortably.

It’s free to sign up for Payoneer, and the processing costs are smaller than other freelance accounting software types. The drawback that comes with Payoneer is that it charges a $25 recurring fee for maintaining your account.

Features of Payoneer

  • Single Payout
  • Receive Payments
  • Mass Payouts
  • Funds Withdrawal
  • Partner Network
  • Integrated Payments
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Escrow Payments

Moon Invoice, a free invoice generator app, helps you integrate your invoices with the Payoneer payment gateway while sending invoices. 

3. Stripe

Another trustworthy form of freelance payment method that fits well for freelancers and newcomers is Stripe. It is active in more than 130+ nations around the globe, headquartered in the USA. The Stripe can be conveniently combined with any website or online store for e-commerce, making it an acceptable payment option for freelancers.

With Stripe, many first-time users face difficulty in terms of their usage. However, it is just as easy as other payment platforms if you are a techno-geek. Stripe has no set-up or recurring payments, but it costs you 2.9% + 30 cents for any reasonable credit card payment.

Features of Stripe

  • Authorization
  • Dispute Handling
  • Financial Reporting
  • Clean Canvas
  • Invoice
  • Open-Source Plugin
  • Payment Options
  • Mobile Customer Interface

We have integrated Stripe as one of the essential payment gateways with our online payment processing software, Moon Invoice. 

4. Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill was leveraged the most for betting and online gaming transactions. However, this freelance payment method is currently used for freelancers and traditional freelance payment systems. At Skrill, nothing is paid to the sender (client) for sending the invoice.

Conversely, with each purchase, freelancers tend to pay a one-time fee when they borrow money from their accounts. Nevertheless, this one-time varies based on the nation of the customer. The payment account is limited, and there are some restrictions on collecting money above $2000. It is easy to use Skrill.

Features of Skrill

  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Email transactions
  • Free account
  • Fast access
  • One place data

5. Paypal

Paypal for freelancers is a well-known online invoice payment processing software payment site. It facilitates smooth integration with standard plug-ins and online stores for e-commerce. The advantages of using this freelance payment system are that it offers various ways of withdrawal of payments, periodic payments, and a hosted checkout experience. Paypal is an internationally centralized payment portal that delivers a hassle-free experience with various language assistance.

The only downside to this freelancer’s accounting software here is the high transfer and transaction costs, which vary from country to country.

Features of Paypal

  • Accept Payments Online
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Bill Me Later
  • Credit Card Reader
  • Express Checkout
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Mobile Card Reader
  • Online Invoicing

Using our online payment software, you can easily integrate the PayPal freelance payment method. Check out our online payment processing software for more information. 

6. Instamojo

Another prevalent freelance payment method used by freelancers and consultants is Instamojo. It allows users to make payments with their email address or username. Users can also receive payments similarly. It does it all without any charges. This online invoice software for freelancers also enables you to build payment connections that you can conveniently share with your customers and collect from them any amount requested. Instamojo aims to provide the ‘easiest payment options to enable freelancers to evolve smoothly and cost-effectively. There is no monthly or yearly charge here, and just a flat fee per account has to be charged by consumers.

Features of Instamojo

  • Secured server
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Invoices
  • Transaction Data Management
  • Multiple Payment Platform
  • Simplified Integration
  • Maintain Multiple Bank Accounts

7. Remitly

When we talk about the freelancer payment method in India and the Philippines, Remitly tops the list. You can find no-to-miss discount opportunities here, one of which is no processing fees above $1000.
However, it charges a regular tax of $3.99 on credit and debit card transactions. There’s even an alternative at Remitly to submit payment free of charge. But this payment execution process takes up to 3 days. When you’re not in a hurry, it certainly works for you.

Features of Remitly

  • Zero fees for transactions when the card is used abroad
  • Zero account maintenance fees
  • Zero overdraft fees
  • Zero ATM fees
  • Zero minimum balance

8. Payline

The Fastest and Most Effective Payment Gateway

The web solutions from Payline, which also include gateway payment processing, can be integrated with more than 175 online shopping carts. Additionally, the company offers mobile app developers alternatives for accepting mobile payments. Additionally, QuickBooks is connected with the Payline payment gateway to simplify overall payroll and financial management.

Depending on the service, Payline offers a range of prices. Swipes take place under Payline Start, which charges a monthly cost in addition to a small fee for each transaction, including AMEX, as an extra per transaction fee. Retailers in physical locations pay a monthly fee in addition to a small transactional cost. Online retailers pay slightly higher monthly and transaction costs.


  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Invoicing & Recurring Billing
  • Ecommerce Features
  • Payment Security
  • Business Loans
  • Payline Medical

9. Adyen

The Best Payment Option Right Out of the Box

Using a single platform, the program enables you to control risk, monitor performance, and collect any payments made to your business.

To help you gain “data-rich insights to detect client behavior,” Adyen also supports more than 250 payment methods and 150 different currencies. For example, you may change goods and services by identifying trends in consumer behavior. To find and stop fraud, data is also combed through by a built-in risk management tool.

Although the processing costs for various payment methods vary, the business uses trade-off pricing with an extra transaction fee. You must have a merchant bank account to profit from interchange pricing.


  • One Solution Global Reach
  • Risk Management
  • One- Click Recurring Payments
  • Remote Store Management
  • Personalized Service for Local Buyers
  • Revenue Protect Feature
  • Reporting and Analytics


Optimum Payment Gateways for Flexible Transactions

The fundamental purpose of these solutions is to make payment processing easier, and gets it done. The platform allows you to sell things and accept online payments or in person at a store. With both small and large businesses in mind, it offers a broad range of solutions. plans begin with the Payment Gateway Only option, which includes no setup fees, a monthly gateway charge, a per-transaction fee, and a daily batch fee. A merchant account is advised for use with


  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite
  • Recurring billing
  • Customer information manager
  • Online payment
  • E-check processing
  • Retail payment

11. Square

Best Tool for Recurring Billing

Square’s online payment processing software has been in business for quite some time. They can be utilized by both traditional and internet enterprises.
Square makes it possible for you to create merchandising services, receive payments, complete your online purchases, and send invoices if required.


  • Payment Acceptance
  • Accept credit cards
  • Payment protection
  • Transactions
  • Customer service

12. Apple Pay

Mobile Payments are made Quick, Easy, and a Handy

Apple Pay allows users and businesses to make payments fast and securely. You can now stop fumbling with your wallet and losing credit cards. Making purchases is simple when you have all of your payment information saved on your smartphone.

The installation is also straightforward for both customers and business owners. Customers’ and businesses’ data are both safer now that contactless payments are accessible.


  • In-App Transactions
  • Send & Receive Money
  • Web Store Transactions
  • Bank Account Transfer
  • Returns Processing
  • Touch ID and Passcode Authentication
  • Rewards Program Integration

13. Chargebee

The Best Subscription Option for Fast-Growing eCommerce Enterprises

With Chargebee‘s subscription management platform, you can automate subscription box billing and management, streamline order management, offer add-ons and gift subscriptions, and gain insights from in-depth analytics.

Through customer self-service portals, eCommerce managers can encourage choice. You can provide customized options for box, membership, and subscribe-and-save subscriptions, as well as flexible delivery and invoicing schedules. By creatively combining subscriptions with add-ons, allowing localized payments, offering discounts, gift subscriptions, resend/refund options, and more, you can quickly improve customer loyalty and lifetime value.


  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Accounting Integration
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Billing & Invoicing

14. Helcim

The Most Effective Program for Obtaining Payments for Recurring Bills

With Helcim‘s assistance, you may easily accept credit cards from your device. The Helcim virtual terminal enables you to use your PC, smartphone, or tablet as a credit card processor. Visa, Mastercard, and any other widely used credit cards may be accepted by your business. It also enables payments to be authorized in a couple of seconds because all credit card information is securely held in its vault.

By using a solution for recurring payments, you may bill returning customers with customized recurring payment plans. Additionally, syncing the data with Quickbooks online is simple. You can send email or SMS requests for payments along with automated reminders. Programs like WooCommerce, Magento, and Quickbooks have connectors with Helcim.


  • ACH Payment Processing
  • Accounting Integration
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Billing Portal
  • CRM

15. Venmo for Business

Best for Startups & Freelancers

Venmo is a free money-processing software program. You may charge returning customers with personalized regular payment plans by utilizing a solution for recurring payments. Venmo connects with your Facebook account or phone contacts to make it easier to find your pals, ask for money from them, or transfer money to them. You can look someone up by using their name, email address, phone number, or Venmo login.

The user interface was made simple and with the requirements of the typical freelancer in mind. As an additional security step, each account has a unique QR code that allows you to confirm that you are paying the correct person.


  • Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment services
  • Low transaction fee
  • Built-in social marketing platform
  • Contactless payments

Why Should You Use Online Payment Processing?

Instant payments are made possible with online payment processing. But it also benefits the customers. It facilitates purchasing and paying for services. Furthermore, it is a safer method of payment when compared to other options.

The following are some benefits of using payment processing software for your company:


Any organization undergoes a fundamental transformation. The flexibility and scalability of the payment processing software provide the organization with the opportunity to grow and adapt to structural changes at every level.

Multiple Methods of Payment

A wide range of payment alternatives is offered by almost every payment processing software. It’s usually a good idea to give your customers a variety of payment options because it increases customer loyalty and, consequently, sales!


Cybercrime is one of today’s most concerning problems in terms of security. Secure online transactions are made possible by payment processing software, which also protects cardholders’ private financial information.

Enhance the Customer Experience

If you want to increase sales and brand loyalty, your customers must feel that they can trust you. Including a reputable payment processor in your arsenal of business tools may make transactions secure and simple for both parties. Customers will feel secure making payments through a reliable processor, and your staff can be sure that income streams are safeguarded from concerns about data protection.

Payment Processing Software: Key Features

At the same time, keep in mind the ideas we covered in our introduction.

Select a Tool based on the Size of Your Business

The optimal payment gateway for your company’s needs will primarily depend on how big your firm is. It might not be required to set up a robust payment gateway if you own a tiny business or are a sole proprietor. If your company intends to process bigger sales volumes, you should pick one of the sophisticated ones.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

So keep an eye out for products that give value for the money, simplicity, and flexibility to interact with your accounting software and POS systems. Be careful to account for the likelihood that charges may vary dramatically from one payment gateway to the next when evaluating your prices. Because they can mount up, processing and interchange fees must be budgeted for.

Keeps Multiple Options Open for your Client

The majority of businesses must be able to provide the convenience of accepting card payments often because customers expect to have a choice.

Faster Payments

Anyone who works in small enterprises, services, or manufacturing wants their money faster. Your clients or customers may easily click the link supplied in the invoice to complete safe and quick payments while they’re on the go thanks to our user-friendly software.

How to Use Moon Invoice for Payment Processing?

Moon Invoice is an excellent invoicing software that lets you set up online payment processing for your customers seamlessly.

You may get direct payments for emailed invoices using Moon Invoice via net banking, credit cards, debit cards, or UPI. Without putting any physical effort forth, pay your expenses and receive compensation.

Moon Invoice users benefit from some incredible features that allow them to collect payments directly from their invoice payment options, owing to the best payment gateway connections.

Let us check out a few of these features:

Seamless Payment System Integration

Moon Invoice is an accessible online payment processing solution. It enables users to accept secure payments from their clients or customers with invoicing module and the best online payment methods.

Multiple Payment Options with No Hidden Fees

Moon Invoice provides several internet connections for invoicing and payment so that you may be paid more quickly and without paying any additional fees or costs. You receive payment right away since your clients don’t have to make any more payments.

Multiple Currency Billing

Businesses and freelancers that accept payments from foreign clients can use Moon Invoices to benefit from multiple currency options. You may send invoices to your customers in their preferred financial terms and get paid quickly with multiple payment system connections.

Automated Payments

The online invoicing and payment processing software from Moon Invoice assists by automatically providing reminders and modifications for payments.

Payment Reminders for Past-Due Invoices

Automatic payment processing software alerts you through email if your payment is past due. Reminders of payments assist organizations in discovering past-due bills, enhancing their favorable cash flow.

Moon Invoice can further help you receive payments and process transactions directly by providing payment options on your invoices. To get a step-by-step guide, check out this video:

How to collect payments online directly from the invoices – Moon Invoice

Do you wish to set payment reminders?

All your past-due invoices can be quickly recovered by setting timely payment alerts using Moon Invoice.

Get the App!


For both businesses and customers, accepting payments online provides many benefits. Since your clients don’t need to make any more payments, you are paid immediately away. Any company with a website must have this tool. You require services for online payment acceptance if you own a website.

Our top selections for the best payment processing gateway software included in the list above can help your small business shine.