If you are living or running your business on lease space, then you have the largest expense of your earnings. That’s fine, but after spending a good amount of money, you should have proof of the payment you made. Here is the rent receipt.

A rent receipt is valuable for the landlord owner and also for the person who lives on rent. It is evidence that the rental payment has been paid on a particular date. Rent receipts are also useful for tracking income, tax filing, and safeguarding. Most people are unaware about filling out rent receipts properly.

If you are a landlord and want to know how to fill out a rent receipt? Then, this blog is for you. In addition to the process of filling out the receipt, you will also get to know how to send it and why a rental receipt is needed.

What Is a Rent Receipt?

What Is a Rent Receipt

A rent receipt is a document or slip provided to the tenant by the landlord, owner, or property manager. It is like proof that the tenant pays payment to the landlord. Hence, there is a proper and manageable record.

There are various ways to receive it. Tenants can pay the rent in cash, money order, check, or through credit card or electronic mode.

Information to include in a rent receipt –

  • Name of the tenant
  • Address of the property
  • Payment date of rent
  • Received the rent amount
  • Payment method
  • Due balance (if any)
  • Late fees (if any)

How to Prepare a Rent Receipt? Here Are the Steps

Filling out the rent receipts is not rocket science, but still, you must be careful when filling in the details. Many people still use a manual method to fill the receipt through the receipt book.

However, smart online receipt-making is the best way to avoid mistakes while generating receipts quickly through receipt maker software.

With Moon Invoice, generating receipts for the rent is easy. The platform offers a free rent receipt template to generate receipts in a minute. You can follow the below steps to fill out the rent receipt.

  • Log in to Moon Invoice
  • Navigate to the sales receipt option on the left side
  • Fill in the payment date to record the date of payment
  • Input the name of the tenant responsible for paying the rent
  • Add the landlord’s details (name and contact number)
  • Mention the rent amount
  • Add receipt number
  • Add the signature
  • Make a copy of your receipt and keep it with you

You can send the online receipt or take a hard copy of the same and dispatch it to the postal address of the tenant.

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Tips to Make Rent Receipt Easier

There are a few things for which you must take care while filling out the receipt. Following these guidelines, it is easy to generate the perfect receipt.

Using Free Rent Receipt Template

Rent receipt templates simplify receipt making. It saves time with an easy approach to filling in the details. These ready-to-use templates include all the crucial fields.

Keep Simple Format

Too much information on the rent receipt can cause confusion. It’s a good idea to choose the basic format and add only the necessary data for better understanding.


It is easy to generate receipts automatically through receipt generator tools like Moon Invoice. It’s an effective method to prevent errors and save time.

How to Send a Rent Receipt?

After knowing the method of filling out a rent receipt, the next important thing is the mode of sending it. Tenant rent receipts can be sent online or offline.

You can make an invoice using pen and paper through a receipt book. The book can have a cash receipt template, a blank template, and a simple receipt template. Just create a receipt and share it with the tenant.

On the other hand, you can send receipts through online mode. For this purpose, you can create a rent receipt using the software and then send it by email. Some software offers an automatic recurring payment option that helps in generating the receipt at a particular time.

Why Is a Rent Receipt Necessary?

Rent receipts are highly crucial, and in many states, they are required. These receipts act as records and protection.

Rental Income Tracking

The rent receipt should cover the rental period, rent amount, and the tenant’s signature. This helps in tracking every detail related to rental income. It also helps with late fee tracking.

Landlord has a Physical Record

Maintaining a proper and physical record is easy with rent receipts. It acts as proof of payments made, bounced checks, and late payments.

Resolving Disputes with Tenants

The landlord can utilize the rent receipt in the event of any dispute. This is the reason, the landlord should fill the correct information in the rent receipt.

Beneficial for the Either Party

The rent receipt is beneficial for the landlord and the renter as well. It acts as a record of the rental payment that the tenant gives to the landlord. For the tenant and landlord, this record is equally beneficial in resolving the dispute (if occurs).

Rent Receipt Example

To understand a rent receipt, you can take a rent receipt example. Suppose a person as a landlord or a property manager gives his property on lease and generates a rent receipt for the tenant. When you write a rent receipt, the following information is necessary.

  • Landlord’s name, additionally with address and contact information
  • Tenant’s name, address, and contact information
  • Receipt number
  • Amount of rent
  • Signature of the landlord.
  • Any other relevant detail

Along with these details, one of the most important things is to present things concisely. If more things are mentioned in the receipt along with the rent amount, you should explain the expenses in a breakdown way. Maintenance charges and water charges should be included properly.

How to Maintain Rent Payments Record?

How to Maintain Rent Payments Record

Maintaining a rent payment record can be done in various ways. Landlords may easily track the rent payment through the rent payment receipt ledger or spreadsheet programs. There are three ways to perform rent payment tracking which are as follows.

Using Spreadsheet Programs

A spreadsheet serves as a digital equivalent of a traditional manual rent ledger. Apple Numbers, Microsoft Excel, and Apache OpenOffice Calc are some of the popular software for building spreadsheets for rent payments.

Manual Method Through Rent Ledger

A ledger (also known as the second book of entries) is referred to as a logbook that keeps track of rent payments manually. Its format includes account titles, transaction dates column, and credit and debit amount.

Automated Software

Landlords can choose automated software while giving up the manual method. This helps in tracking the rent payments and expenses automatically.

Using a Receipt Book

It is a manual way to keep a record of rent payments. Whenever the payment is made, the landlord can record the details like amount, date, and payment method. However this is a simple method, but it is manual.

This helps in saving time and energy which are mostly consumed during manual processes. Once the rent payment is acquired, debit and credit occur automatically. The profit and loss statement is credited to reflect increased rental income. On the other hand, there is debit in the checking account.

Why Should You Keep a Rent Receipt?

Are you the one who thinks it is less important to keep a rent receipt? Most people care less about rent receipts, but it is crucial because it acts as proof that payment of rent has been received. It is equally valuable for both landlords and tenants.

Also, some states allow tax deductions for rent payments but it is applicable when you get the receipt every month. It is also possible to prepare the online receipt that covers all the details like receipt date, rental address, amount, and your name.

Rent receipts help keep and manage financial records. Moreover, rent receipts help resolve conflicts. It includes the terms and details of who will pay for maintenance.

  • You should keep the rent receipt for a certain period that varies according to the purpose.
  • Tax purposes – 7 years
  • Legal disputes – 3 to 6 years
  • Personal records – 1 to 2 years
  • Rental agreement – Till the duration of the lease complete

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Wrapping Up

So here we are closing our words on how to fill out a rent receipt. Making a proper and error-free rent receipt is a crucial thing because it is a valuable thing for the tenant and landlord to maintain a proper record. Managing multiple tenants is a tedious process with manual receipt making. This is where high-performance management software is needed.

Are you looking for a high-performing receipt generator? Generate it with Moon Invoice.


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