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Photography Invoice Template

Who knows better the value of every moment than a photographer like you? We help you save such moments by making your business management time hassle-free. 

Design invoices for your photography clients in less than a minute using our readymade invoice templates.

Photography Invoice Template

Download Free Photography Invoice Templates!

As a photographer, you must travel to many places; hence, getting paid right after your photography assignment is completed is best. For the same, we help with readymade photography invoice templates for each of your photography assignments.

Wildlife Photography Invoice Template
Wildlife Photography Invoice Template

A wildlife photographer's invoice focuses on all the photography expenses, including the camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, and photography vests. Download a readymade photography invoice template to start invoicing your clients.

Wedding Photography Invoice Template
Wedding Photography Invoice Template

A wedding photography invoice must include the expenses that focus on the selfie corner, photography accessories, travel expenses, camera and lenses, food photography, etc. Our readymade invoice template helps you draft the best invoice.

Sample Photography Invoice Template
Sample Photography Invoice Template

The photographer issues a sample photography invoice after doing a trial shoot of the items, people, or nature for which the project has been assigned. We help with a freelance invoice template for sending a photography sample invoice.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Invoice Template
Pre-Wedding Shoot Invoice Template

A pre-wedding shoot invoice helps cover all the expenses related to the traveling, accessories, camera, lenses, and other essential items required for the pre-wedding shoot. Generate invoices easily using Moon Invoice's templates.

Corporate Photography Invoice Template
Corporate Photography Invoice Template

Corporate photography can be about the office, 3D/4D product photography, or new launch. Hence, the event includes a lot of different expenses for the photographer himself that needs to be well described in the invoice to get paid fast.

Portrait Photography Invoice Template
Portrait Photography Invoice Template

A portrait freelance photography invoice template helps describe all the essential line items about the products and services required to accomplish a successful portrait. We help with 66+ free invoice template options with Moon Invoice.

Focus on Photography; We Shall Handle Your Invoices!

Accomplish your photography goals by leaving the worries of professional invoicing to us.

Automate Invoice & Payments

Create a Photography Invoice Using Free Templates

A photography business owner or a freelance photographer has to follow these steps to create photography invoices. It helps generate a best photography services invoice.

Easy free invoice generation steps:

  1. Download the relevant photography invoice template
  2. Start filling out the photography business details
  3. Mention the client's details
  4. Mention invoice number (as per the invoice numbering system) and invoice date, choose the right currency and also specify if it is a recurring invoice
  5. Add amount details, including photography flat fee, product expenses, discount, tax, and the total amount
  6. Include travel costs, if any, separately with a detailed description
  7. Add payment terms or any important business information at the bottom
  8. Sign the invoice to testify the details from your end
  9. Save it as MS Word or Excel, Google Docs, or PDF
  10. Send it to your clients and get paid on time
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

Photography Invoice Fields For Your Reference

Photography Invoice Fields For Your Reference

Benefits of Using Photography Invoice Software

As a photographer, you often might be confused about whether or not to spend your few minutes designing a professional photography business invoice. Here are some benefits to understanding why invoicing is important for photographers.

Enhanced Client Experience

Enhanced Client Experience

It is unprofessional to demand money orally or via a social media chat application. An invoice is one of the most professional methods for demanding photography payments. It helps increase the client experience, and your service shall be remembered.

Business Records

Business Records

Manually while you are maintaining business records can be time-consuming. An online free invoice generator helps create your own invoices and maintains the client's details and invoices in the database that helps as business records.

On-time Payments

On-time Payments

Another reason for switching to an invoicing app is to eliminate late payments from your clients. Clients might forget your oral communication or social media chat but should not forget to address your email with a professional invoice.

Readymade Templates

Readymade Templates

Moon Invoice offers readymade invoice templates for photographers. Hence, photographers can save both time and effort in generating an accurate invoice by switching to our online invoicing software for photographers.

Late Payment Alerts

Late Payment Alerts

Invoicing software has a payment alert feature that notifies users of late payment alerts of clients whose invoice due date has crossed. Nevertheless, using an invoicing app, you can keep records of account receivables.

Task Automation

Task Automation

Invoicing is not automated as you need to fill in the correct details. Still, duplicating invoices, converting estimates to invoices and POs, payment alerts, business analytics, etc., can be automated using our invoicing software.

Difference Between
Photography Invoice Templates Vs. Invoicing Software

Wondering what works best for your photography services or business? Here is a set of differences between the two.

Set of Features Free Invoice Templates Moon Invoice
Free Invoice Template Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Accepting Advance Invoice Payments Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Setting Off a Credit Note Against Invoices Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Requesting Client Signature Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Integrating Payment Link Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Duplicating Invoices Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Get Invoice Aging Report Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
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Say goodbye to tedious business accounting operations by allowing Moon Invoice to automate your business operations, including invoice management.

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Invoicing Tips for Photographers

Invoicing is a crucial process; it has to be implemented well to get a favorable response from the client. Here are some of the important invoicing tips for photographers.

Correct Information

Mentioning the relevant information of the client and your photography services is important to gain your client's trust.

Accurate Calculation

To demand payment, all the line items mentioned in the description must be defined correctly, along with their calculations.

Maintain Professionalism

All the fields mentioned in the invoice must be filled out accurately. There should not be too much or too less information in the invoice.

Integrate Payment Link

While using invoicing software like Moon Invoice, the photographers can add the custom payment link in the invoice to get paid.

Mention Payment Terms

At the bottom of the invoice, it is best to add the payment terms or notes. It helps clear all the confusion between the two parties.

Highlight Due Date

The payment due date is quite an important part of the invoice to eliminate late payments. Highlighting the due date helps you get paid on time.

Add Attachment

Our online invoicing software allows users to add an attachment to the invoice. It helps add any additional information demanded by the client.

How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

How Does Moon Invoice help Generate Quick Photography Invoices?

Moon Invoice has 66+ free invoice templates for photographers who cover the photo session for wildlife, corporate events, an art form, portrait, weddings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and so on. Our invoices help client understands the basic to vital information of the photography service delivered by you. Nevertheless, it helps with automatic reminders from clients, which helps get payments on time.

Apart from invoicing, the photographers can benefit from other modules of our invoicing software, including estimates, purchase orders, credit notes, sales receipts, project management, time-tracking, and business analytics. From drafting to simple invoice to getting the invoice aging report, Moon Invoice is a one-stop platform for photographers to manage their finances.

  • Create invoices from anywhere, anytime
  • 66+ free photography invoice template designs
  • Get offline support
  • Live customer panel to support your queries
  • 15+ online payment methods
  • Get all platform/device support
  • Unlimited invoice editing
  • Get client panel for reviewing invoices and estimates
  • Manage outstanding payments and debts
  • Enable time-tracking for hourly photography projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be in a photographer's invoice?

A photographer's invoice must have all the details including the business and licensing information, billing, shipping, line items, payment terms, signature, and invoice essentials.

Why do photographers need invoicing software?

One of the ultimate goals of any professional is to get paid faster. Photography software helps get timely payments and takes care of the entire business, including analytics. Our photography invoice generator also help with photography receipt template to send sales receipts on the go.

Do photographers get paid before or after?

Generally, photographers send a prepayment invoice at the time of booking the date with the client. Later, the rest of the payment is received after the event. So, yes photographers do send prepayment invoice for offering photography services.

Why should photographers send professional invoices?

One aim is to send a professional invoice to create a good impression in front of the photography clients. Also, it helps to stay in the good books of the clients. Nevertheless, professional invoices eliminates the issue of late payments.

How do I accept payments as a photographer?

Getting paid digitally is best to avoid any further claims or issues. If you are getting paid for an hourly rate, it is best to issue a timesheet invoice and get it via any online payment method.

Is there a free photography invoice template?

Sure. We offer free photography invoice template options to help photographers design invoices that help make clients happy.